Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I think I have always been a collector, a gatherer.
Something about the look of a group together is always more enticing to me than just one.
Over the years the collecting has scaled back...maybe I should say I have become more focused as I have aged.  I have a few collections I still add to these days, but they each have very specific criteria:

1.  Red tomato pin cushions
Small or large, it doesn't matter.  The only thing that does?  they have to be used and loved by someone (translation: must have the pins still in them).  Here are 3 of about 25 I have collected.

 my mom's pin cushion, the one that started the collection is on the left.
I love this spot where where she stitched up a hole so the sand wouldn't come out.

2.  Globes
This one started for my husband who is a History teacher (although I am not sure who likes them more?).  The globes have to have great color and be made before 1948 (my husbands rule).  You might think this is enough globes...but trust me, there are more.  I just ran out of room on top of the entertainment center.

3. Beach sand
Okay, this one may seem strange but we have a tradition to gather a small amount before we leave any vacation near the beach.  This is just a few of the jars in my kitchen window (man, I need to clean the window!).   I love this ongoing collection because it brings back good memories of each trip.

Recently, my friend Carol, who travels to Europe frequently brought me home a little gift...and then recently another.  Maybe it's the start of a new collection...
and this one shaped like a little acorn
what kind of collection do you have?
send us a picture, we want to see what you are collecting and if there is a reason behind it.  We hope to post some later in the month.


  1. Scrapbook supplies! I can't seem to get enough of them and then I'm afraid to use my favorites or they'll be GONE! I do have only one of those red tomato pin cushions tho but I've been using it for 40 years. I didn't even know there WERE thimble cases - those are cool.

  2. You and Cathe Holden at justsomethingimade.blogspot both have posts today about personal collections. Love it. I collect decor items that have either elaborate compass roses or heraldry motifs. Also love Koroit opals with blazing seams of color.

  3. Hi Paula, thanks for sharing your collections-I love the globes and pincushions. I seem to gravitate toward pottery; Van Briggle in turquoise, Harlequinware which was a branch of Fiesta, Blue Ridge pottery, ball pitchers and creamers. I love COLOR! Sherry

  4. I collect apothecary jars, although I'm running out of room. I also love to collect vintage tablecloths, I have stacks, and vintage postcards. I dream of one day having a big girl teaparty with mix and match teacups and tablecloths, with banners and flowers everywhere!! :)

  5. love the pincushions!
    i also do beach sand in little glass jars!!

  6. Your collections are so cool and I just have to mention that we have the same entertainment center! The 2 end shelves are just a tiny bit off at the top just like the one in front of me! LOL! I think globes might look pretty cool on top of ours too!

  7. I collect rocks from different places. If it's a smooth rock, I write the name of the place on it, if it's rough, I mount the rock on wood, and write the place on the wood. It sure beats buying expensive souvenirs!!

  8. I collect cookbooks and thimble/thimble holders. Yours I am lusting after!!! They are soooo nice.