Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Work In Progress

Is it just me or are the weeks are racing by?

Less than 4 weeks till school is out and Jay and I head to Australia to visit some good friends and meet a few new.  While Jay plays golf with our friend Andrew in Moss vale, I will be teaching at a couple stores that are listed on the sidebar.  Super excited to teach these new classes since it has a few months since I have taught in person.  If you are in the Sydney area, you are welcome to join us!

As for today's tutorial, I had so much on my check list that I didn't think I had the time, but then everything seemed to fall into place as I checked things off the list, which left me a couple hours to create something for today's blog post.  I seriously love this one so much I wish it was a class I was teaching!  Super fun, especially the pink frosting part which made me want to make some cupcakes.  No time for cupcakes today though!

I had two 8 x 10" canvas boards up on the shelf that I had never used.  I got these at Michaels, but they sell them at most hobby stores and art supply places.
I cut up a bunch of difference paper pieces including some vintage music (most came from my scrap bin) and layered them on the board using multi-medium matte finish.  I kept the papers in the pink and brown tones.  No reason, it was just what I was drawn to today.

Once the paper was dry I gave the entire surface a coat of the multi-medium and let it dry again.
Get out the Modeling Paste...I sure hope you are not tired of it, because I'm not.
I used a stencil from Crafters Workshop - Mini Peony and some Liquitex paint in Turner's Yellow and Light Portrait Pink.
On my craft sheet I added Blank Canvas (white) paint and a bit of pink...mixed it up... then added a bit of water to make a wash.  You don't need much of any of the three items to make a wash.
I used a foam brush to paint a light wash over random parts of the canvas.
 If you get too much in a certain place you can just wipe it away with a baby wipe.
 Let it dry.
 I mixed up the same concoction except replacing the pink paint for the mustard paint.  Again, you don't need to make too much.
To be quite honest this is a terrible picture...sorry about that...no do-overs on this one!
Anyway, I added just a bit of the mustard wash in a few places.  It really is very subtle.
I painted the wash over the rose, then wiped away the paint revealing just the flower. 
 If you compare the bare canvas below to the photo above, you can see the change.
Once dry, I used a chicken wire stamp using Archival Ink - Coffee.  It's important to use Archival ink since it is waterproof and you never know what is next (or at least I don't)...I would rather be safe than sorry.
Notice...no acrylic block, just fingers for a more random look. This is a long stamp and I only used small parts of it each time I stamped the image.

Next, place some modeling paste on the craft mat,
 Add just a bit of paint
And stir it up
I told you it looked like frosting!
 Grab your stencil
This time I used a pallet knife but you can use a scraper or an old credit card.
 Here is what it looked like when I was done "frosting" the stencil.
 and the reveal...
 There were a few "hanger-overs"... I just wiped them away with my finger.
Here is the final result.
 I used a smaller stencil to add a couple more designs to the board.
Next, I stamped the butterflies from the Attic Treasures stamp.  This time I used an acrylic block to get a good impression.
 Once dry, I took a water-soluble crayon, Bleu Turquoise and colored in the wings.
This looks very bold but as soon as you paint a little water over the crayon it becomes transparent just like watercolor.
 I wanted a very subtle blue tint to each butterfly.
Next let's use a China marker to add some detail.
1.  Follow the paper edge.
2.  Rub the line with your finger to smudge.
 3. Wipe away the excess with a baby wipe.
 4.  Move on to the next paper line.  You don't have to do them all, just the one's that make sense.
 5.  I also used the side of the China Marker along the edge of the board.
I used one more stamp (black Archival Ink) called Going Somewhere.  I just used this little typewriter Alpha stamp.  One of my favorites.
Again, no block, just fingers pressing the stamp on the board.
 You can see the China marker edging much better in this image (as well as the Alpha stamp).

Gotta have some words from a book.  What should I choose today?
Use Multi-medium to add the words.  Once dry, ink with a bit of Distress Ink, then seal with a bit Multi-medium.
I decided that I really like the direction the board is going but that big flower looks like it needs something in the center...so I am going to make this some kind of journal (I did not start out with this idea).  I used a Japanese Screw Punch to make a hole for a knob (that took some effort because this board is thick!)
I added a knob that I colored a long time ago with Alcohol Ink (probably Pool).
Then I punched 3 more holes on the left side for rings.
Love how it is turning out so far.
Now I know you are saying, where's the rest?  Well, you will have to come back next week to see the rest of the journal (or at least I think that is what it will be).  This is a work in progress and my time is up for today.

