Friday, June 24, 2011

Lucky Duck

I love it when I come across a good sale and purchase items to have on hand for future gifting.  It's so nice when I need a quick gift and I'm actually prepared. 

And since this place....
is having their semi-annual sale I thought an easy yet crafty gift idea would be fun to share.

I originally did this project when I  was planning a "sisters" retreat and wanted to have something cute sitting on their bed when they arrived (....I know, the things we do!).  But I also think it could be used for lots of different occasions, and who doesn't love something designed just for them and/or seeing their name in print.  I started by purchasing an assortment of  toiletries.   Then I got to work making new personalized labels for each of the items.   All the labels had to do with the "sisters" theme.

This is really easy, especially after you have formatted the labels.  Once you have done that just save it and use the basic template for whatever label you want to create.

Labels for bottles
1.  The paper to print the labels on needs be slightly heavier than standard paper but not a heavy cardstock.  I found that a manilla folder worked great (and of course it was within arms reach).  Since these will be run these through the printer cut 2 pieces per folder at 8 1/2 x 11"
2. I painted these pieces with walnut ink for a specific look.  You can use Distress Stain, paint or whatever to create the look you want.  
3.  Measure the original labels on the toiletries then format your labels to size using appropriate fonts and colors.  It is easy to do, the hardest part is picking the fonts!

Since this was about sisters I made a long list of synonyms to use on the label.
 It's all about the fonts....choose wisely, it makes such a difference in the look and feel of the label.
4.  Print out your labels and cut to size.  Practice on plain white paper to get it just right before printing on your walnut inked paper.  Adhere to bottle.

Bar Soap Label Wrap
1.  Measure the depth, width and length of the soap.  Using these measurements cut chipboard to length then score the chipboard so that it creates a little box to wrap around the soap.

 2.  Format your label, print and cut to size.  Stitch label to the chipboard wrap.

3.  Punch holes in chipboard wrap and lace ribbon or twill through holes and tie.

 Fabric labels
 1.  To print on fabric, cut freezer paper and fabric to 8 1/2 x 11.  Iron the shiny side of freezer paper to fabric.  If edges of fabric aren't completely adhered to freezer paper you might need to tape down edges. Or, you can also purchase printable fabric at your fabric store.
2.  Format the fabric labels to size.
3.  Test on plain paper.  When perfect, run fabric/freezer paper through printer so label prints on fabric.
4.  Cut to size - fray edges of fabric.  For fabric patches stitch to muslin bag with primitive stitches.

That's it....the hardest thing is formatting the labels.  Once that is done save them on your computer for future gifts and adjust labels for that occasion.....enjoy!


  1. My goodness you are a super loving and giving sister. This is a true labor of love. Thank you for sharing. Wondrous weekend to you...

  2. Oh , i am so loving this...I have a little event that I am going to attend later this summer and how cute would this be to make for my friends..'You always have the best packaging ideas ever!

  3. I still have my "collection"...all unused! I don't have the heart to use them!

  4. What a great idea and everything looks so nice! Can I be your sister?

  5. Thanks for the ideas! I've always wanted to do labels! Now that I know how, I'll make some!

  6. wow so cool, could you be my sister.

  7. This is so amazing (like all your projects) but so much work. I would have to start a year in advance. But it would be so much fun to surprize my sisters. I am thinking it could work with scrapbooking supplies, too.

  8. Think I can make labels for the jars of jam I have canned for gifts. Hope I can that is. Thanks for this very sweet and special idea.

  9. Fabulous! What a incredibly sweet and creative thing to do! Thank you for sharing your process too.