Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tag instructions

Tag #19

 Cover tag with vintage music paper (I use UHU glue stick for this step).  Cut away any excess paper.

Ink the edges of tag with Vintage photo Distress ink. 
Set tag aside.


You will need some creme cardstock for this next step.  
I used a piece of 7gypsies cardstock ...did you know 7gypsies had cardstock? It is the perfect weight and color so I use a lot of it.  It's exactly the same as the pages of our journals.  The 25 sheets packs come in 2 sizes - 6 x 6 for $3.95 and 8 x 8 for $5.95) 

Cut a piece of creme cardstock 2 1/2 x 4 1/2".  Cut the bottom into dovetail.

Ink the edges of the card in Vintage Photo Distress ink.

Use a paper distressing tool like this one from Tonic to distress the edges of the card.

I wanted to add some glitter to the tag so this time I decided to use a glue pad from Tsukineko.  I put my flourish clear stamp (Victoria) on the acrylic block then pressed it into the glue pad a few times, just like a regular ink pad.  Stamp the image on the card.  

Quickly pour the glitter over the image (or where you think the image is) and let is dry for a few minutes.  I find that if I can be patient and let it dry for just a few minutes that when I tap off the excess glitter I get better coverage than if I tap it off right away.  Repeat the steps for another image. NOTE:  I have found that this kind of glue pad works best with fine glitter.

On a side note: I don't know if you can see from the picture but I use a pie pan for my glitter.  This whole month I have been using a lot of glitter.  So I have two pie pans that I keep (one for silver and one for the Halo glitter we have been using) out in my work room.  This might not work for everyone, but I love the convenience.  When I need glitter I just grab the pie pan... no clean up necessary.  Once all the glitter is gone from the bottle (and that takes a while) I pour the excess glitter out of the pie pan onto a piece of scrap paper (or use my little baby funnel) and back into the bottle, then I start filling the pie pan over again.  

Lay the card over the tag and punch one hole on each side for ribbon.

Cut a piece of ribbon about 24" long and run through the holes to secure the ribbon.  Tie a knot (wait to tie the bow)

Now you must decide what you will hang from the bow.  I will show you what I did, then a couple other ideas since mine is vintage and would be a challenge to replicate.
First I used a crystal drop from the Princesca kit we have been using throughout the advent.  I added a small jingle bell to the end of the chain (I like the idea Deb had on her gift wrapping project back on the 7gypsies blog, when she glittered the bell...that would look so good here)

Then I added the crystal chain to the vintage thing-a-ma-jig with a jump ring (these are my FAVORITE jump rings because they come in all the right colors, they are easy to open and close but not too easy...oh, and they're cheap too). 

Now tie the bow to secure to the tag.

Here are a few other ideas-
A Prima flower or a big key (these are usually easy to find in antique store for very little)

Oh, and one last thing.  As I was working on this tag for the tutorial I saw this scrap of paper that had a great number on it (Deb and I both have a "thing" for numbers).  I added it to the tag today in a little empty space at the bottom that needed just that extra little detail.  I love to have the time to work on a piece, then walk away and come back with "new eyes" to see what needs to be added or edited.  In this business I don't always have that luxury since many of the things I make have a deadline for completion.  But one thing I have learned is that if I don't like something today I am probably not going to like it tomorrow.   I have learned when to walk away or "sleep on it" and usually the solution comes to me while I'm washing dishes or taking a shower.  My mind can solve the problem, I just have to give it the time to do it.  -paula


  1. The colors, the glitter, the music . . . yes, my kind of tag! *smiles*

  2. Just beautiful! Great tip for the glitter pie pan. :)

  3. just a beautiful tag - thanks for sharing how you make your tags! they're just wonderful and i'm loving all the ideas!

  4. These are all so very lovely. I'm really enjoying the entire series ~ thank you so much for the inspiration. Your work is beautiful!

  5. You give the BEST instructions. Thanks for all these beauties.

  6. so much GREAT information, and so many gadgets!!!
    Never knew there was such a thing as a glue pad.

    Love Love Love your blog,and all your great ideas.
    Thanks for such good detail in sharing.


    barbara jean

    PS if you do not have one of those edging tools to make things look old, a couple of drags along a sharp table edge works great! =0)

  7. me again.
    Looks like some kind of tool you use for antiquing the edges. Is it just a foam stamp?

    barbara jean

  8. Barbara Jean,
    That tool is an Ink Blending Tool made by's used to "blend" Distress Ink into the paper. The blending tool does have a foam pad held on with velcro (so you can change it out). Go to and type in Ink Blending Tool. It's in a pink package. They also sell more foam pads in a separate package.

  9. Absolutely fabulous...wonderfully rich and elegant.
    The 'antiquing' is so special.

    ( I wish someone would manufacture 'vintage' music paper! )

  10. Stunning tag! I love it. Thanks for the tutorial!