Tomorrow I am off to the Inspired Journey event in Manhattan Beach, Ca.  I am meeting up with Sande Krieger who is teaching at the event, along with Teresa Collins and Rebecca Cross from Pink Paislee.  I am going to be Sande's classroom helper as well as help with the 7g make and take on Friday night.  I recognized a few names on the list of event attendees so I am looking forward to seeing some old friends.

cheers for a great week!


  1. Oh my gosh!! That is beautiful! I want you to know that this weekend I went and got some modeling paste and some of these boards and had a field day. I cut stencils out out light chipboard with my Cricut and had a field day. I added glitter before the modeling paste dried and it was perfect!! It was all because of you and your inspiring projects! Thank you!!

  2. that is awesome Jodie! Glad it is working for you. Love to see some pictures of your creations!

  3. This is really nice..thank you for sharing the how-tos!

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  5. You have inspired me so much with the modeling paste that I just picked some up and I can't wait to begin playing with it! I love this project--not only beautiful, but looks fun to make. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the journal next week. Have a safe and delightful trip to Australia!

  6. Oh my goodness that is so awesome! I love all the different techniques you used. I just got light modeling paste the other day and I cant wait to try all kinds of things with it!!! I am new to blogging... if you have any tips please let me know :) I love advice

  7. It is so great that you showed al the steps, thanks so much. It is so gorgeous I love it :)

  8. Love this collage Paula! I have my modeling paste and a stencil, can't wait to get going with your inspirtions! oh, do you find that the canvas boards warp a little? Maybe I put too much wet on it. they are fun and inexpensive though. Thanks Paula!

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  10. Very pretty. I love the entire aesthetic and the colors are perfect. I have a few questions though. I have gone back and forth between using Multi-Medium and Mod Podge for canvases like this. Frankly I hate Mod Podge- I hate the shiny plastic surface that even the "matte" version leaves. However, I find Multi-Medium is so much thicker that I have trouble getting to a nice smooth application. Both product ends up all over my hands and then small pieces of dirty dark pieces of glue dandruff end up getting stuck to my piece. What am I doing wrong or how do you keep things neat? Where do you get your vintage AKA cool pieces of paper? I have had double finding fun vintage papers except for books. I would move music, receipts, colored papers, tickets etc.

  11. Hi Danee,
    I prefer multi-medium although I have been known to use Mod Podge in pinch. I suppose it depends on the project if I am willing to have the "plastic coating" that you were talking about.
    As the thickness of mm. I say just put it on a craft sheet and add a bit of water to it to make it thinner before brushing on your project.
    Now as for the tiny dirty pieces ending up in the piece...that usually only happens to me when I have it on my hands and I try rubbing it off before I am done. I don't really have a problem keeping the piece clean for the most part. I work on a craft sheet, use a foam brush or two. If I have to wait for drying time between layers then I was the brush out and use another dry one in the next step. Not sure I do anything different than that to keep clean.
    Now as for ephemera. Most I find in shops that cater to mixed media artists like Red Lead Studios in St Louis. There are many people online that sell digital sheets that can be downloaded and printed at home or they will send you a hard copy int he mail. These usually can only be used for personal artwork. Just go to Etsy and type in digital downloads and a ton will come up.
    hope that helps,

  12. Hi Chris T,

    Yes, I do find that the canvas boards warp a little. I bent my back the other way and it's not too bad. I suppose book board will do the same.
    I have to decide what I want the back of my journal to be...another canvas board or bb. The warping thing crossed my mind. I guess I have a week to figure it out!

  13. Paula! I think you should do this as a kit. Holy cow! Creative masterpiece! Can't wait to see what else you do with it!

  14. Wonderful piece in progress! TF showing it step-by-step. I never would have thought to add the bit of yellow and it adds soooo much. I love to learn and I've learned a lot about a lot of things from you and Deb. Thanks to both of you! :)

  15. This is a great tutorial - thanks! Love the finished board with so much going on. I'm always too spare in my work - need to keep layering and will use this post for inspiration. Lovely finished piece.

  16. awwww Paula... I just love this and can't wait to see whats next! I love modeling paste..... so i was thinkin.... maybe take me to Australia with you!!!

    it was just a thought....


  17. Totally inspired and soooooo excited to see you in June! Remember to bring your woolies :)

  18. SO beautiful!!!!

  19. I see how you are. You go to Cali, you go to Australia but you don't come to St Pete! I have my pouty face on today, Paula! :/

    I love your cover so far. Can't wait to see how you finish it.

