Friday, September 2, 2011

"It's an Adventure"

Paula has been in town this week.  We have been working on a project that we will fill you in on sometime soon.  We have stayed on task all week, working hard so that we could carve out one day we could actually leave the house and have a little fun.  We had a long list of places to go, some old favorites and a few new places to check out.  I had planned a route that started in Mesa then onto central Phoenix, and if we moved quickly, a possibility of ending in Scottsdale.....ambitious yes, but we were up for the task.  

One of our first stops was Scrapbooks Etc.  Not only a great scrapbooking store, but they have the best fabric selection of the trendy modern prints of anyone we have seen.   We ALWAYS find fun stuff here!
Next stop -  Domestic Bliss and Found.  
Found was closed, but Paula got these beauties at Domestic Bliss. 

We stopped for our usual lunch at Sweet Cakes....
Their 5 layer brownies and cookies are divine!

  Now we head toward some shops in Phoenix.  All was going well up to this point...we were having such a good time.  That is, until the air conditioning in my car decided to quit.  I remind you that we are in Arizona and it's August.  So, you would think that probably the smart thing to do would be to quickly head back home and call it a day.  After all the temperature is hovering around 112 degrees, but no, we decided in all our wisdom that "we will be fine", "just keep the windows open", "yeah, we can do it".   So on we go.....after awhile on the road....first stop off the freeway - SONIC

PROOF:  Paula took this picture....but we still go on....

We wanted to check out Frances Vintagewe hadn't been there in awhile.  

They have added a shoe and handback section to their store.  Entering the store, I'm sure we were quite the sight....wind blown hair, sweaty, disheveled and red in the face....but we carried on.

I had seen this picture online and wanted to see the artwork on the wall.  We were disappointed that it was replaced with something else....maybe it will go back up sometime so we can see it in person.

Love the clocks

Lots of fun jewelry....

Cute water bottles....we would have taken hose water at any point during the day, we were so hot!

Hanging vases with fresh flowers around the check out counter.

Interesting wire tote

Lots of Orla Keily....

Always a fun place to stop...

By this time we start skipping some of the places that we usually hit in the Melrose area, 
but we stop at Rust and Roses.

Fabulous metal letters....someone needs to buy these!

We weren't sure what the lines are showing on this globe, but very cool.

Great display with the map in the background.

More fun metal letters.

Just around the corner from Rust and Roses is Zinnia Antiques.  

We had never been there before and wanted to check it out.  Just a word of warning, this store has one "swamp" cooler that is suppose to cool a very large area....this maybe a better place to visit in the cooler months.

Motto for the day:

What a day, we did finally make it home.  Paula kept saying, "it's an adventure!".....that's no kidding....BTW, we didn't make it to Scottsdale...another time.

  Have a great weekend!



  1. Oh you girls... The next time you venture out hoPefully with AC..... Stop at a new store in Chandler called Green Table Gifts. It is at The Chandler Fashion Mall not in the mall itself but in the boulevard shops and right next to Omaha Steaks or across from Dolce Spa. All hand made or vintage in the store. You might see a few things made w Seven Gypsies products if they are still there! Can't wait to hear about your "project".....

  2. I live in Mesa and am excited to visit some of the places you mentioned that I haven't been to. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. and yet another place to add to my list of things to see and do while i'm in Mesa! Love it. Thanks for sharing your junking tours!

  4. Yikes! I was sweating just reading about no AC!!

  5. Oh my goodness! Those stores look fantastic! We don't have anything like that out here on the east coast. I need to move west!

  6. Love those shops!

    It's been terribly hot here in Phoenix these past weeks. Rumor has it that it's supposed to cool down to 101 degrees next week.

    If you come back to Phoenix (in the cooler months), be sure to check out the Vintage goods at the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall (39,000 sq. ft) located on I-17 &, check out a booth there with lots of fabulous Vintage Paper Arts/Scrapbook supplies called "Phoenix Scrapbook Store" (or "Booth 96")'s the link:BOOTH96

    -pamela :)