Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tag instructions

This next week or so I will be giving step by step instructions for some of the advent calendar tags. Basic supply kits will be in the Etsy store on Wed the 16th and will include up close photos of each tag like one one seen below (set via email).
So lets get started...

Tag #5
All tags are #8 (6 1/4 x 3 1/8")

Stamp tag with a 7gypsies Venice clear stamp using Distress Ink- antique linen.  I used the light color because we are going to layer the inks and stamps on the tag so we want to start with the lightest shade.

Repeat the stamping until the entire tag is covered.
(This is what the full stamp looks like)

Change inks to Vintage Photo.  Using the same ledger stamp, stamp one more time with the darker ink.
Now, stamp tag with a harlequin pattern stamp.  Mine is from Tim Holtz (Michaels).

Use a blending tool (next to scissors, I probably use this tool the most) to ink edges of tag with Vintage photo.  Set tag aside.

Use UHU glue to cover chipboard piece with ledger paper (mine is vintage 7gypsies from Debbie's garage!).  Cut out with an X-acto knife and sand edges.  Burnish well with a bone folder.

OPTIONAL STEP: Paint piece with Mod Podge.  (Yes, you could glue the paper with the Modge Podge instead of using glue and skip the last step) I like to paint the paper to seal it on chipboard.  It's an extra step but I like that I can manipulate paint and ink on the surface once the Mod Podge is dry.  And if you don't like it...it will all wipe right off with a baby wipe.
Note: As long as you adhered the paper well in the beginning, any bubbles in the paper disappear like magic during drying.

Ink the edges of the chipboard.

Draw a line around the chipboard piece with a Metallic Sharpie.  I love these pens!  Deb and I signed so many autographs at Creative Escape with these pens that I came home a bought some.  They make a perfect edge line.

Use a paper piercer to poke 6 holes for the wire.  You will know where to poke the holes by laying your bottle on the chipboard as a guide. Just remember, the bottle usually needs to be wired around the neck so it does not slip out of the X on the stomach of the bottle.

Now wire the bottle on the chipboard, tie a ribbon around the neck and add some berries or flowers.    I got mine from a little wreath I think my sister gave me!  I hope she forgives me for cannibalizing the flowers and berries but it a great way to get tiny bunches for a cheap price.  I put a spot of Glossy Accents on the neck of the bottle to keep them in place.  Now you can add the chipboard piece to the tag.

As for the rubbing that is at the bottom of the tag.  Mine is vintage 7gypsies (I have saved it ...okay, I was hording, but that was BEFORE I watched that new show on A & E).  You can get the same look with another stamp from the same stamp set we used in the beginning.  Here's what it looks like...

The old rubbing (Alphabetique) is on the left and the Venice Clear stamp is on the right.  I think it's a great substitute. But then again, if you are a hoarder saver like me, you might just have it in your stash.  One can only hope.


  1. Amazing - really beautiful - thanks for showing us how to make these! I love the layering of the stamps!

  2. That is just fabulous! Now, I need to see tags in use. I always wonder what I'll do with them if I make them. Hmmm

  3. hoarding it BWAHAHAHA!! that show has totally opened my eyes to the "stuff" I was keeping. I'm telling you I was one "life crisis" away from having my own episode ;)

    beautiful tags! now if only xmas was about 30 days away LOL! I really hope 7 g's promotes something like this again next year. thank you!

  4. So fun to find your blog! I love all the vintage looking projects already and even though it's late this year to make the advent calendar, I may have to start for next year!! Merry Christmas!

  5. Wow, great that you are showing us how to make these beautiful tags!!

  6. those pins make me giddy.

  7. Fun project! I knew I was saving those tiny Tabasco bottles for something. Many of the MRE's we ate after Katrina had them tucked inside along with the ubiquitous peanut butter packets! LOL!