Monday, October 4, 2010

The Report

What a fabulous weekend here in California.  Remnants of the Past Show did not disappoint.  My friend Nancy and I headed out about 8:30am, a bit later than usual but excited just the same.  We found some great stuff (although, no green chairs)...the vendors were friendly, easy to make deals with and we left happy and with our arms full.  If I didn't have a million things to do, I really would have stayed all day. 

the line was long...I don't know if it was because Rachel Ashwell was the guest for the day or if the show is just growing.  I am going to have to get up earlier next time.  I don't like being this far back in the line!
my favorites...the engraved pumpkins

huge tassels
these books (and there were a stack of them) were huge. Notice how big it is sitting in the wing chair.
love this chair...I wanted to take home the entire display
Loved these order books too.  I have never seen anything this big before but they stayed at the show since they were $25 each.

don't you just love the numbers on the side of the drawers?

by the junk girls... always a favorite
this bin was going for 12 for $1.00
love the Union Jack pillow
a display in the big barn

The next show (in two weeks) is the Three Speckled Hens show.  I haven't been to this one in a while but I think Nancy and I may have to go since they moved to the larger Paso fairgrounds.  Good to have a friend to go with and I have a good one, thanks Nancy!

one of the little engraved turban pumpkins I bought on my table.  Don't you just love fall?


  1. Gorgeous eye candy you've shared here! I love the engraved pumpkins and that chair with books ~~ to die for! Thanks for sharing.

  2. That looks like so much fun! Love the antique chair and yes, I love fall too!

  3. The engraved pumpkins are lovely. I have never seen anything like that before. Thanks for sharing!

  4. It WAS a fabulous show, and you have some great shots from it... we wanted to let your readers know that the photo of the black & white vignette is from our booth, RETREAT... so glad you liked it! Please visit our blog at

  5. Makes me feel sad I'm so far away. Love that little acorn pumpkin squash thing. So cute.