Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Every Adventure is Worthwhile

Hello friends,

I am sharing a fun fall make today that I created using a few pieces of paper and ink.  Very simple elements combined can create a something so much more!  Follow along and I'll show you how I did it (you might be surprised!)

The cover was actually done LAST - something I do often because I like the book to inform me of it's look and purpose before I figure out what the cover should look like. 

Here I used a Stencil Card sprayed with Villainous Potion Oxide Ink for a bold background.  I then used the Tonic Deckle Trimmer to cut a piece of gold metallic cardstock. The cardstock edges were sanded and inked to create a dark border.

Next, I added the sprayed Stencil Card to the metallic paper, then stitched around the card on three sides with light blue thread.  You will see that the book itself is sprayed with ink so this metallic cover is really a nod to the gold embossing on the inside of the book and completely covers the sprayed surface of the paper.

In this angle you can see that the metallic paper is glued to the front of the zig zag book. 
The leaf stamp was embossed with Villainous Potion Embossing Glaze.
The velvet band simply slips on and off the book to keep it secure.

Creating the Book
You will need two sheets of 8 1/2 x 11" Distress Mixed Media paper.
Cut each sheet in half so you get FOUR PIECES 4 1/4 x 11"
Fold and score each sheet at 4 1/4"
Three pieces stay as they are, but one piece needs the 2 1/2" cut off the end.  That is the last piece to be put in place when you assemble the book.
Any background stamp can be used for this portion.  I used the Stampers Anonymous Ornate stamp (CMS348) to do the stamping on mine.  

Distress Oxide ink in Villainous Potion + Bundled Sage
No block used
  1. Pounce ink over stamp image
  2. Spritz ink with water
  3. Press onto paper using both first generation and second generation stamping.
  4. Dry with heat tool, then repeat.
Once dry, use the Tonic Deckle Edge Trimmer to cut the 2 1/2 end of the paper.  Using the Deckle Trimmer or any other decorative edge will shave an 1/8" off the paper (and that is okay!).   The deckle cut edge is the edge of the pocket you will create in the next steps.
Note: Do not cut the piece that is only two squares of the paper, it is not necessary.

To combine the paper strips and create a pocket between the papers, you must overlap the 2 1/2" end of the first strip with the left end (4 1/4") of another strip.
You will repeat this 3 times to create 3 pockets.
The last piece added is the one that is just two 4 1/4" squares since no other pocket is needed.

You can keep the book as is or go one step further, which I did.
I decided I wanted a deeper color for the background so I spritzed it with Peeled Paint Spray Stain.  Once I did that I went back and stamped a few times with the Ornate stamp in just Villainous Potion for a bolder look.  I think I needed to do this to hold up to the visual weight of the dark cards I created next.
Set book aside to create the cards.
This is a process of steps.  Read through all the steps before starting.  
I created 5 cards so I could pick the best 4 of the group to use in the book.
I cut as many 3 1/2 x 3 3/4" cards as you wish to create from Distress Mixed Media cardstock.
I created each card, start to finish, before moving on to the next card.

Spray card with Fossilized Amber Distress Spray Stain.  Dry with heat tool.
Lay an idea-ology Stencil Card over the top of the sprayed card and spray with Villainous Potion Oxide Spray.  Dry with a heat tool.
Use a damp wet wipe (with a VERY light touch) to wipe over the card to re-activate the Oxide ink.  I went across the card and then down the card to purposefully create directional lines.  Again, I dried it with a heat tool.
Next, I spritzed Distress Ink in Salvaged Patina and a bit of Fossilized Amber.  I tested the spray on another piece of paper to see how the ink came out of the bottle before spritzing the card.  I wanted it to dribble out!
I dried it, spritzed it with a bit of water and patted it dry again.  This is not an exact science so having more cards than I needed gave a little peace of mind.
I reused the same stencil card over and over to create my cards.  I liked all but the the top right as it got too dark, so that one went into the trash, keeping the 4 cards I was happy with.
The card I have shown in the step-outs is on the bottom left.
Don't forget to round the corners of the cards.  This can be done before or after embossing.
The next step is to emboss the cards.
Nature's Wonder stamp (CMS343) + gold embossing powder = magic over the dark cards!
I do like to use the little Embossing Powder Magic Bag over the paper before embossing to control the powder bits getting away from me.
Once embossed, I stamped the sentiments and sewed them to the cards with light blue thread leaving the threads long.
I also added four THIN foam squares to the back of each card t adhere to the book when I am ready.
I created a second set of cards (same exact size as the first) - these were made to go into the pockets.
This time I used the same leaf stamps but in a different way.
  1. Stamp each card with a text stamp using Hickory Smoke Archival Ink.
  2. Pounce Distress Oxide Ink on craft mat, spritz with water.  Press edges of the cards into the ink and dry with heat tool, patting off the excess Oxide ink with a paper towel. Dry with a heat tool.
  3. Press multiple Oxide Ink pads directly onto the stamp.  Spritz with water and stamp card.  If you have never tried this before, test stamping on a scrap paper before stamping the cards - I also do this to test color combinations since some colors will overwhelm others.  Dry with heat tool.
  4. Press Salvaged Patina Oxide Ink onto craft mat. Add a drop of water to the ink.  Pick up with a small paint brush and flick over the surface of the cards.  Dry with heat tool.
  5. Add words from the Clipping Sticker Book.
  6. Use the same paint brush and the leftover Salvage Patina Oxide ink to watercolor under or around the Clippings Stickers.
Here are photos of the book pages, starting with what would be the second square of the first strip (right before the pocket comes into play.

The photobooth photos were lightly sanded and colored with Oxide Inks using a small paint brush.

Seriously one of my favorites - I could have made the cards over and over!  I love the addition of Salvaged Patina to the mix.  That bit of turquoise just makes the Villainous Potion pop!  
now carry on,


  1. I LOVE this!! And it doesn’t look difficult at all!!! Thanks for sharing!!! ❤️

  2. Absolutely gorgeous , love, love, love the color combo and those details OMG ... stitching ; ornate stamp ... love it !!

  3. Yet another great make, Paula! Going into my "Paula File" (I'm NOT kidding!) for later use!!

  4. So many lovely pages, wonderful techniques and all in those vivid amazing colours. Love this. xox❤️

  5. I do wish Blogger would let me leave comments because this little zig zag book is just stunning Paula. The blue and gold on the cover give a 'regal' feel and your pages are just superb - the colour tones, the pictures, the wonderful stencilling, I just love everything about this! x

  6. I do wish Blogger would let me leave comments because this little zig zag book is just stunning Paula. The blue and gold on the cover give a 'regal' feel and your pages are just superb - the colour tones, the pictures, the wonderful stencilling, I just love everything about this!

  7. I love this so much!!! The colors are so good and the layout and the pockets and everything about it!!!!! Truly!!!!