Friday, October 22, 2021

Miss Amelia Hardy

 Hello Friends!

Time is getting away from me so I better get in the last few Halloween projects before the 31st arrives! Today I am sharing an idea-ology Shrine project I created using the Halloween Paper Dolls, Baseboard Windows and Layers Ephemera.  Follow along and I'll show you how I did it!

I covered the inside and the front lip edge of the Shrine with Worn Wallpaper Halloween - you don't see much of it once the frame goes in, but it does look like old ripped wallpaper. The outside was covered with a woodgrain from the Backdrops Halloween pack (you will see that later in the making process).
I drilled a hold in the back of the Shrine (or you could use an awl and hammer) for the Halloween Tiny Lights. I pulled the lights all the way through to the front and loosely wound them in an oval shape. You will need to use hot glue to keep the wire in place.
You know I LOVE the Halloween Window Frames!  This one with the curved top is a favorite, not only because of the shape, but that bit of gold going around the inside edge.  I used Scor-Tape to add the spiderweb transparency to the frame. It may not look transparent, but the purple light will show through perfectly.
I wanted the frame to sit out, away from the lights, so I added a double stack of tiny wood blocks.  You could also cut a dowel to use instead of the blocks.  I glued the blocks together with Collage Medium and then to the frame.  Let it sit to dry for at least 30 minutes.
Adhere the frame to the shrine with more Collage Medium.  You will need to leave it laying on its back till the frame is securely in set in place.
The Paper Dolls from the Halloween pack are so wonderful!  So many new people to tell stories about!  Some are a little creepy, but most are just regular's just the setting you put them in that makes them what they are.
I chose this civil war era lady because of the full skirt.  I colored her dress with a Peeled Paint Distress Crayon, then rubbed away the excess till I could see the details of the dress.  I added a bit of Dusty Concord which made the "stripes" in her skirt, then used my Detailer Water Brush to remove some crayon to let the dark dress underneath come through.
To add the note to her hand, I took a sharp cutting knife and cut around the hand so I could slip the tiny paper up underneath.  That tiny paper comes from the Halloween Snippets pack - this is a must have product in my world.  Love all the different sizes, shapes and colors of the tiny labels.  It is the same pack of labels I used on the idea-ology Test Tube HERE.

NOTE: there is a 1/2" wood block at the bottom back of her skirt to stand her up. Her skirt is also glued to the left side of the Shrine, yet she appears to be standing freely. 
For the spider, add thread to the loop in the spider.  Even up the thread ends.  Thread the two cut ends through a large needle and push the needle through the hand (from the back).  The two cuts ends are tied in a bow and a dot of glue is placed on the string on the back to keep it secure.  When I was completely done with the shrine, I glued the spider to her dress.
One the right side I added Drippy Candles, Candlesticks and pumpkins that I painted Iced Spruce. The shredded Mummy Cloth helps disguise the fact that I only had one Candlestick left once I got to the project!  A girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do!
I wanted to talk about the Distress Texture Paste - Crackle I added to the sides of the Shrine.  Once I added the woodgrain Backdrops paper, I used a small Palette knife to add the paste.  I let the Crackle Paste dry for 30-40 minutes then added Walnut Stain Distress Crayon over the top with a damp paint brush.  What I like about using the Palette Knife is that you can add the paste as thick or thin as you want to.  I also think using the Palette Knife creates a more realistic look, like real crackle that has highs and lows.

And here is the Shrine all lit up in purple!  The purple lights look amazing at night.  I also love how the lights look like stars in the window!  The Shrine just glows!

Thanks for stopping by to read my tutorial.  I hope you will try making something with Tiny Lights - they really add a magic feeling to any project!

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Monday, October 18, 2021

Oxide Technique with Villainous Potion

Hello friends!
I have a new post on the Ranger Projects Page today using the FABULOUS Villainous Potion!
I repeated the Oxide technique I used to color the background in my last posted project.  So if you are wondering how I did it, click the link HERE to see the step-out tutorial.  It's easy and it made a huge impact on the finished piece!

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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Villainous Potion

 Hello Friends!

Well, what did you think of the new color?  I am not a huge purple fan, but VILLAINOUS POTION may have just changed my mind! To me, this is the perfect color of purple and was needed in the Distress line!

