Saturday, November 27, 2021

Collage Tiles Panel

Hello Friends,

I'm happy to be here to share a tutorial for the 9 x 9" Vignette Display Panel I created using Christmas idea-ology. My favorite thing to do is to mix vintage and new...and this project does just that, because the folding ruler is vintage, mixed with new 2021 idea-ology Christmas.  Much of the detail work is done for you by using the Collage Tiles, which are preprinted collaged squares.  You get 72 Collage Tiles in a pack, so there are plenty to cover the Vignette Display Panel.

Use Collage Medium to adhere Collage Tiles to the panel. As I said, there are plenty of Collage Tiles in the package to cover the panel, but I decided to mix in squares of Backdrops Christmas paper, like ticking, peppermint stripe, and plaid to break up the collage.
Once you have the Collage Tiles adhered the wood panel, add a layer of Collage Medium over the top and dry with a heat tool.
Use Collage Medium to add a strip of Backdrops Christmas paper to the edges of the wood panel.  
Once the Collage Medium is dry, use a Distress Crayon and scribble along the seams.  Rub the crayon into the seams to cover any gaps.  Add more where you need it and use a wet wipe to remove if you get too much.
OPTIONAL: I wanted to add some Distress Mica Spray to the collage but that is challenging to do once Collage Medium has been added, since it is a sealer.  So even though I had added the crayon, I lightly added another layer of Collage Medium then splattered the Mica directly into the glue before it dried.   
*always remember to shake up the Mica Stain before spraying.  Testing the spray on a paper towel before hand is a good idea.  I like to push the nozzle down very slowly to create the splatter.  If that method does not work for you, unscrew the cap and use the plastic tube to shake the Mica Stain over the WET glue.  Dry with a heat tool.  You can always add more Crayon, if needed, once it is dry.
I decided to add some Crackle Texture Paste too! I just smeared it on the corner areas with a Palette Knife and let it dry completely (about 30-40 minutes, depending on where you live) before scribbling Distress Crayon over the top and rubbing it in. While that is drying you can work on the Baseboard Frame.
The Christmas Baseboard pack is tremendous this year!  The large frame, the slide frame, the word strip and the stars all come from the Baseboard pack.
You can use the large frame as is, but I decided to add a bit of glitter using the seasonal Grit Paste Snowfall that has a bit of sparkle.  I cannot get enough of this product!  I added it to the frame around the inner edge where it looked icy, then let it dry.
Add a piece from the Christmas Backdrops pack (I chose music) to fill in the background.
I also cut a long piece of red/white string, folded it in half, then wrapped it around the frame and tied a bow.
The last thing was to add 2 bingo chips to the backside to raise it up off the wood panel (this will help when the lights are added later).  You could also use stacked foam tape or squares.
You can add any embellishment to the center of the frame.  I chose this darling Photobooth photo that comes in the Paper Doll Christmas pack.  I did use some Distress Crayons to tint the photo just a bit.  Faded Jeans for the background and Aged Mahogany for her cheeks and coat.  I just scribbled the color on, then rubbed it away with my fingertip.  
The two very tiny stars I added to her coat are quite frankly the smallest stars I have ever seen! When we first saw them, Tim and I both thought, oh boy! we didn't know they would be that small! But I am now glad we left them in the pack because they are perfect here!
Once she was done, I added a couple foam squares of the back and placed her in the frame.
The next step is to add the folding ruler to the wood panel.  This photo is of the basic things added.  You can see I am still trying to decide where the word strip will go!
Using the frame and ruler together helped me decide where the ruler "shelf" needed to be,  I smeared a good amount to Collage Medium between each layer of the ruler (since it unfolds) to keep it stable, then more to the backside.  Place the ruler on the panel and do not move until secure.  I recommend leaving it overnight to cure.  You can finish the other pieces and be ready to assemble the next day.

LANTERN: Painted with Candied Apple Distress Paint (more information on that in just a bit)

TREE: I sprayed it with Frosted Juniper Mica Spray, then dipped the top half in water and let the ink run out to create an ombre effect.  Rub the tree with a paper towel then dry with your heat tool.  The tree has to sit flat against the panel so I also gave it a hair cut so it is flat on the backside.  If you would like a "greener" tree I recommend using Bundled Sage or a replacement for Frosted Juniper might be Weathered Wood.

