Friday, June 18, 2010

8.  This was the only piece I had left once I did the cover and it was a little short for a page but I used it anyway.

Added in a long envelope.  It was too long for the book so I just opened up the end, cut it down, corner rounded the edges and folded it back again.  No one will ever know it didn't come that size.  The blue sicker is from Russel & Hazel.  It says, Nicely Done.  I like that.

"Read This" sticker is Jenni Bowlin

9.  Another pocket page.  I used an "oldie but a goodie" rubbing to make the big card in the pocket.  7gypises doesn't make it anymore but I just couldn't help it.  It really was one of my favorites. 

10.  Super easy page.  Added a flash card with the word "SAY" and build a quote around the word already printed on the card. 

11.  Added a short page to the center of this section, wrapping the blue harlequin paper over the edge.  The small frame is cut from some of the Sassafras paper.

12.  Pink circles are from Hambly, one of my favorite makers of overlays.  I liked the idea that she could put a picture behind the overlay so faces are in the circles like little frames.

13.  Almost done!  Here's that paper that I was cutting up to get all the little frames (including the rose in #12).  The big K is from Wendy Addison.

It spins on a brad to reveal a favorite quote.  
A good one for a girl majoring in art.

14.  Another Curly Girls card...this one I cut off the back and glued the artwork to the page.  The envelope is empty...something to keep her future report cards in.

Back Cover....lots of Happy Tape and Tim Holtz Tissue Tape.

Now it's time to give it away...


  1. Thanks so much for showing us page by page -- so many terrific ideas! What a fun journal. Love it!

  2. Beautiful journal Paula! Truly a keepsake.

  3. Paula, this is really sweet, and will be an unforgettable gift. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. she is one very lucky girl! so gorgeous, just like the creator ;0)

  5. You make it look soooooo easy!


  6. So much talent wrapped up in one package! Great artestry and amazing design.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I am a-tingle with inspiration!

  8. Simple inspiration at it's best! Thank you!

  9. Okay, okay! I am LOVING the hidden pockets and extra special ephemera and accessories you use to put this all together. Nothing says "magic" more than the extra effort it takes to add all of the extra elements to this journal. I love this about your projects!! I love texture and all of the layering. It adds such a wonderful element that goes beyond the ordinary and becomes MAGIC!

  10. What a lovely journal. I think the recipient will be THRILLED!!

  11. How it!

  12. This is really great and having all the different components in the book make it fun. Now what to add and write. Let the Journal Begin.