Saturday, May 8, 2021

Spring Kits

Hello friends,
I have two Spring kits for 2021, Finders Keepers and Collective Journey.
Kits will begin shipping on Wednesday, May 12th in order of purchase.

Shipping is included in the price for the continental US 
*Please contact me directly for international shipping.  
There is an added cost to ship (taxes or duties are the responsibility of the buyer).

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Finders Keepers


Create a vintage inspired 7 x 10” wood box with a masculine edge using new Backdrop papers and trinkets.  It’s like a mini cabinet of curiosities with bottles and old books, faux drawers and a plethora of boxes to fill with treasures. The kits comes with full packages of Thimbles, Vignette Finials, Odds and Ends, Laboratory Vials, and 9 Matchboxes to create the scene.  The kit is not hard to put together, but it is detailed and the more layers you add the better it gets.  The kits comes with comprehensive written instructions as well as 4 pages of color step-out photos.  

Collective Journey

Create a 4 x 5.5” faux cigar box filled with 19 mixed media cards and 3 tag pockets. The kit comes with a full set of Vignette Boxes, custom wood dividers, 25 pre-cut Distress Mixed Media Heavystock Cards, Paper Doll Solos, Mini Marquee, Field Notes Ephemera, and a Metallic Sticker Book to personalize your cards. Twenty sheets of double sided Backdrop papers are included, more than enough to create multiple boxes if you wish. The kits comes with comprehensive written instructions as well as 5 pages of color step-out photos that include a picture of every card you will create.  

Friday, May 7, 2021

"Charming" Assemblage Bookmarks

 Hello friends!

We have been sharing Assemblage Jewelry on Instagram all week long and I am so inspired by the makes from Suzy and Stacy!  So many wonderful makes, I wish I could see them all in person! 

I have one last tutorial for the week using my very favorite pieces from Assemblage, Gemmed Bouquet.  The package comes with three beautiful white and pink connectors (meaning they have a loop on each end).  There is also an added jump ring on each end that I will use for the connection.  These are wonderful for necklaces since get three pieces on each card but today we doing something unconventional.

I have created 3 bookmarks using each of the Gemmed Bouquet pieces.

You will need a few extra supplies for this project:
1.  3/4" Velvet Ribbon - I am using May Arts Brand but any velvet ribbon will do.
2.  20MM Ribbon End Crimps -To make three bookmarks, you will need 6 ribbon crimps (Here is the Ebay link I used to buy that ones I used in this project). You can buy these a craft stores but I was unable to find the color (antique bronze) that I wanted.
3.  Needle nose pliers

Cut your ribbon to length. I used 9" per bookmark.  Pinch the ribbon crimp a little at a time till it is flat.  I did tap it with my small hammer to flatten just a little more.
Use the jump ring on the charm to add the flower to the ribbon crimp (I lost the darn jump ring on the floor so I had to break out some extras from my stash).
I used some of the same Onyx Iridescent bead chain, used the Honey Bee Necklace, to create more of the bead drops. Again I added tiny pearls to the end of each drop. Once created, I added it to the bottom of the flower (no jump ring needed).

I added another bead drop to the other end of the bookmark.
The steps are the same with the two other bookmarks, just the ends are different. For this one I added one of the Ornate Heart Lockets. I wiped a little Distress Picket Fence paint over the locket to give it more dimension by highlighting the design.

I also added a Clippings sticker to the inside. So cute!

For the last one, I added another bead drop.
They look so beautiful all together!

I sure hope you have enjoyed our week all about Assemblage Jewelry. It has been fun using Assemblage to create different pieces and I am sure more ideas will come, now that I have seen what everyone else has been posting.  You can check out all the pieces at your local Joann store or Joann online.
now carry on,

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Salvage Patina Tag

Hello friends,

I am sharing a tutorial over on the Ranger Making page featuring the new Distress color Salvage Patina, a Mini Etcetera Tag using Distress Inks and the Sizzix Bloom Thinlits die.  It was easy to make and oh so satisfying to dip the embossed paper into the Distress Ink! I hope you will pop by to see how I did it! 

now carry on,

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Tim Holtz Assemblage Jewelry Necklace

Hello Friends,

We are celebrating Assemblage jewelry this week!  Assemblage is an exclusive line to Joann that has a vintage vibe (right up my alley).  You can purchase it in store and online. Tim, Stacy, Suzy and I will be sharing makes all week long, so continue to watch Instagram for posts and stories showing ideas for using Assemblage jewelry to make all kinds of things!  

