Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Still haven't made my way to the surface of my work table.  I was talking with Deb this morning (as we do almost every morning) and I told her I can't do any work till I clean up the huge mess I have made of my work space.  I shouldn't complain since I know I am lucky I have a dedicated space for creating.  For many years I lived in a very small condo where I had to clean projects off the kitchen table before dinner.  Now I have a small bedroom to work in.
A few weeks ago I decided to make some changes to streamline and organize my work space.  It all started when I asked my husband to take the closet doors off and build some sheving for me.  That led me to Ikea for more wire baskets and a new desk top.   I am changing the colors to green and blue, totally different from every other room in my house.  It is still a work in progress but I thought you might like to follow along.  Debbie will come to visit the 3rd week of March so I am hoping to be done by then (keeping my fingers crossed) so I can move on to something else less stressfull.
 the new color scheme...these may not all appear in the room but they are the inspiration for what will
the new paint color-moving from butter yellow to a cream 
here's the dh rolling on the new paint
he also put up crown molding
the new drawers

  okay, so the desk top is still a mess.  Sorting all the ephemera took longer than expected.  The new desktop is 96 inches long...that was a challenge getting it home from Ikea (but only $100).  In fact I had to ride in the back seat on the way home because the counter was so long it went all the way to the dashboard. Every so often the dh would say, "are you okay back there?" Oh, and did I mention the closest Ikea to my house is 3 hours away?


  1. oooh I love your color and fabric choices, just beautiful!

  2. I love the color choices! Can't wait to see your new room!

  3. You crack me up , what we will do for new stuff..
    I bought a big 60X30 inch frame last year at Hobby Lobby on sale.. for $6.00...of course it wouldn't fit in the car, so I put the top down..( thanks goodness for convertibles) now here it the catch..I live in Phoenix, it was August..about 116 out, and a 35 mile ride home!
    Can't wait to see you new space!

  4. My husband made me an island worktable that is 4ft x 6 ft & it is always filled with a project or two! I clear it off often, but once it is clears one of my daughter will start a new project on it!