Saturday, September 24, 2011

South Africa - Kichaka

 After the weekend event we flew from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth. 

 We all thought this sign was probably not something you would see in the US.
It took about 90 minutes to get from Port Elizabeth to Kichaka.  Just enough to make you feel like you are out in the wilderness (probably because you are).  What a magnificent place, really words cannot describe the beauty, the people, and the wildlife, just spectacular.
Our fabulous host at Kichaka, Jason with Gary and Glenda our hosts for the SA Scrapbook Convention.
 Pathway leading from the car into the lodge.
 Here is the lodge and private bungalows from above.

So here's the daily schedule:
5:30am wake up call
5:45am meet in lodge for a quick bite (not too much liquid at this meal since the only bathroom on the 4  hour drive is behind a bush, and you never know what else might be with you)
 6:00am leave for the game drive.
 We stop to look at fresh Elephant tracks
 We spot a can see why her coloring is so important.
Lonnie our tracker sits in a chair at the front of the jeep to spot tracks, animals, as well as dangerous road conditions (no one wants to be a sitting duck on a 20,000 acre reserve while they wait for help to arrive). 
 Halfway through the game drive we stop for hot chocolate.
And meet up with the other's the teaching group with the two guides and trackers.
 Stephanie and Rosanne

Now back out on the drive...we find hippos submerged in a pond (that's a good place for them since they are so dangerous)

and a few elephants...this guy was a bit grumpy till he got on higher ground and he could look down on us.
Game drive is over so we head back to the lodge where breakfast is served.   Oh, this isn't it...this is just a snack to nibble on while you wait for your hot breakfast.
 After breakfast you can go back to your private little house and relax.
 or take a swim in the plunge pool...
 But no, it's time to meet the other down at the lodge for a light lunch (you know, because we just ate breakfast 2 hours ago)
 Then at 3:30 there's afternoon tea and sancks and at 4:00 you're back out on the preserve looking for animals.  This time we saw giraffe (one of my favorites).
 and zebra
and 3 rhinos....I could have watched these guys for hours.
 Followed by more hot chocolate and a beautiful sunset...are you ready to book a trip yet?
 So many more pictures and stories, but blog world moves on to a different topic on Monday.  If you would like to see more pictures of a few inspirational places I visited while in South Africa,  I will be blogging for 7gypsies on Tuesday the 27th and if not, then I'll see you back here on Monday the 26th for a week long thought provoking project myself and a few friends have been working on. 
I love suspense...don't you?

happy weekend,


  1. How exciting it all is and what beautiful photos. Really enjoyedyour post and hope you enjoy the rest of your trip,
    JoZarty x

  2. When I read the International Teachers' blogs after they have been here to visit us I always say their write-ups are worth more than the burblings of a whole office of "Travel-Twonks"... thank you, Paula! Come back soon, we love your style

  3. Africa is on my bucket list. And even moreso now seeing your beautiful pictures.

    Can't wait to see what's up your sleeve!

  4. What gorgeous pictures and yes, this is definitely on my list of places to see - especially after seeing your pictures. Simply beautiful!

  5. Great blog Paula, I've been wanting to visit Kichaka for a while (was actually invited there a while back but couldn't make it). I run South Africa Travel Online, and we're busy with a process where we're selecting the best blog entry on each flight route, and linking to it from our page on that route. I'm happy to say that this post is one of our favourites, and we're linking to it from our Johannesburg - Port Elizabeth page. Keep up the adventures! Rob