Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter goods....

My good friend Karen showed me this darling little purse this week.   It is fast and easy to make, so there is still time to fit in in before Easter.  It made from a simple square and the cuteness is all about how it's folded.  I thought they would be fun for my "grand girls" to use as an easter basket/purse.  I made a quick trip to “Scrapbooks, Etc.” go to place for fun trendy fabrics.  The hardest part is picking fabrics, they have so many to choose from.

Here’s what you’ll need:
2 fabric squares - 18 x 18”, but you can make it any size square.
1 1/4 yd. twill, ribbon or cording - cut into 2 equal pieces
1.  Cut 2 squares of coordinating fabric 18” x 18”.  

2.  Put right sides together and sew around all four edges, leaving a 3-4” opening to turn.  

3.  Turn the square right sides out.

 Press and top stitch close to the edge, closing the opening.

4.  Fold the square into thirds as shown.

Adjust as needed to make this measurement and.....

.....this measurement the same.  Repeat on both sides.

5.  Find the center and mark with pins.   

 Up close detail

 Stitch 1” on both sides of center mark.

 (Stitching on right side of center mark)

(Stitching on left side of center mark)

 These stitching lines show the bottom of the bag.

6.  Fold piece in half with the folded sides inside.

7.  Stitch up both sides using a 1/8” seam.

8.  Make a boxed-in bottom.  Pull out the corners.  

The stitch lines that you did in step #5 create a guide for stitching across the corner.

Stitch across both corners as shown.  This will create the gusset so your bag has a flat bottom.

9.  Turn inside out

10.  Fold the triangular flap (shown up in the photo above) down and sew 5/8” from the folded top edge to form a casing.

11.  Using one of the pieces of twill, feed it through the casing from the right edge of
the bag, out the left side and back into the other side of the bag so both ends come out the right edge.  Use the second piece of cording and repeat the process feeding it in the left side and back through so they both come out on the left side.

I've got to get busy to finish the other 3....all will be slightly different.  I’m filling them with a few girly items that I know they will love.....shhhh don’t tell them, it’s a surprise!

Something I found out this week.....
Tip #573 - Don't leave your cutting mat on the front seat of the car when it's 90 degrees out.  The bowed part is where it hung over the edge of the seat....ugh, time for a new cutting mat!  

Have a great weekend,

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dreaming of....

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A lovely little book for dreams.
Let's make one together.

Print out a Vintage Frame from the free printable section at World Label.  I printed mine on white cardstock.  I did have to change the printer setting where it says "fit to page".   I am quite sure if you explore World Label you will find label paper that matches the template which could be very convenient for many projects.  But today, I don't have any so I have to stick with cardstock.  And that's okay.
 I actually printed quite a few just to test out the different styles. 
Once I decided on which one I wanted to use, I just cut it out.  You could leave the center intact but I chose to make it a window. 
 Now back to the computer with my frame and a ruler.  I need an image or saying at least 2" across.
 I found a picture of the Eiffel Tower on The Graphics Fairy.  I am sure many of you already use this site (because it's great).   She has so many images that you can use for free.  I love it when there are no strings attached to an image!  Use at will!
You can find this image of the Eiffel Tower by going to The Graphics Fairy and clicking on the word, SEARCH at the top tool bar.  All the categories of images will come up.  Now click on Travel.  Now just download the image you want.
Once I had the image, I opened a new document and placed two of the same image on the page.  You never know what size will be just what you need (especially in a round opening) so I printed one slightly bigger than the one I thought would work.  Does that make sense?
Sure enough, the larger one was the ticket.
 The smaller looked great in this one.
I want to seal the image with Mod Podge before I put it on the cover of the little book.  If you are going to use Distress Ink, you need to do it now, before the Mod Podge layer.  I took this picture to show you that the Distress will color the Mod Podge, but not to worry it stays looking nice and vintage if that's the route you want to go.
I changed it up and did not use Distress on the frame I picked (I know Sue from Florida is going to think I have lost my marbles).  I just wanted to see what it would look like (probably better with Distress, right?). Oh well, too late.
 So while that is drying...I cut two pieces of chipboard for the cover.   They are 4  3/4 x 6".
I cut a piece of Sticky Back Canvas in Natural color a bit bigger than the two pieces of chipboard.  I left a good 1/2" between the boards for a spine.
 Once cut, I just peeled off the paper backing...
 then arrange the chipboard on top, pressing them down so they are adhered.
 Now fold down the top and press down.  Then the bottom.
 For the sides, there are multiple ways to finish them off.  I just clipped off the corner and then folded it around.
I cut a piece of fabric so it would fit the book cover with a 1/2" edge showing.
 Working quickly, I painted on an even layer of Mod Podge (once side at a time).
Adhere the fabric.
I know the edges are raw.  But once the Mod Podge goes on you can hardly tell. I admit I was quite surprised at how good it looked and I was glad I didn't waste the time the fold edges under. 
btw, I did not put Mod Podge on top of the fabric, only under it.
Now repeat on the other side.  Press down with your hands or you could use a brayer.  Be sure to press down in the center of the spine.
I turned the cover over and sprayed with one of the new 7gypsies glimmer mists (post card) to give it an aged look.
 Back to the Frame.
I added the Eiffel Tower to the center with a tape runner.
 Then added more Mod Podge to the back.  Make sure you go all the way to the edge.
I centered the frame on the cover (when the book was closed) and then opened it up so I could press it down really good.  You might even put a heavy book on it for 5 minutes just to really secure it.
Now lets make some pages.
I cut 6 pieces of cardstock to fit the book.  Basically the same size as the fabric piece.
 Fold each in half and score with a bone folder.
 Gather 3 pages and stitch them together following the score line.  I did use a bit bigger stitch length than standard.
 repeat on the second set of 3 pages.
 Time to sew it to the spine.  Needed: one big needle and some waxed linen.
Make 3 holes in each set of pages (signature) with an awl.

Now start sewing.
I start from the outside (because that where I want the tail to be).  So it up through hole 2 and down through hole 1.
 From hole 1, go all the way down to hole 3.
 Now from 3, back to two where we started.
 And now the two tails are together so you can tie them together.
Just like this.
Clip off the tails.
Repeat for the second set of pages.
And the last thing...a bit of old lace as a closure.  I just slipped it under the waxed linen to keep it in place when the book is opened.
I have my little book right here with me in Paris.  I am filling it up with ideas and sketches of things I see.  I am sure when I get back I will finish the cover with numbers, words and a bit of glitter.  Because what's Paris with out a bit of glitter?