Friday, January 15, 2010

Fold Out Portfolio

We are in the thick of things getting ready for CHA but we wanted to give you at least one more tutorial on ways to use a portfolio.

Fold Out Portfolio
This is a tutorial to make a fold out inclusion for a medium portfolio.
You will need 3 pieces of 12 x 12 cardstock.  
I am using three colors but you can choose any number of colors from one to five. 

Cut each sheet so you are left with two pieces of 5 1/2 x 12" and one 1 x 12" scrap piece.  I stacked mine up and cut all at the same time.

The inclusion has 5 pages so pick 5 of the 5 1/12 x 12" pieces you just cut and put in order of how you want the colors to flow.  If you are using all the same color then no worries, it won't matter.
You will need to cut each piece to a specific measurement so the inclusion will fold up properly.  I have listed the color next to the measurement I used for purposes of this tutorial. 
1. 5 1/2 x 7"- orange
2. 5 1/5 x 7 1/2"- green
3. 5 1/2 x 8"- blue (I only used 1 of my blue pieces that I cut)
4. 5 1/2 x 7"- orange
5. 5 1/2 x 6 1/2"- green

Place cardstock on table in number sequence, 1-5, starting at the left (just like the layout above). It is most imperative that you number the pages at this point.  I have probably made 10 of these inclusions and I still need to number.  I only use a Ticonderoga pencil (because the mark can easily be removed) to mark the page number.  For this tutorial I have marked each page with a piece of cardstock so you can see the number well.

Once all your pages are cut and in order on the table you can start to hinge the pages together.
You will need 4 pieces of gaffer tape 5 ½” long.  I am using gaffer tape because it is actually made from fabric so it will last a long time, being folded and opened so many times. This pattern gaffer tape is from the Venice collection and it comes in a 3 pack.

Run gaffer strip between pages 1 and 2 and pages 4 and 5 to make hinges. Leave 1/8” between papers to allow for fold.  DO NOT HINGE PAGE 3 YET.  
Follow this pattern
(this is side 1)

So we have our inclusion hinged between 1 and 2 and 3 and 4, right?  Now we need to add hinges to the center section three.  Here is the tricky part.  YOU MUST KEEP THE BOOK IN NUMBER ORDER during this next step.
Put pages on the table (just like the picture under the words "follow this pattern")
Keep page 3 on the table (never move page 3)
Flip hinged pages 1 and 2 over (picture 1) so that the gaffer tape is on the bottom and page 1 is still in first position.
picture 1

picture 2

Repeat step for page 3 and 4 so that your pages look like this:
(this is side 2)

Now, adhere gaffer between pages 2 and 3 and pages 3 and 4.  Your inclusion should now be completed hinged together.  MAKE SURE PAGES ARE STILL IN ORDER.  If you are out of order just pull up the gaffer tape and get them in the right order.

Now lets fold it up to make sure we did it right.  With side 1 showing, start to fold up.  Number 3 (the blue page) will stay stationary on the table.  Now fold up each side (looks like a skateboard ramp so far).

 Now lay the right side down.
and then the left side.

Now we can add our own style by choosing some paper to cover up the backside of the gaffer. I am choosing some NEW 7g paper that is coming out this next week at CHA.  It called Avignon.
More sneek peeks starting Monday!
back side of the 6 papers

I cut 4 paper strips (2 for the front and 2 for the back) 3 x 5 1/2" (these strips can be any width as long as they are 5 1/2" tall to fit the page).  With zig-zag fully extended in front of you, glue papers down over the page breaks.

 Side 1

Side 2

Use punch to create a finger tab at each end of zig-zag.  (I used 1 ½” punch)

 To fold up:  With page 3 flat on the table, fold in from the right, then from the left to make zig-zag.

Once you are finished covering the portfolio with paper you can add the inclusion with Super Tape.

Gosh, I which I had more time to complete the portfolio but I have to get back to the CHA work that seems never ending right now!
-paula :)


  1. This was a great tutorial - very easy to follow.

  2. thank you! fun this will be :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this... I love all your projects!!

  4. thank you ~ thank you, i can hardly wait to give it a try! good luck getting all your CHA goodies ready!

  5. Thank you so much, I love this project and want to try it!