I'm using a two different chains, connector pieces and a large bee in my necklace today.  You will also need some small jump rings to combine a few of the components.  Please keep in mind that Assemblage is meant to be taken apart and combined, so one strand of beads will be used in small increments.  As you follow along, you will see what I mean.

These are the pieces that I used:
Tim Holtz Assemblage Pendant Honey Bee #16821100
Tim Holtz Assemblage Deco Antique Silver & Brass Links #15507932
Tim Holtz Assemblage 18" Gold Chain Onyx Iridescent Beads #15507759
Tim Holtz Assemblage 18" Small Link Chain Brass #15507668

Use small needle nose pliers to open the bead chain (just twist to the side to open).  To make this necklace, I created 3 strings with 10 beads each but you can use as many beads as you wish to make it the length you want.  Mine necklace is 18" long including the bee.

When you are done separating the beads - you should have 4-5 beads left.  Set those to the side for later. Add a connector to two chains, and leave the clasp on one.
Separate the chain into 3 sections. The length depends on the chosen connector (mine are 10 to 15 links each). To be honest, I never count links.  I just go with what looks good and if I need to take out or add in it's an easy fix.
Now take the six pieces and connect them together alternating, beads and chain.
I added another of the connectors to the bee with an added jump ring at the top.
Then I added the chain from each side of the necklace to the jump ring above the connector.
And just like that the necklace is together!
I wanted to use the remaining 5 bead links to add detail, so I found some TINY pearls in my stash and added them to the loop at the bottom of each bead. This created a more finished look. 

The new drops were added to the jump ring right below the connectors.
And that one last bead... right above the bee connector!
The necklace was easy to put together, right?  And using just needle nose pliers (love when I don't have to buy new tools to make something)!

That bee is so cute hanging at the end!
I hope you like seeing our Assemblage pieces this week. We have lots of ideas to use Assemblage to make more jewelry, add to junk journals and create some special gifts.  Enjoy!
Now carry on,

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Do Your Best Vignette box

Hello Friends,
I'm excited to be here today sharing another project from the Salvaged Patina launch. This time I created a Vignette Box project filled with idea-ology trinkets, all with a nature theme.
You will need two Vignette Boxes from the package, the largest, and the middle size from the remaining boxes (see stars).

Paint the outside of each box with Salvaged Patina. Set it aside to dry.

Adhere idea-ology Ball Chain to the lip edge of the box with Collage Medium. Let dry completely then brush more paint the top. Randomly wipe away the paint in spots to reveal the metal of the chain. Let dry completely.
Use a stencil and Texture Paste Crackle to add the pattern on three sides of each box - no need to add it to the bottom since one long side will become the bottom of the box and you will never see the texture.
Once the Crackle has dried completely, scribble Distress Crayon over the raised paste. You can rub it or use a damp paint brush to move the crayon over the surface.

