Friday, May 20, 2011

St Charles

Deb has spent the week here in California since we had two teaching events here; one last weekend in Fresno and another in Brentwood, up in Northern Calif.  We have been busy this week working on another kit for the Etsy shop for next month.  We'll have some more information about that later next week (and yes Robin, you are already on the list). 

I wanted to do one last post on my St Louis trip to tie up some loose ends.  One of our readers left a comment for me to put St Charles on my short list of places to visit while on my trip.  I did (thank you very much) and my sister and I took the short drive across the river.  The weather was beautiful and the historic downtown quite lovely.  I am not really sure why I did not take many pictures.  Oh yes, now I remember...I forgot my camera!  My sister got a few of the streets and sidewalks, all brick.  I have never had such a bouncy ride as driving down the main street (and I thought Camp Bowie in Ft Worth was bad, not even).
We did find a lovely store called Rock, Paper, Scissors right on the main street that had beautiful paper, stationery and many rubber stamps.

After our visit to Rock, Paper, Scissors we headed down the main street on foot (I wish I would have worn good walking shoes!)  and had lunch at this cute restaurant.
After lunch, we headed out for more site seeing along the street and a view of the Missouri River just beyond the town. 
We just couldn't have asked for better weather!
Now just one final note on St Louis before I sign off for tonight.
I went to St Louis for a reason.. and it had nothing whatsoever to do with shopping or site seeing.
My Nephew Adam was getting married.
I thought I'd share this photo of him that I took back in 2005 in Brazil just across the border from Uruguay.  By far my favorite photo from the entire 2 week trip traipsing from Natal in north to Jaguarao the south.
Love this photo.
Old world meets new world.
Texan meets Gaucho.
Adam had yet to see a real Gaucho so this was a perfect moment in time, finding this young man walking on the street.  My husband (who speaks Portuguese) asked if we could take his picture and he was so nice to let us. 
You have to know that after this picture was taken we drove directly to back to the city and he used all his souvenir money to purchase a matching outfit, right down to the boots.
And now today...graduated from college, on to graduate school.
So proud of you Adam.


  1. GREAT Post! I haven't been to St Louis before & made note about Red Lead!!!And now I need to visit St Charles too. Hubby's business partner is in St Louis so I'm thinking the company meeting should be up there this year. Hee Hee! Thanks for sharing & congrats to Adam & his beautiful bride. Charlene

  2. Paula it looks like a great trip. Make sure you put me down for a kit, I love all the stuff you two put together.

  3. The trip looks like it was tons of fun and I'd like to be put on the list just like Robin!

  4. Thanks for sharing your trip and reminisces of your nephew. Many good wishes for Adam and his lovely bride.

  5. Your trip pictures are wonderful, it looks like a great trip! And your nephew and his bride are lovely :)

  6. So...I can't decide if I like the name Red Lead or Rock Paper Scissors Best!!!! Maybe I will have to go to both so I can decide...ha ha. I am not going to be in town when you teach at SHS. I am super sad...I just love you girls and your great classes!!!!