I created 3 projects for the LIVE using the new color. I thought I would share this one first since it has a Halloween Vibe!
Follow along and I will show you how I put it together....
My substrate is a large Vignette Tray.  I wanted to create a patchwork background and I know if you cut the squares at 1 1/2" or multiples of that number, the squares fit perfectly.  
I used three types of "paper" for the squares:
  1. Mixed Media Heavystock - colored with Distress Ink in Villainous Potion, Peeled Paint and Salvaged Patina.
  2. Worn Wallpaper Halloween
  3. Metal Foil Tape - Mini Lumber 3D Folder + Black Soot Distress Paint rubbed over the embossed foil.
Once my pieces were cut, I adhered to the tray surface with Collage Medium.  You might notice that my foil pieces are double wide, at 3" long and I have some pieces that are shorter.  Really, anything goes.  As I added the squares with the Collage Medium, I also added a thin layer over the top of the paper pieces to seal.
The Worn Wallpaper pack had the perfect complementing pattern for the patchwork.  The color is perfect with Villainous Potion, so even though I could have stamped a pattern, I decided to use it not only for the color but the texture of the Wallpaper.

Since I sealed the paper pieces I was able to use Crayon over the seam lines and rub it in with a damp fingertip.
I had extra pieces of foil and paper so I matched up the patterns and added to the edge of the tray.  If you don't want to do that or you have run out of paper, just paint the tray edges black.
I chose a photo from the Halloween Paper Dolls pack and used Villainous Potion Oxide ink to color the background.  Her face was colored with Crushed Olive Distress Crayon and the background was painted with Oxide.  The frame and word strip are from the Baseboard Halloween pack.  I clipped one end of the word strip and added a idea-ology Tiny Clip to the other.
NOTE: I will have a tutorial on Monday to show how I created the Oxide Background.
The Test Tubes were one of my favorite additions to the Halloween release this year.  I added Bubbles (another brilliant idea from Mr Holtz) colored with Alcohol Ink to the Test Tube and glued the cork in place.  I wrapped wire around the Test Tube and added the tiny label from my favorite Snippets pack.  A little white paint on the wire finished it off.  I added the Test Tube to the collage with Collage medium, leaving it overnight to cure.
Spray the Bouquet Flowers with Villainous Potion Spray Stain and dry with a heat tool.  Once dry, I rubbed Collage Medium inside and outside each flower and formed each flower into a cup shape (sometimes the shape is lost when adding the stain).  Each flower form is different...the Collage Medium allows that shape to last.  When the flowers were still drying, I used a small spoon to sprinkle black glitter from the Halloween Sparkle set over the flowers.  Do not add so much glitter that it covers the should be very random.
The 13 comes from the Baseboards Halloween pack.  I added Distress Crayon, then poked holes in each corner to add the Mini Fasteners.
Shake Well from the Ephemera pack, seemed like the perfect sentiment to go with the Test Tube! I added it with 3D foam squares.
I kept the left side very simple.  Just a small collage of flowers, Ephemera and Snippets.
I left much of the background plain - I just didn't want to cover it up.  Can you see why I have fallen in love with this new color? 

If you missed the new color Live today, please be sure to check out Tim's blog for the link to the re-play.  
Thank you for stopping by! I really appreciate it!

now carry on,

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Halloween Card File Box

 Hello Friends,

Today I'm sharing photos of the Halloween Card File Box I created for the idea-ology Halloween Release.  This is the second Card File I have made, so I just reused the drawer I created for the first one.  I put the spring cards in a zip lock bag for safe storage and have added some fun Halloween cards for the season.  Maybe I need to make Christmas cards for it too so I can leave it out all year long?  I think I need to add that to my list of projects to get done in November.

I love these cards because I love the process of making them.  It's the kid of project that you don't have to think too much, you just put on the music and go for it.  Following the same formula as the first box of cards I made works well...

  1. Cut Kraft Stock to size 3 1/2 x 4 1/4"  (you need 18 - 25 cards/dividers to fill the box).
  2. Add paper backgrounds to all cards.
  3. Color all the Paper Dolls.
  4. Add ephemera + Paper Dolls + words.

