Monday, March 1, 2010

52 Weeks of Sarcasm

Since my workspace is yet to be found I thought I might show you a project I made last fall for my good friend's birthday.  This is the same basic pattern as the Christmas Countdown Calendar but instead of having pre-printed pages, these were solid cardstock cut 6 x 7" ( 1/2" bigger than the CCC).  I used these as a foundation for each page and added the patterned paper and a quote on both sides of each page.  By adding the paper on each side it makes the page thick and sturdy which is good since it's a flip book that could possibly be up all year, not just for one month at Christmas. If you made the Christmas Countdown Calendar and bought the 7gypsies stand you could always slip it off the stand once Christmas was over and put a new book on it for the rest of the year.  Why pack it away?
The numbers are old house numbers I got at a store in Phoenix, AZ called Sage.  The letters are an old Heidi Swapp product. The paper tape is 7Gypsies with the exception of the small blue stripe which is from Happy Tape (where I spent every penny of the Christmas money I got this past year!)
This flip book has 26 pages so she could have a new saying every week for the entire year (once you get to the end of the 26 pages you have to slide the book off the stand and turn it around to read the 2nd half).  You might ask where did you get so many sayings?  I signed up for an automatic daily feed from Story People which are little quotes or snippets of thoughts from Brian Andreas.  Everyday I get an email with the quote, if I can use it in my work I drag it to a file.  If it's not something I think will work for me or it doesn't really "speak to me" I delete it.  Story People is quirky and funny...right up my alley, but you could sign up for any number of services from spiritual quotes to positive messages and do this same thing.  I had been saving (and using) the quotes long before I thought up this gift.  Since I made this stand for an entire year so I needed 52 quotes to complete it!  That's a lot!
Some of the smaller quotes looked too small for the 6 x 7" pages so I cut smaller pieces of colored cardstock and added them in over the larger pages as you can see here...I just made sure the cardstock could still be punched in the Binderie Punch (5 x 6").
12 x 12 creme cardstock- you can get 2 pages 6 x 7" from each sheet
Colored cardstock for smaller pages (I ended up using these about every other page)
UHU glue stick
7gypsies Binderie punch (I would have done this project without it!)
Rubbings are from a few different sets in my stash
I used paper from 2 of my favorite that you can cut up the stripes so that it looks like bands of ribbon.  Rolling Pins and Cookbook were the 2 main papers I used with the other as backup.
Nook and Pantry by Basic Grey 
 Lemon Meringue Pie

Rolling Pin

Flour Sack
Girl Friday by Cosmo Cricket


  1. what a great project! This project guarantees a chuckle a day for sure.

  2. Love your work on the cards but what a riot reading those quotes!! :)

  3. This is fabulous! Love the idea and I want to make one for myself. Thank you for the inspiration (and link to get the quotes!)

  4. I love the quotes from Story People and I love this project. Great idea!

  5. What a fun project. Love the quotes. They're so you. Your new work space is going to be great. Can't wait to see it.

  6. i ♥ the mirror quote best - what a great project!