Thursday, August 25, 2011

Junk bottles

 I spent all of $1.94 on 4 bottles.  Don't you like how the bottles are listed on the receipt as Bric-Brac?  I haven't heard that word since Nixon was President!
bric-a-brac |ˈbrik ə ˌbrak|
miscellaneous objects and ornaments of little value

I guess if the description fits, use it.
 In their original state
 I started with Pool Alcohol ink.  You can find it here.  And if you need a quick refresher on how to use Alcohol Ink go to this post (just scroll down a bit)
 Then moved on to Lettuce
 the colors I used: lettuce, sunset orange, wild plum, aqua, and pool.

 Now off to the Farmers market for flowers.  We have a few growers that are only a few miles out of town so we get quite lovely flowers at the market each Wed.  You can pick any 4 bunches for $15.
 For the wide mouth vase I used floral tape to make a grid (just stretch it to make it sticky) at the neck to hold the flowers in place.  I wrapped jute around the neck a few times to cover up the green tape.
 I recently sewed the table square, I think it is 36 x 36" from some Heather Bailey Fabric and edged it with a small polka dot from Free Spirit.  I layered the topper on a vintage green cloth and placed the flowers on a tray.  I like to keep this kind of arrangement on a tray so I can easily move it at dinner time.
Well, that's it for today!
The weekends coming and that means garage sales...just think how many junk bottles you can pick up on the cheap!

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  1. That's a great idea and looks beautiful. More trash to treasures.

  2. what a pretty, fun, and cute idea!

  3. Paula, what a great idea... now I need to go find some lovely bric-a-brac of my own. Love that you included a shot of the receipt - what a hoot! Denise in NC

  4. What a wonderful idea! I can't believe the prices what a bargain!

  5. Wonderful idea - those pale pink roses are gorgeous!

  6. Gorgeous! What a clever way to colour bottles. Love your colour choices

  7. So simple. So elegant!

    I think I shall use bric-a-brac at least once today in conversation!

    Still hoping you'll come teach at Whim So Doodle in St Pete!

  8. These are beautiful! I'm going to have to try it.

  9. Awesome idea, the colors are so pretty on the glass!

  10. Just to keep current well done I am going to try this

  11. Does the ink rub off? Did you seal your glass?