Friday, December 2, 2011

Spool Cards/Mini Books

Several years ago I did these little spools for a project for the Designing With series of books by Autumn Leaves.   This is one of those projects that even 8 years later, I still enjoy.  These were done with the idea that it would be a gift to a special friend.  Kind of a cross between a mini book and a card.  Last year Christmas Paula encouraged me to make a Christmas version so she can tie them to the tops of packages.  It was such a hit I decided to do them again this year.

Spool Mini Book/Card Kits:

Kit to create 3 wooden spool mini Christmas books.
Kit includes all the bits to make three mini books that can be used as a gift by itself or as the topper to a beautiful package. The pages are formatted and printed on heavy kraft paper, ready to be cut out and assembled. Strips can be sew together by even the most novice sewer or it can be glued. All 3 spool mini books can be completed in an hour.

Kit includes:
3 - 2 1/8" x 1 1/2" wood spools
3 printed kraft pages for spool paper
vintage 7g tissue paper to decoupage spool ends
fabric pieces for finishing ends of strip (selection may vary)
barbed elastic
waxed linen
itty bitty paper clips
paper tape
3 small tags - to be inserted in "secret" pocket
tiny hearts punched from 7gypsies flocked paper

Instructions with pictures will be emailed to recipient when kits are shipped. 

To complete the kit you will need white glue and an eyelet setter.
Tag is inserted in hidden pocket.

Spool Card/Mini Book Kits
$9.99 plus s/h
shipping:  $3.95 USA, $4.95 Canada

please email me at for other international shipping

If you would like to purchase a kit you can email me at with your shipping address and method of payment (check or pay pal).  Any remaining kit after December 9th will be found in our Etsy shop.

Happy Holidays!


  1. S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G! I've been hoarding spools to put little notes on but I never imagined something as elaborate as what you came up with. Love the little ends with the fabric. I'm speechless.

  2. I bought two sets last year and they are very quick and easy to put together. And you will receive lots of kudos from those lucky enough to receive one for Christmas!!

  3. I got these last year and still love them! Just a beautiful project and so easy to make!

  4. I am so in love with this... I order 2 and can't wait to receive them!!!

  5. What a wonderful idea!!! You ARE one of those creative people that wake up in the middle of the night and think, "hey I wonder..." I wish we were neighbors! I'd show up with brownies and say "hey whatcha doin today!??" I hope you have a great night! xoxo-cindy

    PS my security word was obatokol, why do they make them so long??

  6. I love this idea Deb! I just may attempt to do this myself-I think I have most of the supplies. Thanks so much for the inspiration!
    This is why I love your blog!!!
    Chris T

  7. I bought this kit last year and my family loved getting them attached to a gift. It was like opening 2 gifts together (my daughter liked the spool better than the gift it was attached to!). They make great stocking stuffers as well.

  8. Was hoping you would do this again as I loved making and giving them last year. I will email you for a new kit! Thanks!

  9. I was inspired by these and made some out of fabric and some old spools I had. Thanks.