Friday, December 9, 2011

Silhouette gift tags

So today is a continuation of yesterdays post on using clear Silicone over paper. This time I decided to try it on our collage tissue paper called, Silhouettes.  The picture below shows a portion of one of the 20 x 30" sheets that come in the package.  I mention this because you could make ornaments for an entire tree with just one package.  The collage tissue in real life has a whiter background that it shows here.  Also note that the images of the silhouettes are large, sometimes up to 4" tall.
You can see from the 1" grid board this image is sitting on that the silhouette of the lady is approximately 3".
Anyway, back to the project at hand.  Just cut out the image you want to use from the collage tissue.  It does not have to be precise at all. 
Set aside for now.
Before we add silicone to the image we need a background to put it on. 
I decided on vintage music because I wanted to see how the silicone would work on the old paper.  Squeeze the clear silicone onto the music paper and smooth out a thin layer with a craft scraper (or an old credit card) until all the paper is coated.
I did not experience any bubbling because the silicone is not water based.  So far so good.
Turn the cut out piece over on a craft sheet or newspaper and squeeze a little clear silicone out onto the collage tissue.  You don't need much.
Again, use your craft scraper (or an old credit card) to smooth out the silicone in a thin layer over the collage tissue. 
  Pick up and place on the music.
Smooth it out.
Still no bubbling. 
As you smooth it out, the background of the tissue just disappears into the vintage paper like magic. 
 Until it looks seamless.
Next I tried a chair.  This one even had more extra tissue around the edge than the frame.
Cool right?
Again, here's the hard part. 
Set aside to dry...go do some Christmas shopping or start your holiday baking.  Something to leave it alone to dry.

Now what to do with the images?  I contemplated putting the chair in a frame and checking the DONE box on my list (it looked that good).  Or I could make 10 of each into Christmas ornaments for my tree.  No time for that today.
NOTE: that should be the type of project one starts in July. 
So today, I'm going to make some gift tags for a box that is going out Monday.  Perfect.

I used my computer to create some different size oval shapes and printed them on cardstock.  I cut out the oval to use as a shape template for my gift tags.
I held the oval behind paper in a window so I could get the correct placement for the oval.  Trace the oval on the back of the chair paper.
 Cut out with scalloped scissors.
 Front side
 Use the same oval template to cut out a piece of chipboard.  No scallop this time.
 Add the chip to the back of the chair image to give it stability.
 Now cut a black oval a bit bigger than the scallop chair image.
Add thin foam tape.
 Add it to the black base to create dimension.
Cut out some words that describe the person you are giving the present to.  You could also print their name on the computer and cut out.
 Add the words onto the seat of the chair.  Mine needed a little distress ink on the words to make it match the old paper.
 Punch at hole at the top using the small hole on a Cropadile.
Add it to your package. 
I loved the way this turned out.  It really looks like the chair is actually printed on the old paper. 
Now, can you see why I thought these would make great ornaments for the tree?  You could have all the different chairs made into ornaments, mixed with shiny bulbs.
Here is the silhouette of the lady.  She was finished the exact same way as the chair tag, but a bit smaller oval was used.  I also added a piece of old measuring tape and lace that has been cut from an old pillow case to finish off the package.
Some tips to keep in mind when using silicone:
  1. It must be clear silicone, not clear caulk.  Just make sure it says clear silicone on the label.
  2. Silicone and glitter do not mix.  Like oil and water, take my word for it.
  3. Be sure you are okay with having a bit of a rubbery feel to your surface.  Otherwise, use Multi-medium.
  4. If you want to use stamps or ink on the paper, you must do it before you add the silicone.


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    xxx Liz

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  8. Oh such a totally gorgeous project! It looks fun too. I love mucking around with gooey stuff!
    The way you have framed them too is stunning. Thank you so much for sharing your art with us!

  9. Ohhh another project for me to use hubby's silicone with! And won't he be mad the next time he goes to use it and it's all gone!

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    Thank you.

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  15. Ever since I found this site last week, I have seen just amazing and beyond amazing creativity and ideas here. I am going through all the previous posts as you can tell :) I am totally blown away by the creativity of you two gypsy girls. What I appreciate most is your ability to write a tutorial in such clear terms/pics that any one can try them. Thank you so much. Even I wondered what Vitamins you take to crank out such fabulous projects every time! Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  16. Rupa,

    that makes me laugh. I could use some vitamins today!! Trust me, the tutorial thing is just an offshoot of writing many sets of directions over the years.
    We are glad you joined us at One Lucky Day!

  17. Can you please tell me where you bought that cute tissue paper?

    1. it says at the top of the post - it came from 7gypsies. However this post is from 2011 so I doubt they sell it anymore.