Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tag instructions

Tag #8

 This time we are going to use the same harlequin stamp as in tag 5 but we are going to use it as an all over stamp, matching up the points as you move across the tag.
The ink is Distress ink-antique linen, keeping the background light.

Use a blending tool to ink the edges of the tag with
Distress ink-Vintage photo keeping the center of the tag untouched.

Paint the "window" chipboard piece with Adirondack metallics paint-gold.  This is a dabber paint, but the only one who likes to dab is my 2 year old niece that thinks the dabber is great for her cheeks (kinda like blush).  So since I don't like to dab I just open the bottle and paint with a brush.  It's great paint, nice and thick...and when painted on it retains the metallic finish when dry.

Once the paint is dry, glue window to the tag.  Now you can see that the "whiter" center is like light coming through the window.  You could even cut out one of the "panes" if you wish...maybe even a tiny little picture in the square?  Write whatever you wish...could be family names or special dates, a favorite quote or poem.  OR... instead of writing only one word in the square, write as many as possible...maybe even doodle a stained glass window instead of words?  So many ideas...
(I used my favorite American Crafts- Precision Pen 03 in black)

Cut up a small piece of music paper (looks like mine is 5 1/2" long) 1/8th to 1/4 inches wide.  I used my ever trusty roller cutter and clear ruler but you can just as easily use your paper trimmer.  Note: the width of the cut paper does not really matter...I used the ruler as a straight edge not a measuring device.

Once your paper is cut, crumple it up.

Drill a hole at the top of the ladle for wire.

Use a bit of glossy accents on the back of the bird to add some glitter...mine had a little white spot on it's back which seemed perfect to give my little bird some bling.  Use a big fat 3-D glue dot to glue the bird to the ladle.  It is best to secure the bird to the ladle before adding the paper nest.  I tried it and the big fat glue dot gets stuck to the paper instead of the metal ladle.

Add crumpled paper really doesn't take much paper to make the nest.  I pushed it under the bird with a pair of tweezers.

Gather the tag and the bird in the ladle and pin to the board.

There were a few more starter kits listed this morning in the Etsy shop.  I am out of the one berry stem that we saw in yesterday tag so I will replace it with another item(s) of my choosing that is found on the calendar. Everything else in the kit is the same.


  1. Thank you so much for your excellent pictures and instructions. I have no local sources, and have searched every way I know online to locate the Martha Stewart punch. Any suggestions? I'm a newbie to paper crafts, and have added your blog to my daily must reads. Happy holidays, and thanks!!!

  2. Wow, this is just beyond spectacular. So creative!

  3. will you PLEASE make your handwriting into a font! LOVE this p, love it!

  4. You mentioned a starter kit listed on your Etsy site. Can you post the link or name of your site on Etsy? Thanks,
    Kathleen Michael