I think the background paper is key to the project.  I used idea-ology Backdrops Halloween - which btw could be used year round!  The colors and patterns go together so well that it made it very easy to create the collaged cards.  I also added some Halloween Worn Wallpaper to the mix since it has a different look (like old wallpaper) and texture.
All cards were cut using the Black Kraft Stock Stack, which is a pack of 24 sheets of heavy, black, 6 x 8" Kraft Stock (black on one side, kraft on the other).  That way all cards are black on the backside without any effort.  
For the front of the cards, I used my Tonic Trimmer to cut various strips of paper, from 1" to 3".  Once I had a little stack of papers, I glued them to the cards with Collage Medium, cutting away the excess paper with scissors.  Could not be any easier.
Once the cards were covered, I used a corner rounder to (obviously) round the corners of each card.  Next up is the stitching.  I love stitching on paper so I added some stitching on each card, leaving the threads long (this really does add to the project).
Once the card were done, I set out to color a huge bunch of the Halloween Paper Dolls and a could portraits that come in the pack.  You can see the the main color I used was Crushed Olive, with Faded Jeans coming in a close second, followed by Black Soot, Aged Mahogany, and a bit of Rusty Hinge.  I like to color the dolls all at once, so I can have a large stack ready to go.
Now you are ready to assemble the cards using the Halloween Ephemera pack, Mini Flair Halloween, Halloween Layers, and the absolutely fabulous Snippets pack that has all the tiny labels you will ever need...until you use them all and have to buy another pack!

I have highlighted a few of my favorite cards:
words - Sticker book
crow - Ephemera pack
crayons - Rustic Wilderness on the sweaters + Aged Mahogany on cheeks
button - Mini Flair
blue label - Snippets pack
words - Sticker book
crayons - Crushed Olive Crayon on the background + Aged Mahogany on cheeks
bottom and left side background paper - Worn Wallpaper Halloween
card with calla lilies - Ephemera pack
round label - Snippets pack
words - Sticker book
crayons - Crushed Olive Crayon on tie + Faded Jeans for suit 

flower - Worn Wallpaper Halloween
left background paper - Worn Wallpaper Halloween
flashcard - Ephemera pack
label - Snippets pack
button - mini flair pack
mask - Sticker book
crayons - Weathered Wood on dress + Crushed Olive detail
stripes on socks - POSCA pen

left background paper - Worn Wallpaper Halloween
pharmacy label- Ephemera pack
label - Snippets pack
mask - Sticker book
words - Sticker book
crayons - Chipped Sapphire suit + Crushed Olive vest and shirt
buttons on shirt - POSCA pen
butterfly - Layers pack
31- Ephemera pack
label - Snippets pack
words - Sticker book
crayons - Rusty Hinge dress
stripes on socks - POSCA pen
poison label - Ephemera pack
bat wings - Halloween Transparency pack
label - Snippets pack
words - Sticker book
crayons - Peeled Paint on dress + Aged mahogany on cuffs and collar
stripes on socks + buttons - POSCA pen
These next few cards were created as filler or "breaks" between the cards.  
lotto card - Layers pack + flash card - Ephemera pack
spiderweb - Layers pack
In Loving Remembrance - Layers pack
All buttons - Mini Flair Halloween
owl - Layers pack
patterned paper - Worn Wallpaper Halloween
button - Mini Flair Halloween
prescription card - Layers pack
crow - Ephemera pack 
button - Mini Flair Halloween
word - Sticker Book
green tag - Ephemera pack + man and words from the Sticker book.
As for the box I put the cards in, it is the largest of the Vignette Boxes that comes in the pack.  I had my husband cut two pieces of wood to hold the cards up.  These were wood pieces from other Vignette projects where I did not use a shelf here or there and saved the left-over pieces (I never throw that kind of stuff away).  Once the dividers were glued in with Collage Medium, I painted the inside black so it looks like it came that way.  Once dry, I chose a paper to cover the body of the box.  Any pattern will work!

I hope you give this project a go!  I love making these cards, in fact I find them kinda relaxing, as there is not much thought...because anything goes!  The layers of Ephemera and Paper Dolls are fun to create with and tell a story, like the boy with the crow on his head!

now carry on,