Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Christmas Card File

Hello friends,
Happy to be here today sharing the Christmas Card File I created using Christmas idea-ology.  This is a compartmentalized crafting project.  Meaning that you can create a set of cards each day and at the end of the week, the project will be done. Thats my kind of project!  Lets get started!
I created three metallic cards for the box - one for each section.  You can create as many as you wish. These were made with idea-ology Kraftstock Metallic Cardstock.  I have linked two packs below. Either can be used - the 8x8" pack is older, but has the same color red and green metallic cardstock as the new pack.  The new pack is just not padded (meaning there are individual pieces in the pack).
I cut three cards (3 1/8 x 4") and ran them through my Vagabond to cut the Bold Tidings.  I added clear acetate to the back of each card for stability, then wrapped each with twine and tied with a bow.  I used the Tiny Attacher to secure the twine in place. 
Pine Twine was used to create this small wreath - I did cut the Pine Twin on the backside so it would be flat against the card.
I am using a pack of idea-ology File Cards.  It comes with 4 styles of cards:
4 pockets
4 folded cards (they open like a book)
4 tabbed cards
4 flat cards
It does not matter the order you make them in - you just want a stack of each at the end.  I also used Distress Heavystock paper to cut more cards (because I had more ideas!)

The pockets were done in two parts.
#1 - Grit-Paste Opaque through a stencil
I used Mini Stencils since the pockets are small (they are linked at the bottom). These are all older stencils so you may have them already in you stash of goods.  Once you have your stencils chosen, just lay it on the stencil and using a palette knife, spread the Grit-Paste Opaque over the stencil.  I did not cover the entire surface of the pocket, just a portion.  Peel the stencil away (put used stencils into water right away) and set aside to dry for at lest 30-40 minutes.  They should be dry to the touch before moving to the next step.
Mini stencils set 50
Mini stencils set 31
Mini stencils set 19
#2 - Spray each pocket with Mica Stain (shake before use).  I laid it on pretty heavy, drying between coats. You can daub up any excess.  These are the 3 colors I used: Fresh Balsam, Tart Cranberry, and Winter Frost.  Once you are happy with the results, set aside to dry or dry with a heat tool like I did.

These couldn't be easier.  I just used plaid paper from the Christmas Backdrops to cover the Tabbed Cards from the pack, cutting away any excess.
I added red stickers from the red Classic Label sheet + words from the clippings stickers found in the Sticker Book.
I made a mixture of Gathered Twigs Distress Ink and water on my glass mat and quickly pounced each label into the mix then dabbed if off on a paper towel.  It easy to do because the sticker sticks right to your index finger which makes the "dip and dab" record fast.  Then just add them to the tabbed card.

In the Layers Botanical pack there are flat cards that have botanical images on them.  I cut a Heavystock card the exact same size as each Botanical, then used Linen Tape to make a hinge on the front so they open.