    Say hey to my friend Anita Houston at Inspired Journey. She'll be there.

  20. This is absolutely fabulous! I adore everything about it.

  21. Great project! I have really got to try some of the techniques you used. Thank you so much for sharing.


  22. This one speaks to me! Thank You for the inspiration. Ohooo, and I love that chicken wire stamp.

    Have a great day. Sharon Y (sharona62)

  23. Love, love, love this - I've got to take a trip to Michael's and pick up some modeling paste. I can't wait to see the finished project. Wish I were headed to CA this weekend. Have a safe trip.

  24. It's a piece of art... belongs on my wall. Ha! Thanks for sharing.. just terrific!

  25. I can hardly wait to work in my studio this weekend and try it out! What a great project. Thanks for the step by step tutorial....AWESOME!!!

  26. It was indeed my lucky day yesterday! I think I found you via distressed deb if I am not mistaken. But what a find it is!!!!! I am just drooling here looking at the gorgeous tags etc you gals have made. I don't know how I didn't know your site before but I am so glad I do now. I want to especially thank you for your fantastic tutorials that explain everything so nicely with pics that even I can do them :) Now you have convinced me to buy modeling paste since I just got myself some stencils from Crafter's workshop. Thanks again and I will be here often!

  27. WOW!! This is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much for the detail, time, and effort that you put into this post--not only the awesome breakdown of how this canvas board all came together, but also the amazing photos of the process. I have never tried anything like this and you have just inspired me to give it a shot. Wishing you a wonderful time on your trip to Australia---enjoy!! Thanks again =)

  28. I LOVE your work and tutorials are perfect. Glad that I found your blog!

    Hugs from Slovenia!

  29. wow looks fantastic...cant wait to see more! ive booked in to do your workshop at 'Alice in Paperland' next month - cant wait!

  30. Absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to see the rest.

  31. This is absolutely wonderful, thank you for the step by step.
    I found the link on Pinterest & have added you to my craft delights board.

  32. Just wanted to tell you... my Mojo naffed off and I was mooching around blogland and found you... and got completely inspired and made my own flavour one... just wanted to say THANKYOU!!! Love your art... all of it!! x

  33. And Hels has directed her followers to your site to see why she got so excited and inspired - just amazing! This would get anyone's mojo working! Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs, Buttons x

  34. I've come from Hel's site too! Thanks for the tutorial, very cool technique. TFS.

  35. This is glorious. I love everything about it.. the collaged papers, inky/painty techniques and the (almost) end result is just gorgeous. So much to get inspired by, so much I want to try. Thank you so much for all the detailed instructions too. I also got here from Hels's site... great stuff xx

  36. Woaw!! This is so cool! Love it!!

  37. What a fabulous project and tutorial! Love the step by step photos and colors you have chosen!

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  39. this is so beautiful... did you ever finish it? i've looked over this site but while lots of beautiful and interesting things are here i wasn't able to find part 2.... if you haven't finished it yet, do you plan to? thanks,

  40. barbara,

    gosh you are right I haven't finished that journal. I guess I better get it out and work on it!
    thanks for the reminder.

  41. i can't wait to see what you do with it...thanks

  42. This is beautiful! Especially love the colour scheme you've got going!

  43. Hi Paula
    Love this project, was wondering where I can find the 2nd part to it please.... I'm doing mine in pink paisleys butterfly garden papers....thank you rach xx

    1. Rachie,
      I am sorry I never got around to doing the second part so there is not another blog post for you to see.

  44. This is great! And now i want a cupcake...or some modeling paste to play with...or both! Can't wait to see the finished item.

  45. Your album cover is amazing and your tutorials are so clear and easy to follow. Thank you for sharing your talent! :)

  46. Paula you have done a beautiful job. Can hardly wait until next week to see what else you come up with. Knowing you it will be spectacular. Have a great week in Manhattan Beach!

  47. This is a gorgeous panel. You're right, it would make a wonderful class. Your work is fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm off to dig out loads of papers that I need to use up!

  48. Thanks for sharing. Love your work!

  49. Invaluable tutorial! Thanks !

  50. Nice work ! Have you finshed it yet ? :)

  51. Hi!
    This is beautiful... where can I get a stencil like this?

  52. Thank you for this inspiring piece. Your step-by-step instructions make it easy to follow along.