Monday, November 1, 2010

No. 22 Shield

1.  Adhere book paper to tag.
2.  Stamp tag with multi-star rubber stamp (Stampers Anonymous - Tim Holtz collection G4-1471)
3.  Glue or staple a piece of a vintage measuring tape to tag.

4.  To make shield shape you will need a piece of paper, a ruler and a pencil.

Draw two vertical lines 1 3/8" apart in the center of a piece of paper.
Draw two horizontal lines 3" apart.
Make a tick mark 1/2" from the top line on the left hand side.
Use a pencil to draw 1/2 of the shield shape inside the 1 3/8 x 3" space that you just created.  You can do it! 
 Cut the shield shape from the paper.
5.  Creating the shield
Using a pencil or pen trace around the shape on a piece of chipboard, flip over and trace the other side.
 Cut out the shield.
Sand the edges of the chipboard...a great way to get rid of the pen markings.
Paint the shield silver.  Love using the Dapper paint, no paint brush needed!
 Once the paint is dry, cover with a thick craft glue.
 Place a piece of paper on your craft sheet.  Pour glitter over shield.  Let dry for a few minutes before tapping off excess.  Remember, NO flicking.  Set to the side to dry.
 I have included this picture to show that the shield will raise up until the glue dries.  Leave it alone and once dry it will be flat again.
6.  To finish shield you will need these supplies; ribbon, small piece of cheesecloth, needle with thread, three small pearls, 2 jump rings, 4" chain and the glittered shield.
NOTE: The needle must fit through the center of the pearls/beads to be able to sew them on.  You will use the same thread for all the sewing so make sure your needle is double threaded 12" long.
Pinch the center of the small piece of cheesecloth.  Secure the center by making a stitch in the fabric then wrapping the thread around the center a couple of times to secure.  Make a knot but do not cut the thread.  Use your shield to test the size of the cheesecloth before proceeding.
Make a bow with the ribbon.  Stitch the cheesecloth to a bow.  Do not cut the thread.
 Add the three pearls one at a time, stitching at the top of the bow.  Make a knot, now cut the thread.
 Add a bit of glue to the back and add to the shield.

7.   Use a paper piercer to make two holes at the top of the shield for the jump rings.
Add the jump rings and 4" of chain (Tim Holtz)
8.  Tag
If you go back to the picture of the complete tag at the beginning of the post you can see I added a small jewelry tag.  That tag is on the left in the picture below.  I stamped it with a Stamping Up stamp I had here at the house but I thought, that's not going to help you.  So, I found that the Avignon stamp set that you need to complete the calendar has a No. stamp.  It is part of a larger stamp, so I just inked the part I needed to stamp the bitty tag.  It worked perfectly.  The o in the stamp is not complete (on purpose) so I filled in the top of the o with a pen.  You could even add the dot like the original if you wanted.

stamp from the Avignon stamp set
This is how it will hang once it is placed on the board.
That one was easy, right? 
I am leaving for Deb's tomorrow to prepare for teaching (mixed in with a little shopping) on Saturday.  I thought I would show you the tool list/schedule that went out to all of the ladies coming to the class.  Love it, want to marry it. 
I am sure there is a future class in there somewhere.  I'll have to wait and see on that one since my brain can only get to Nov 6th right now.

I have two more tags prepared to post this week. 
Wed - No. 15  and Friday - the Merry Christmas plaque a fitting end this little escapade.  I also have a picture of all the number pins needed for the board.  The instructions for the pins are already online from last year.
So have a great week and we'll see you back here on Wed for tag 15.


  1. Hi!!! Can't remember which blog I was on that I discovered your blog, but I am SO glad I did!!! Te advent calendar is sooooo gorgeous and I just have to make one!! I don't do any scrapbooking, so I have no supplies. It is probably going to cost me a fortune to get them all, but I think it will be worth it!! Thanks!!

  2. Any chance we can get pictures of the individual tags that you aren't providing the instructions for? I have the kit but have a hard time figuring out exactly what I should be using for each tag. The picture of the fully completed advent is not big enough for my old eyes to see the details. I have already used the wrong paper on two of the tags so I'm hoping to avoid any further mishaps. Thanks heaps.

  3. Dear 8th gypsy,
    There are up close pictures of each individual tag on the instructional CD.
    Will you email me at so I can help you out?
    paula :)

  4. Loving your tags. Thank you for sharing...

  5. I love all of your tags...what great tutorials. I am now following so I can see all of your little creations :)

  6. I love these tutorials! They are so helpful when making the tags. And I'd like to marry that cute little tool list/schedule too! I definitely see a class in the future for that as well, so keep us posted.