Thursday, September 22, 2011

South Africa - Johannesburg

Well, jet lag is doing funny things to my body because it's 4 am and I am up writing this post.  I had to think up something to do that didn't involve walking up and down the hardwood floors in the hall waking up my sleeping husband.  No sense him being awake too.  Hopefully you will enjoy the next few posts, seeing a bit of South Africa and getting a feel for the very kind.  I wish I would have taken more pictures of their faces instead of things.

We arrived on Thursday the 8th after a loooong series of flights, a bit weary but excited for a new adventure.  On Friday morning we took the shuttle back to the airport to board the Gautrain bound for Nelson Mandela Square and Santon City shopping mall.  Super clean and fast but about $30 pp round trip for the ride.
Nelson Mandela Square
Here is our group minus Stephanie Barnard and Rosanne who were still in arrival mode. Nic and Paul Howard, Debby and Dave Schuh, Melissa and Dave Kennedy, Jay and I, and the Glitz girls, Ginger John and Laura Funk.
After a few hours of shopping at the very upscale mall we met up for lunch at a quaint cafe called Pappas right on the square.  
 Fabulous super fresh food

Three o'clock...time to take the train ride back for a meeting with Glenda and her team to go over all the projects.  So helpful when all the class helpers knew what was being made and if there was any sticking points.  Thank you Ashleigh, Kim, Jamie, Rachelle, Mathilda, Jenny, Sarah-Jane, Sandra, Debbie, Cheryl and Auntie Val (oh, I hope I haven't left anyone out!)

Here is the project I created for 7gypsies called Crazy Love Portfolio made from a medium portfolio.  Super fun class, everyone finished early (seriously unheard of) and seemed to have a good time making it (especially the hammering part).
We used Lille paper and Documentation sticker.
 It's no secret that Lille Abundance paper is a favorite.
One half of a Roma book cover was used to make the left flap of the portfolio into a little book.
 I used the naked tabs that were made for the library drawer as pages by turning them on their side and punching them with the Binderie Punch.  I stamped the tabs using the Numero clear stamp and added rubbings from the Victoriana rubbing sheet.
 Lille journaling cards made for a great addition to the pages of the book.  An elastic band (one of my all time favorite products) held the "Beautiful" journaling cards in place once they were punched and tied with a gold ribbon.
After our meeting we were off to Tribes for dinner. 
This is a photo of the inside of the menu.  
Check out the description for a steak, "300g Rump, served with a choice of starch".
Everyone enjoyed themselves...I like this picture because everyone is in action...eating, talking and taking a picture.  A perfect way to describe the entire trip...eating, talking and taking pictures.
After dinner was of course, dessert...but not just any dessert, Malva Pudding.  The best way to describe it (other than fabulous) is a wet caramelized cake served with hot custard.  I think it may just be the best dessert I have ever eaten.  So good in fact that the next night we all went back to Tribes for another.

It was Paul and Ginger's birthday so the servers came to sing at our table.  Pretty much the best birthday song ever.  You can listen in to a part of the song here.
Well that's all for, the trip to Port Elizabeth and Kichaka...(aka: a little piece of Heaven).


  1. Looks like everyone was having a great time! I love the elastics and the Documentation stickers (I hoard that particular sticker!). The project looks fabulous - any kits left for sale on your Etsy site???

  2. Just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying all your pictures and tales of your trip to South Africa. Love the Crazy Love creative and cool! Hope your sleep schedule gets back to normal soon! Denise

  3. Love the project you created. Any chance of you bringing it to Whim So Doodle in St Pete?!(HAd to ask...I haven't in a while!)


    Oh. My. Goodness. The dessert! Looks yumalicious.

  4. Hey, I appreciate your writing. Reality is, the city is great, as every big city has a corners here and there, I can tell you one thing, the Johannesburg is a City how you feel. For me it is great and I had a lovely day of shooting, all alone with friend of mine. No problems, no issues, no crime, if you are free. Thanks all. Best of luck.
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