Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Test Drive Tuesday

Super busy with some projects I am working on so today's tutorial is more of a product "test drive" if you will.  If other words, I needed to find out how some different products work with Modeling paste for a class I am teaching so I figured I might as well invite you along on the "test drive".  
I like to work with heavyweight tags in a large size (#10 size) because it gives me plenty of space to work with.  So I have a stack of tags, some Liquitex light modeling paste (from Michaels), a stencil from Crafter's Workshop and a scraper.   Since the purpose of today's exercise is color/product experimentation I am going to make all the tags using the same stencil. 

On a side note, some people have mentioned that it might be a nice technique but they are not a "tag person".
Well, neither am I. 
I use tags for the experiment so another time I can incorporate the technique onto a canvas or a journal or a layout.
With that said, let's get started.
 Super easy, lay the stencil on your surface and scoop a little paste onto the scraper.
 Cover the stencil, filling in all the gaps.
Now lift the stencil up.
The paste dries rather quickly so clean you stencil right away. 
I just used a baby wipe and a paper towel.
NOTE: please note this next part is addicting so you might want to think about making at least 6 or 7 tags to play with.  I made some on plain tags, others I colored the tag before I added the stencil pattern.

1.  Distress Ink:
My favorite medium in the workroom because it can be subtle or very bold.

I used a blending tool to add Wild Honey to the parts of the tag.
I sprayed the tag with Perfect Pearls - Biscotti.  The water in the Perfect Pearls reactivates the Distress Ink.  If you wait a little bit you can see the color pooling at the edges of the hardened modeling paste.  Once you are satisfied dry with a heat tool.
 Now a bit of Stormy Sky
 And finish with Fired Brick.
Well, not really. 
I wanted to add some Silver Dabber Paint.  So start the dabber on the craft mat and then move to the tag.
Ever so lightly run the paint dabber over the raised pattern to give it just a hint of metallic.
Now I'm done.

2.  Distress Stain:
This tag was sprayed with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist - Old Paper (a new 7gypsies color) before I added the modeling paste. 
Instead of adding the Distress Stain directly to the tag, I squeezed it out onto the craft sheet.
 Then swiped the tag through the stain.
HUmmm...that looks "interesting".  But I am not giving up yet.

 I swiped it through again and then added a bit of water.  Still not there yet.
Add some Victorian Velvet Distress Ink and now it is starting to come together.

Interesting how you can still see the dots from the Glimmer Mist in the background.  It looks way better in person than it does in this picture.  Very subtle color.

3.  Picked Fence:
Note: This tag had a wash of Spun Sugar Distress Stain before I added the Modeling Paste pattern.
I added Vintage Photo Distress Ink to the tag.

I decided to try Picked Fence Distress Stain. 
(This is the only Distress stain you have to shake well before use)
 I swiped it over the raised portion.
 Then quickly sprayed it with water and the stain starts to move around.
 Turn the tag on it's side and the white Picked Fence Stain runs.

I love the way this one turned out.  I think it could use a bit more experimentation but over all the Picked Fence adds an interesting almost chalk like effect to the tag.  I did darken up the edges with Vintage Velvet Distress Ink (love the combo of the pink and brown).

4.  Spray Ink:
I have to test the new Dylusions Ink Sprays on at least one tag.
I picked Bubblegum Pink.
Spray it out on your craft mat.
Then swipe the tag through the ink.
LOVE this color pink...super rich and vibrant.
Dry with a heat tool.
 Now Lemon Zest
 Swiping makes the yellow Lemon zest into orange once it mixes with the pink.

 To get the Lemon Zest to remain yellow I sprayed directly on the tag in a couple of places.
 I think I will finish this one off with one of Dyan's new stamps - Background Love  stamped in Archival - Aquamarine.
looks like candy. yum.
 Well, I think you've seen enough of my test runs for today.  I ended up making more than 15 test tags for future reference...some bold, some subtle and some in between.
 The most important part is not to be afraid...try something new and just have fun experimenting.

One note, if you are even thinking about recreating an experiment... document what you use in order of appearance and any specific notes on the back of the tag.  Too many times colors change when you are layering and later on you can never tell if it is Orange Marmalade or Spiced Marigold!

On a totally different topic (so that's why I put it down here in the PS part)
1.   This starts back up on Sunday, May 6th for a ridiculous few weeks.  Season 1 was phenomenal (if you like quirky super sleuths like I do).

2.  This new show is interesting if you like remodeling.  Candice Olsen has become too scripted for me (even though I love her work) so I have been enjoying a change.  Not even my style, but I always love creating something from old stuff, especially reclaimed wood.  You can even watch the first episode online.

