Friday, September 17, 2010

On the Road...

We apologize for not posting more pictures of the Advent but we had to stop collecting for a few days and make some kits for this weekends classes.  Today we are at Scrap Happy Sisters in Glendale, AZ and then tomorrow at Making Memories Unforgettable in Tucson, AZ.  Then we fly to Texas for a visit with our sisters and 3 classes at Crop, Paper, Scissors in Waco.  This will be the first time we have taught in Texas (we normally just shop there) so we are excited to meet the ladies.

This is just a beginning of the Tray class kits we are teaching in Tucson and Waco.  Good thing Debbie has a great big island in her kitchen to set out the kits.  The sad thing is that the advent calendar has taken over all of Deb's big studio, one guest bedroom, and the large kitchen table so this really was the only place we had to even make the kits.  Sad but true!  On the other hand all the sparkly silver glitter, old paper, and a forest of little trees is great encouragement that the kit is worth all the effort... love those little trees.

Just a portion of items for the should see the fact we weighed the box this week...just under 5 pounds.
hand glittered jingle bells
lovely stacks of collected butter pat dishes
We'll be back next week...blogging about what we see and do in the big state of Texas.  Wish it was Round Top, but it just wasn't in the cards for this trip.


  1. Oh it looks like it is going to be fun, would love to see the finished project.
    Safe travels ladies

  2. What a teaser! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us. Have a safe trip!

  3. it looks so beautiful! can't wait to see it all.

  4. Have fun in Texas! It certainly is fun shopping there. Say hi to Patty for me.

  5. I wish I lived closer to Texas so I could come play with those lovely looking kits! Have fun!