The Linen Tape wraps over the top to create the hinge.  The tape alone is sufficient to secure the back to the front.  I added the sewing just for a bit of texture and detail at the top.
More Clippings stickers from the sticker book.
And even an added Paper Doll.
These are the 4 flat cards that come in the File Card Pack.  They look complex, but I used Christmas Pocket cards so all the collage work is already done for you.  All you have to do is adhere the Pocket Card to the blank card, add a Paper Doll, and a few Clipping Stickers.
I used Distress Crayons to color the Paper Dolls. That red on the coats (above) is Aged Mahogany (my absolute favorite).  I colored directly on the coat, then rub away any excess till I see the detail of the coat again. 
I also used Scrapbook Adhesives THIN foam squares to adhere the Paper Dolls - it gives them just a little lift off the card!
Then added a few detail, like Mirrored Stars and Tiny Clips, then rounded the corners of the cards.
I cut six more flat cards to match the others.  Two of the cards were used to make Fringe cards. Again, I used Pocket Cards to cover the blank Heavystock.  This time I used Photobooth images that are in the Christmas Paper Doll pack.
We have creme Fringe as part of the Christmas release this year.  I trimmed it down just a bit on both sides of the stitching line.  Then I made a line Gold Mixative about 6" long on my glass mat and pressed the edges of the Fringe into the Gold Mixative (both sizes of the Fringe).  You can dry with a heat tool before determining if you need more or not.  I didn't want to completely cover the Fringe, but just give it a gold edge.  Once I was satisfied, I stitched the Fringe to the top of each card with red thread (by machine).
Don't forget the sentiments.
The last four flat cards are just some random ideas I had.  Three have been covered with the Pocket Cards and the 4th (on the left) was left mostly blank. 
I wanted to add a few eyelets to some cards so I did that here.  
Then just added ribbon or string to each.
I used one of the small Pocket Cards for a journaling spot (the Pocket card is the large red label) and then just added some holly from the Layers Botanical pack, a stamp from the ephemera pack, and a candy strip band.
The last set of File Cards open like a book.  Here I use the "solid" back of Pocket Cards (meaning the paper is not collaged).  Once I adhered the paper to the front of the card, I looked for the pieces that would fit on the front and not take over too much, covering the background.
I added details like string, Tinsel, and a bell from the Tiny Bells pack.
I mounted a Christmas Flair button on a piece of cardstock with string.  As you can see, I added a piece of Linen Tape to the top and used a Mini Pin to secure the string to the card.
The black checked card has a simple embellishment, a Loop Pin and Antiqued Gem I colored with Mushroom Alcohol Ink.  Because the gem is heavy, I used the Tiny Attacher to secure the string at the top.
I covered the Card File with plaid paper from Christmas Backdrops, but you could also use Pocket Cards to do that. I also used black Design Tape to cover the lip edge of the Card File to finish it off.
Now all that is left to do, is add all the cards to the Card File! And you are done!

Now carry on,

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Christmas Matchbox Tray

Hello Friends,

I'm back at my desk today after a wonderful week long holiday!  Happy to spend some much needed time away from my desk and with my husband.  We had a wonderful time traveling together.

I have made many Matchbox Trays over the years. So when Tim mentioned he would love to have one for the idea-ology Live, I knew I could do it before I had to get it to the mail the next day.  The challenge was on!  Needless to say, I do not have step-out photos since I was working at breakneck speed, but I do have close-ups of each section.

This is a large Vignette Tray (6 x12").  I used Christmas Backdrops paper to cover the box, inside and out.  
Problem: Backdrop paper is only 6 x 10" and the tray is 12" long!
Solution: Cut the paper (small poinsettias) into strips so the paper is actually only around the edge of the tray, not behind the Matchboxes at all.  You can see what I mean if you go to my Christmas Tray 2020 - there is a shot of the tray before I put the Matchboxes in.
The plaid tape on the lip edge is from the Christmas Design Tape pack. I love the diagonal plaid tape and it worked perfectly with the green stripe paper on the inside.

You need one set of 6 Matchboxes to make the project.  All Matchboxes were separated into boxes and drawers. The boxes were covered in different Backdrop papers and the inside of the drawers were painted gold with Dina Wakley paint in Ancient (it's my favorite).
All "snow" used in the Matchboxes is white cotton batting.  I pulled small pieces of the batting and added to each box with tweezers.  A small amount of Collage Medium holds it in place.  I also used a small paintbrush to add CM to the top of the batting, then sprinkled with Mica Flakes and sometimes Rock Candy Glitter. to create some texture and sparkle.
This is the die I use for all the greens in the project.  Before I started, I cut about 8-10 in green cardstock and covered all of them with Rock Candy Glitter.  Then I just set them on my worktable, ready to go! 

All words used in the tray were cut from the Christmas Sticker Book.

Box 1 -
The green piece is from the Junk Drawer Baseboard pack...Don't forget about products that are in the everyday line that can be used for Christmas like this piece!  There is a number printed on the piece, but I covered it with the 25 from the Christmas Ephemera pack. 
A small Mirrored Star and a bit of red and white string, finish it off.

