Thursday, March 3, 2022

"Just a Memory" with Saltwater Taffy

Hello friends,

Here today sharing my second of the projects using Saltwater Taffy!  Over white Distress Watercolor paper, Saltwater Taffy takes on a "pink" tone...this really seams to be a chameleon color. (and I like that).  Pink-er on white, peachy on Mixed Media Heavystock.  
Lets get started!

Cut a piece of Distress Watercolor paper the size of your substrate.  Mine is a Framed Panel so its 9" long.  I am going to add a stripe strip on the right side so for now I don't need to worry about the width of the paper since I can any size to it.
I used the Embossing Dabber to cover the Floral Outlines stamp with embossing ink.  Stamp the image onto the Watercolor paper and cover with white Embossing Powder.  Melt with an Embossing Gun.  Repeat the stamping process until you have created a repeating pattern.
For the next step, you will need a brush that can hold enough water to keep the ink flowing over the background.  
  1. Press Speckled Egg Distress Ink onto glass mat.  You will need a good amount of ink to cover the entire background.
  2. Dip brush into water and and pick up ink from glass mat. 
  3. Working quickly, cover the background with the Speckled Egg ink wash. Don't worry too much about it being even.  In the end, the variations in color will make it more interesting.
  4. Press Saltwater Taffy onto glass mat.
  5. Using the same brush (but rinsed out), pick up Saltwater Taffy and water to create a wash over the flowers.  Go back an add more ink to create variations in the flower petals.  By working all the flowers at the same time, once can be drying while working on another and vice versa.
You can see small spaces in between the leaves where I missed some blue.  I will go back and fill those in where need after I color the leaves.
I used Peeled Paint to color the leaves because I like the brightness of the green.  You could combine with Bundled Sage if you didn't want all the leaves this bright.
I still had some Saltwater Taffy Ink on the glass mat so I used my brush to pick up and flick it across the surface.  Love that little detail!
I cut another piece of watercolor paper the same length as the first.  Then using the same brush, I painted stripes down the length of the paper.  Once dry, I cut the strip and butted it up against the flower paper.  I used masking tape on the back to connect the two pieces before sewing on each side of the line.
I had previously painted the Framed Panel white and had it set aside.
I used Collage Medium to adhere the watercolor paper to the flat part of the panel.  Then added the frame over the top, concealing all the raw edges of the paper.

For the focal point, I used a Baseboard Lace Frame for the foundation, some ephemera from the Keepsakes pack and a Found Relative.
I used Distress Crayon to color her dress and flowers.  Then for good measure, I pressed Gathered Twigs Distress ink onto the glass mat and sprayed water into the ink to make it fluid.  I pressed the edges of the Found Relative photo into the ink and dried with a heat tool.  Since this is a coated card, I took repeated pressing, heating to get the worn look that I love (but I love the way it looks!).  I did avoid getting ink on her face.
Once I adhered the focal point, the white frame seemed bland, so I rubbed Dina Wakley Sterling paint over the frame to give it a bit of shine.  I just used my fingertip to rub the paint on, so it wouldn't look too perfect!
Tiny Clips are my favorite.  I thought the clip needed to "hold" something, so I got a bit of shredded cheesecloth and tucked it underneath.
The Saltwater Taffy is such a beautiful color.  I could not be happier to have this color to work with in more makes!

I'll be back soon with my last make from the live, the patchwork panel...where Saltwater Taffy finds it's peachy side...
Now carry on,


  1. Saltwater Taffy is a beautiful color, excited to receive mine. This is one of my faves from the Live. I really like working on the famed panels, so sad that they have been discontinued. Have to stock up on them...LOL.

  2. This is absotively stunning, Paula!