TINY LIGHTS: There is more information about the tree and lantern below but I want to address the Tiny Lights while you are looking at this photo. I drilled a hole in the panel behind the lantern to add the Tiny Lights.  I wound 2 lights together and pushed them up into the lantern.  From there, the lights run behind the frame then wrap around the tree until you run out.  Once the lights are in place, you can glue the tree down (hot glue) and secure the lantern (Collage Medium or E6000 because metal and hot glue are not a good combination).
Remember, how I used bingo chips on the back of the frame to raise it up?  Well my tree needed a little stability so I used another bingo chip (slipped half behind the frame) as a riser for the tree.  Use hot glue to secure the tree at both the base and the bingo chip and no one will be the wiser since the bingo chip is covered by the tree.
The small slide frame was added next to the tree.  I used Clippings stickers found in the Christmas sticker book.  It says, "like bright stars may we all gleam".  You can see I also added more of the Grit-Paste to the slide frame and the top of the large frame.  The white under the tree is white Warm and Natural batting that has been pulled and stretched thin,  Using a paint brush with Collage Medium, lightly pounce over the top of the batting, then sprinkle Mica Flakes over the top for a snowy look.
Again, the lantern was painted with Candied Apple Distress Paint.  Once dry, I rubbed Distress Crayon over the top.  You could also pounce Mushroom Alcohol Ink over the top instead of crayon.  Both would work beautifully.

Lets talk about that bow again.  I am a little controlling when it comes to bows.  Probably because what I make goes to Tim for the Lives and I want it to look the same after traveling in a box for a couple days.  So if I use crinkle ribbon or seam binding, I spray it with hairspray to keep its shape.  And if it is string, I put Collage Medium on my fingers (after the bow has been tied) and run the strings in the glue.  It takes a little finesse but it's worth it.  Plus you can sprinkle a little Mica in the bow and it will stay!  That is how a bow done at my work table, looks the same when Tim is handling it on camera a week later.
The tree ornaments were created using Bubbles and Alloy Alcohol Ink.  Super easy to do...just drop the Bubbles you want to color into a disposable plastic cup.  Sprinkle Alloy Ink over the top and roll them around. To break up the Alloy, I squirted a tiny bit of 91% Isopropyl Alcohol over the top and rolled them around again.  Dump out on a paper plate to finish the drying process.
The key is to use the Isopropyl so that the Alloy does not cover the entire Bubble.  The Bubbles were added to the tree with hot glue.  I like to put the hot glue in the tree then push the Bubble into it.
For the snowballs, I scooped up some Grit-Paste Snowfall between two fingers and rolled the Bubble between my fingers till coated, then set them aside to dry. I love how icy it appears!!
A little white paint on two Tiny Clips makes them fit right in with this snowy scene. Just let them dry before adding them to the word strip.  Foam squares cut in half were added to the back to adhere it to the large frame.
The stars from the baseboard pack come in white and red.  I painted 3 of them silver, then added glitter from the Seasonal Sparkle Set.  Just perfect for the background!!

I hope you like this project as much as I do!  Collage Tiles make is look so much harder to create than it was!  I hope you will try them!
Now carry on,


  1. Wow! This is amazing! I Love everything about it.

  2. Another beautiful make, Paula! Love all the little details. It's what makes all of your projects shine.

  3. This is a wonderfully detailed project. So many ideas tucked into one. My father had a ruler like that one and he used it all the time, what memories. I enjoyed reading about the string/bows, that is a good tip using collage medium. Thank you for sharing your tips and ideas.

  4. This is such a beautiful project Paula - from the moment I saw it I wanted to make it and now I will! Great tip about the mica spray over the collage medium. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  5. What a wonderful Christmas piece Paula!! I just love it. Thanks for a great explanation of how you achieved everything.

  6. Wow, Paula, what a fantastic make! I really appreciate the in-depth instructions that you provide - I learned several new techniques just in this one post alone (I had never thought to use hairspray or glue on bows - mind blown!).
    Thanks so much and have an absolutely marvelous holiday season!

  7. It's a wonderful project, Paula, and I enjoyed reading about every detail!!!!

  8. This just makes me smile Paula. As always, your attention to detail is phenomenal. You have inspired me to try my luck at creating one of these panels as a special gift for my son and daughter I law. I found a photo of them I think will be perfect for this project. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise. Merry Christmas!