Adhere paper to the inside of each box (I used 3 or 4 papers from Backdrops 1). Add a layer of Collage Medium over the surface of the paper and let dry.  Again, use the Walnut Stain Crayon over the sealed paper to age.
I decided to add the handle from the Mini Hardware Set to the right side of the smaller box before the two boxes are glued together so the small box could stand on end while the handle is drying in place.  Here is how I did it: 
  1. Add Hardware Heads to the the handle with Collage Medium so it will looked like the handle is screwed into the box.  
  2. Paint the entire handle with Salvaged Patina Distress Paint. 
  3. Once dry, pounce Rust Alcohol Ink over random parts of the surface. 
  4. Add the handle to the box with Collage Medium.  Let dry.
  5. Add a tiny tag with a number from the Remnant Rubs sheet.
Start the bottom compartment (while the handle is drying
Coat the top of each Toadstool with Salvaged Patina Distress Paint. Pounce with a wet wipe to take away some of the color in the lower half to reveal some of the tan color underneath. Let dry.
Lower right section:
Cut the smaller Toadstool so it will fit under the larger one.  Use Collage Medium to adhere the Toadstools to the box (the larger Toadstool also has glue at the back where the blue part touches the back of the box).  Let dry while you work on other pieces like the small bottles.
I used two of the small bottles from the Tiny Vials as well as a larger bottle from the Corked Bottles pack.  I treated all bottles with the same technique: 
  1. Rub a layer of Collage Medium over the glass.  Let dry.  
  2. Rub a layer of Distress Paint Clear Rock Candy over the glass.  Let dry.  
  3. Drip Mushroom Alcohol Ink over the cracked surface to color.
Shred some cheesecloth.  Paint a little Collage Medium around the Toadstools, then wrap them with the shredded cheesecloth.  Keep it very light and airy - do not push it into the glue.
I treated each of the metal pieces (Metal Gate, Mini Pocket Watch, Hook Clasp and Thimble) in the exact same manner. 
  1. Wipe a bit of white paint onto the surface. Let dry.
  2. Pounce surface with Mushroom Alcohol Ink.
  3. Drip or rub Rust Alcohol Ink sparingly over surface, taking care not to cover all the paint.
Pull the ephemera you will need for the project from the Keepsakes Ephemera Pack.  Add the flower basket and written card to a piece of chipboard for strength.  Adhere flower card to the background with foam squares. The word LOVE comes from the Clippings Sticker book. The written card and other pieces will be saved for the top compartment. 
Add Remnant Rubs 78 to the larger bottle and glue to the right side of the box.
Add a Quote Flair to a Mini Pocket Watch (it fits perfectly) and close up the back.
Use Collage Medium to glue a small wood block to the back of the Mini Pocket Watch (this will allow the Pocket Watch to stand upright).
Once the wood block is secure, add the Hook Clasp to the top of the Mini Pocket Watch.  Let the chain naturally drop to the surface of the box.  I used a small paint brush to add Collage Medium to the chain so it would stay in place.  It dries clear so you can't even tell there is glue under the chain.  24 hours later it will be solid as a rock.
Add the Thimble in the space between the watch and the gate. 
Adhere the Metal Gate piece to left side behind the Toadstools (I slowly curved the gate till it broke, otherwise the gate is too long to fit).

Glue the two boxes together with Collage Medium and leave to dry. The back of the top box is flush with the back of the bottom box.
The top compartment is an easy one. Add the ephemera card to the compartment with Collage Medium (remember the chipboard we added previously will help the card maintain its shape.  Make sure you test how far out the card comes on the left so the Corked Dome will fit against the back on the right.  To be honest, I believe I cut off about 1/2" on the card on the right so it would fit better and not push the dome out more.  Once the card is secure, add the green seal to the top (text is from the Remnant Rub sheet).  The butterfly was obviously cut out and then glued to the card with the wings slightly pulled forward.
To create the Corked Dome, I sprays one bunch of Bouquet flowers with Salvaged Patina and Antique linen Spray Stain.  Once dry, I pushed the stem into the cork and added moss to make is stand up in the dome.  I added some very tiny faux pearls (colored with Mushroom Alcohol Ink on a previous occasion) to the dome then added the cork.  Once the dome is turned over the pearl cascade into the flowers.  The label here is very tiny.  It is from the Field Notes Snippets pack (lots of tiny labels in that pack!).  The label has been simple tied on with a string.
The last thing to add is the tiny bottle that was colored earlier.  I guess I should also mention that the tiny label here, and on the bottle with the 78, came from an old pack of brown Apothecary bottles.  I had a sheet of leftover labels that come with that pack in my stash so I used them here.

This was a fun piece to create. I worked on it a little each day for about 3 days to complete it. Once I finished the outside and had the boxes glued together is was easy to come up with the nature theme of project. Really, this set up could be any theme you want and that is what makes it so interesting. Thank you for stopping by to see my work. I really appreciate the time it takes to go to a blog and read the tutorial. That is not lost on me.
now carry on,

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Dream Big Vignette Tray

hello friends,

What an exciting weekend it has been!  The new Distress color Salvaged Patina is spectacular!  Sorta green, sorta blue depending on what surface you lay it over...really, just a dreamy color to add to the Distress palette.  It has been such a wonderful color to work with because it pairs so well with MANY other colors. For the LIVE on Saturday, about 20 samples were made by 4 makers (including myself) which we will be posting over the next few weeks.   If you missed the Live on Saturday you can watch a replay by clicking on the link on Tim's blog HERE. In the LIVE, Tim shows how this new color fits into the current Distress palette, shares the 20+ samples, and then shows a few techniques using the new color.  Totally worth your time.