Box 2 - 
Slightly bend the small calendar (ephemera pack) to fit into the Matchbox. Use a little Collage Medium to secure it to the box.  Add stripe tape around the edge of the box.
Spray the tree with Bundled Sage Distress Spray Stain and paint the wood base with Lumberjack Plaid Distress Paint.  Add the tree and a Tiny Bell to box with Collage Medium.  
Box 3 -
Use Foundry Wax to make Santa gold.  Super easy...shake it up till you hear the mixing ball, squeeze out about a dime size, paint it on quickly, heat with an embossing gun. Once cooled, add a bit of glue to the "fur" and sprinkle with Rock Candy Glitter. Let dry.
NOTE: This is a new larger Santa - he does not fit into the Matchbox as easy as the previous Santa so I had to notch out the Matchbox around his hat.  The older Santa was smaller and fit right into the Matchbox. You can tell the difference in the packs, because the smaller Santa was sold in a 2 pack (TH93747).  The current larger Santa is sold with the Snowman TH94301.  If you click on the link at the top of the 2020 tray, you can see the difference in size.

Box 4 -
Flair button added to gold seal (die cut with metallic paper)
Green Plaid tails are from the Sticker Book.
This is the LABLES die I used for the gold seal.  Its old die but still available!

Box 5 - 
Rub white paint over Deco Frame, then rub off excess paint. Let dry.
Add frame with stamps (ephemera pack) in the background to Matchbox.
Add Holiday Greetings banner (ephemera pack) to frame.
Use any red Alcohol Ink to color the rhinestones on the Snowflake.  Add snowflake and some die cut greenery to the frame. 

Box 6 -
Cover Bubbles with Glossy Accents and drop them one by one into the Rock Candy Glitter jar. Shake the jar to coat.  Remove to a disposable plate or paper to dry.
Once dry, pile into Matchbox using Collage Medium to glue them together.  I will take awhile for this box to dry, so set it aside for a few hours.  The Collage Medium dries clear.
Add small label the word snow to the background.
Box 7 - 
Use Collage Medium to adhere two Drippy Candles to a Wood Slice. Set aside to dry. NOTE: I used my Tonic scissors to cut off the back of the Wood Slice so it would fit into the box.
Add a small label with words to the background - this one says "Shines Bright".
Add candles to the Matchbox with Collage Medium.

Box 8 -
Cut 2  small pieces of Pine Twine. Wind both into circles and hot glue at the ends, create two separate circles.  Combine the two circles with a just bit of hot glue to create a fatter/thicker wreath.
Wipe Stickles Glitter Glue over the wreath and dry with a heat tool.  The heat will not melt the wreath material, but will make it move and become more realistic looking.  It sounds strange but it very cool to see.
Add the bow and bell with hot glue.
Box 9 -
Blue background is from the same idea-ology Junk Drawer pack used in Box 1.
The gold piece has the look of a pinecone but it is really a flower from the Heirloom Floral pack that I covered in Foundry Wax.
The greens next to the flower is just a piece of Pine Twine with added Tiny Bell and some string.
Don't forget the red label and words, "peace on earth".

Box 10 - 
Color the Salvage Deer with Walnut Stain Crayon. I scribbled the crayon on my mat, then picked it up the a slightly damp crayon and brushed over the deer.
You could add more Pine Twine around the deers neck but I went with silver Tinsel.  I did trim the Tinsel inside and out, before adding to the Deer with hot glue.
Box 11 - 
Cut up a few Confections sticks to fill a bottle from the Corked Vials pack.
Glue three Confections sticks together and wrap with string so they will stand up in the corner of the box.  The sticks and the round candies have been covered in Rock Candy Glitter.
Stamp in the background is from the Ephemera pack.
I did wrap Design Tape around this box before adding the candy with Collage Medium.
NOTE: The tiny red berries used in this project are from Hobby Lobby (they come in a bag of 1 million - you will only need to buy one bag per lifetime!).

Box 12 - 
The tree image is from one of the Christmas Backdrops papers and the candy stripe is a piece from the Ephemera Pack.  
And there you have it!
This is one of those projects I like to create because each little scene stands alone, yet when put together, they make a wonderful whole.  If I hadn't have had the short time frame for mailing, I could have made a tiny box a day.  No mater, I'm happy with what I created and I hope you will give it a go.

Now carry on,