Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fall Quilt Market: Eclectic Elements booth

I am finally back from my long trip to Texas!  We spent last weekend at Quilt Market setting up and working in the Eclectic Elements booth.  I have so much to share that I have decided to split the post into different parts - Eclectic Elements booth, the Show Floor and the Quilt Show that is in its own a separate hall (with lots of guards ladies wearing white gloves).

First of all, Tim has done a great job over at his blog sharing photos of our booth, so definitely pop over to see them.  I have added a few more photos with added information about the samples and fabrics used.  Enjoy!

We start with a bare bones booth.  This time they put the wallpaper on before we got to the show floor and it was so much easier than last show.  Thank you "Super Dave" for the always making it easy!
 Then the props start flowing in...(no, Mario is not a prop)
 We had two crates that have all the larger items.
 Unpacking, sorting...should we use it? where should it go? do we have room this time?
The Mini Clipboards are super popular.  It seems everyone stops by just to see the display.  This time we had 41 different fabrics - you probably didn't know there were that many!  But yes, there are and they each need to be represented on the wall. 
After a short discussion, Mario puts the clipboards in order and adds the double stick tape.  Richele and I peel off the plastic coating.  Tim hangs them on the wall using a yard stick as his guide.

Next up is the vignettes (our favorite part).  
We try to mix samples with old junk to give the "junk store" vibe we love.  

Pincushion by Richele Christensen
Fabric: Wallflower
 Pieced book cover by Patricia Petty
Fabric: Various Wallflower fabrics + Ticking red
Little jointed bear by Melonie Unger (you can hold him in the palm of your hand)
Fabric: Ledger
 And look at the detail on the pads of his feet...perfect for us.
Small triangle zipper pouch by Richele Christensen
Fabric: Wallflower (spring release)
Ruched Happy Bag by Amy Friend
Fabric: Wallflower Ledger + Botanical
You can find the Ruched Happy Bag pattern by Amy here.
Toddler Dress by Jennifer Powers
McCalls 6781
Fabric: Menagerie + Chambray
 Quilted Tote bag by Amy Friend
Fabric: Multiple Wallflower fabrics + Subway + Symphony 
Might I add that this photo does not do this bag justice - Lets just say that if it I could have taken something home with me it would have been this bag.
Ruched pillow by Amy Friend
Fabric: Various Wallflower fabrics + Subway + Symphony 
You can find the pattern from Amy here.
 Pieced Pillow by Patricia Petty
Fabric: Various Wallflower fabrics + Ticking red + Symphony
 Pieced Bolster Pillow by Patricia Petty
Fabric: Various Wallflower fabric
 Pincushion by Richele Christensen
     Fabric: Wallflower Damask + Menagerie

Richele and I will both be sharing more QM projects on our blogs over the next couple weeks, some with tutorials and some just for inspiration.  In the meantime, I hope you'll be inspired by the samples seen here today!  The second set of eight Wallflower fabrics is shipping now.  If you don't have a local retailer you can call Whim So Doodle (yes, they have a full on fabric store connected to their scrapbooking/art store) #727-827-4911 and they will ship it out to you!

now carry on,


  1. The booth was beautiful and so are these projects. I love that bag, too. The quilting is so pretty on it. Very talented sewers.

  2. Booth is fabulous! do you just create this when you get there or is there some sort of plan?

    1. No matter the booth CHA or Quilt Market, there is always a basic plan of what props to bring. We adjust as we go. This time the quilt that was supposed to hang in the back of the booth just didn't look right with our wallpaper so we chose another one. Richele cut and sewed a tube of fabric to the back of the new quilt for hanging. It's that kind of stuff you just have to be ready to make a change at a moments notice.

  3. I feel so blessed that I got four of the new fabrics at Whim So Doodle while you were demoing them at Quilt Market! I love this new line. The blues are right up my alley.
    Love all of the eye candy you shared in this post. Tim's got some talented gals designing fabric pieces for him.

    1. Yes Sue the new 8 Wallflower are wonderful. Happy that Jill has them at Whim So Doodle!!

  4. I adore your posts showing the booth. All of the props made for the booth are incredible! And I love the little leather shoe! There's always something new to see. Great job!

  5. This booth is beautiful! Love the clipboards and that little bear is adorable. TFS Paula!

  6. OMGoodness, I would love to have the wallpaper alone! The clipboards are such a great way to display the beautiful fabrics and the whole booth looks fantastic, so much to look at! You and Richele did a wonderful job with Tim and Mario in setting it up - it makes me want to reach out and touch everything. We did get some of Tim's first release of fabric here in the UK, I really hope the Wallflower becomes available too! Anne x

  7. Great booth, great product, great photos! I noticed that some of the real ephemera used in Tim's designs were included in the vignettes (like the pink postcard). Thanks for the link to the ruched pillow pattern and it looks like the Metro tote bag has super fine quilting which is very impressive. Hats off to the artists--their work is outstanding. And finally, thank you for the bit about Whim So Doodle as I've had trouble finding some of the patterns and didn't realize they were a retailer I could use.

  8. The fabric, the vignettes, the projects...all are just wonderful. The little Ruched Happy Bag belongs with me! Thanks for all the photos and showing the booth. I think you are all amazing.

  9. Tim has a fantastic line up with all the beautiful patterns in his Eclectic Elements fabric collection, wow I can't believe there are 41! You, Richelle, Tim and Mario always do a wonderful job bringing the booth together with so much vintage love. I always look forward to seeing your photos from Quilt Market! Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring us! xx