Thursday, November 12, 2015

Eclectic Elements Pumpkins

I'm talking Eclectic Elements fabric today and sharing a project I recently made.  Something perfect for this time of year - PUMPKINS!
Disclaimer: I find sewing patterns very hard to write so I hope my 
pictures will help you today more than my words! 
The pumpkins can really be any size you like.  For the small size: the pattern piece is 9" long and the larger is 10" long. 
NOTE: when creating the pattern, the curve of the panel cannot be too severe.  This "thick middle" will give you a rounder pumpkin shape.
Each pumpkin has two kinds of fabric that are cut exactly the same.  I cut the fabric the length of the pattern piece, then folded it to get 6 layers of each fabric.
Pin 2 pieces together with RIGHT SIDES FACING UP.  (I admit my "sewer" brain kept wanting to use the traditional "right sides together")

NOTE: The reason for cutting and sewing two pieces together is two-fold:
1. To give more stability to the pumpkin body
2. To create a thicker "fringe" once the pumpkin has been washed.
I pinned each set together till I had a total of 6 pumpkin panels (one is missing from the picture).
As you sew each panel to the next, be sure WRONG sides are together. 
In this picture, I am sewing a panel of Ruler fabric and a panel of Birds and Berries fabric (a total of 4 layers).
Start sewing about 1/2" from the top.  This is important so there is enough fabric to sew the next panels together.
Once you are done sewing all 6 panels together, your pumpkin should have the look of a deflated football.
Most important is to leave a small hole for stuffing.   If you forget (like I did) just pick out a few stitches.
Now do some laundry.
After the wash and dry the "fringe" on the edges should be fluffed up (now can you see why we needed the four layers on each seam?)
Fill the pumpkin. 
I used more of the kraft paper to create a cone for easy filling.  Then poured about 1 cup of rice into the bottom.
Then stuffed the rest very tightly to give it a good shape.  I prefer Silky Soft poly-fill for stuffing.
I used a glue gun to secure a stick for the stem (the stick is from the tree in my backyard).
Then sewed up the hole I created to fill the pumpkin.  You don't have to be too worried about the stitching, as the leaves will cover the spot.

I cut a leaf shape from green wool (again, the leaf could be any shape you like).
I used some wool thread to add some stitching details (totally optional).
I cut a long skinny piece of wool and added Multi Medium to the back.  Then I carefully wrapped it around the largest of Dina Wakley's paintbrushes covered with plastic wrap. 
About an hour later I pulled it from the brush and finished the drying with my heat it gun.
A little hot glue and the pieces are easily added to the top of the pumpkin.
Eclectic Elements Fabrics used:
large pumpkin: Eggs & Nest + Ticking stripe - red
small pumpkin: Birds & Berries + Rulers
I hope you will try making these easy pumpkins - if I can make them that means they are very simple!  The small one is my favorite - I just love the new Birds & Berries fabric with the Ruler stripe! 

and since we are talking sewing today...
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now carry on,


  1. Oh if that isn't the cutest pumpkin ! Those prints are yummy ... love the birds and berries ! Hummm ... would make cool hostess gift. Great instructions #pumpkinlove#eclecticelementswishlist

  2. Oh they are gorgeous Paula !!! I wish we had Autumn here - we've just been catapulted straight into winter ! Jennie x

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  5. Oh those pumpkins!!! Oh that fabric!!! I love them so much that I might even step out onto the scary sewing ledge and try making some!

  6. Too cute! The birds and berries one is my favorite, too.

  7. Too cute! The birds and berries one is my favorite, too.

  8. My husband saw the first picture and wanted to know why you were making footballs, ha ha. Seriously cute pumpkins Paula!

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  11. Omgosh, Paula, those pumpkins are awesome! I am a total nut for all things fall and pumpkin! I've made some of these pumpkins before, but never with the raw edges.... and now I totally want to try that. Your tips on using two layers of fabric for each section and washing the pumpkin before stuffing are just genius! And love these done up in Eclectic Elements! Bravo!

  12. I think these pumpkins are so darn cute and the best part is they will last, unlike real ones! Thanks for the instructions which have always been great.

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