Okay, so now I'm done.
cheers again and have a great rest of the week!


  1. Hey there..This is very,very nice..I love the colours you used.
    You did great work!!!
    Have a nice day!
    Dear greatings Elly from Holland

  2. Hi, Paula: GORGEOUS. I wondered whether the "example I saw somewhere" was modelling paste or a flocked, mistable paper. Now I know! GORGEOUS. Thanks for the tutorial/ step outs.

  3. You can watch Sherlock right now on-line as it already aired on BBC. It is another fabulous three episodes!
    Love your tags. I have always loved the way modeling paste works. Thank you for the tutorial.

  4. I've become a bit of a stencil ho of late, so this one is tops on my list for experimentation TO.DAY!!!

    So when ya coming to St Pete?!

  5. Paula! All I can say is WOW! Amazing! Love it ALL! Makes me want to sit down and play too!

  6. I took a class last month on this stuff, I had so much fun using the modeling paste and sprays. Your samples turned out fantastic. I've got to add to my collection now.

  7. Now I'm in the mood to go experiment! Too bad I have to run off to work first.

  8. Once again I love your work. I took Tim Holtz's Creative Chemistry 1001 class and rediscovered my love of stamping. Part of what excited me was rediscovering ink and how interesting a background can be when playing with the combo of products. Exactly what you are posting about. I broke my posts into a bunch of smaller posts about what I ended up with rather than the process but essentially we had the same experience. I also rediscovered how fun tags are. If you check out my blog and scroll through the last 2 weeks you will see my fun. I love what you did with the molding paste and will be playing with that soon as well. Thanks for inspiring me again.

  9. Love your experiments with modeling paste, the colors are delicious. Thanks for sharing the steps with us!

  10. Why oh why have I never heard of modeling paste? Lordy, I need to go get some NOW! Thanks for the tutorial! Have you ever watched Sara's House?? If you like Candace, you'll like Sara.

  11. Paula, watching you work on new techniques is the best! I have been seeing more and more artsy stuff with the modeling paste and the stencils, thanks for the link. Love the effects with stamps, ink and spray ink. Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. You can also dye the modelling paste with ink before you apply it to the stencil! So many things to try

  13. Fabulous reference tags. How do you store them? Happy experimenting.

  14. Dear Createology,
    I just put them on the ring and keep them in a drawer that has all my Ranger supplies. Super simple and easy to pull out when I need them.

  15. Really cool. Love the look and can't wait to experiment myself! Thanks for the "show".

  16. Those tags are so beautiful! I've always seen people use this in their art, but I never knew how they did it! I am going to get some modeling paste and see what I can do too! Thanks for the tutorial!

  17. Well done, Paula! Endless possibilities here! Giovana

  18. What fun. Can't wait to start playing.

  19. Thanks for documenting your experiments for us! Love how they turned out. I used to have some similar kind of paste to use with stencils....I wonder where that is and if it's still good yet. I'll be trying this technique on a tag. Thanks!

  20. I am so going to have to try this! Your "experiments" are beautiful!

  21. that was WAY fun...thanks for the look inside. The other morning I made about 48 smaller tags which I started with Tim's marble stain technique. What a kick to try something and just keep going...I think I might have some of the molding paste upstairs...now I want to go mess about with it!! Thanks for another dose of inspiration.

  22. Love the tags with paste !!! And I too am tottally into watching "Bronnie P" ! I love that his acting has enabled him to make the money that he needs to live his passion. Fabulous !!!

  23. Those are awesome Paula! Great, modeling paste, another thing I need!! LOL!

  24. Just when I think I have seen something awesome.... i see something EVEN MORE AWESOME!!!! I am so going out and getting the modeling paste and stencils for my paintings!!! You have inspired me beyond belief... here I go. Please keep posted on my art and you will see some paintings inspired by things I have seen on your site :) thanks!

  25. So glad everyone enjoyed the book! SO people sound like they will try something new this week...and that is the purpose, to try a new idea, new method, new colors. I think this adventure into modeling paste will continue!

  26. Totally LOVE the tags. Great job!

  27. This is gorgeous. Makes me so glad I have light modeling paste. Thanks!

  28. lovely!!!
    And very interesting.
    Have a fairy day!

  29. This so pretty. I'd love to try this. Found this post via Pinterest.

    Steph ♥

    QueenOfDreamsz (on Pinterest)

  30. Wonderful pictorial- I really enjoyed it and will be giving this a go...... Found you on Pintrest : )

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