Saturday, March 12, 2011


This week has so, so very busy for me that I have had little time to do much of anything fun.  So, it was a great surprise when Souvenir, Heather Bullard's free seasonal newsletter was delivered to my in box this week.  I have enjoyed browsing the pages not only for the fresh ideas but the beauty of Heather's fabulous images.  
I have met Heather a few times when I purchased cotton trim, metal numbers and silverplate spoons (all used in the Junk Drawer Advent Calendar kits) from her at the Remnants of the Past Antique show...she is as nice as she looks.  
So, take a moment to sign up for quarterly her newsletter, you'll love it.

(A Seasonal Lifestyle Gazette)
(Image via Souvenir)


  1. Heather Bullard takes the most gorgeous photos. Lots of inspiration on her site.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this - beautiful site - can't wait to receive her newsletter.

  3. Thank you for the info... have signed up for the newsletter.

  4. Just been catching up on your latest posts, amazing inspiration!
    x Michelle