Lets talk about my first project, a small Vignette Tray turned upside-down, to use the back as the front.  One of my favorite ways to use a tray because it can go directly from my desk to the wall when i'm done!

Lets get started:
Tear Collage Paper and add it to the small Vignette Tray with Collage Medium.  Add layer of CM over the top to create an almost transparent look over the wood tray.
Once dry, sand away the excess paper.

Add a few paint drops of Salvaged Patina onto the surface of the tray.
Wipe across the surface with your finger (you could always use a brush if you don't like touching paint).
Dab with a wet wipe to reveal some of the pattern in the Collage paper.
Flick more Salvaged Patina paint over the surface with a Distress Splatter Brush.

I dried the paint and then added Kitsch Flamingo Oxide Spray (remember to shake it up before use and wipe the nozzle after).  When you slowly push on the sprayer, you get a dribble effect and that is exactly what I was going for.  If you are unsure how much pressure to use, test on a paper towel beforehand.
Just a few sprays over the surface.
Then a just a bit of water with the Distress sprayer.
I used my heat tool begin to dry the Oxide, turning the tray on its side to allow the paint to move.
This is what it looked like after drying and leaving it to sit for a while.
More layers:
This time I dribbled Salvaged Patina Oxide, Fossilized Amber, and Kitsch Flamingo.

Then I started to dry with a heat tool.
Because the surface of the tray was sealed with the Collage Medium (when we added the Collage Paper), the Oxide is harder to dry.  You can see where the hot pink might look dry, but it's not.  

I determined to leave the tray on my desk overnight (which I did). The next day when I came back to it, it appeared dry but if I touched the Oxide it left reside on my fingertips.   Only one thing is going to fit that...

The answer is to spray with a fixative.  I have talked about this product before and really everyone who works in art should own a can because it is a problem solver.  I have linked the Krylon version, but any spray fixative will work.  It can easily be found at any craft store in the art department.

This is what it looked liked once dried overnight and sprayed with the fixative.  What an easy fix!  Literally the time it took to walk to the garage, spray and walk back to the craft room = less than 5 minutes.

Back to the Splatter Brush...this time white paint splatter.  The white makes all the other colors pop!
Building the collage

Adhere the Curio Frame to the right of the tray.

Adhere some shredded cheesecloth and 3 double stacks of foam squares.
Tint the Paper Doll with Distress Crayons (this girl is from the new Solos pack). I used Fossilized Amber for her dress, scribbled directly onto the dress, then rubbed away with my finger till it was almost transparent.  A POSCA Pen with a bullet tip was used to add the white dots and stripes on her clothes.

I die cut the "Scribbly Butterfly" wings using Distress Watercolor paper (love the thickness), then used the Distress Embossing Dabber to coat the wings before adding the Salvaged Patina Glaze. Once melted with an embossing gun, the wings are ready for more color.

I added mica (you could use plastic) behind the butterfly wings, then scribbled Picked Raspberry and Fossilized Amber Distress Crayon over the mica.  I rubbed the crayon with my finger to make it more translucent so once she is in the collage, you will be able to see hints of pattern through the wings.

Adhere the paper doll to the Curio Frame using the foam square stacks you added perviously.
Choose a Quote Chip and cut to size. I purposely chose a short quote so it would not stick out too much. At this point, she looked perfectly fine and I almost ended this way.  But then decided to add something to add more black to the piece and make you focus on her in came the black and white ephemera from the Layers Urban pack. I love all the bullseye type pieces in that pack!

There is also some added vintage dictionary paper added to either side of the Curio Frame.   
A flower from the Worn Wallpaper Scraps was cut out for an embellishment. I clipped the petals and used the Sizzix Shaping kit to mould the flowers to appear more realistic.
Then to add "a cherry on top" sorta speak, I cut out a small chipboard crown to add to her head.  I covered the chipboard with metal foil tape then added some Alcohol Ink.
The crown was added over her head with a foam square.  Of course you could have stopped once she was on the collage but the added the extras made this really special.

This Paper Doll with the leaning stance is my favorite!  She is just so fun to work with.

I hope you enjoyed todays Salvaged Patina project.  I will be back with more projects this week, so stay tuned!

Thank you for stopping by today. I appreciate all the support in following and reading my blog.
Now carry on,