Sunday, March 5, 2023

Collage Strip Vignette Panel

Hello friends,

Grateful to be here today, with a tutorial using product from the new idea-ology release. This was a very easy piece to make - I call it beginner level idea-ology! Everything is very straightforward...and the Collage Strips do all the talking!

Lets start with the background.  I cut a 9 x 9" piece of scrap paper to use as a base for the Collage Strips.  It will take 6 columns of Collage Strips to cover the 9 x 9" paper.  I decided to go (from left to right) pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, then purple, but you can come up with any color order you wish.  It will take more than one strip of each color to go from the top to bottom of the column, so choose two strips of each color family, then begin laying them out.  I made sure the photos on the Collage Strips never touched.  If a photo was too near another, I simply cut the strip to make the change in order.
Once I had the order the way I wanted it, I used a tape runner to add the strips to the base, butting them up against each other.  The tape is just to hold the strips in place when you take the paper to the sewing machine so one swipe per strip is enough.  If you are not sewing, you could use Collage Medium to add all the strips to the base.
Now to the sewing machine. 
Stitch on either side of each Collage Strip and then all the way around the edges of the 9 x 9" square.  I chose to cut the strings but you could leave them if you wish.
Use Collage Medium to adhere the sewn paper to the wood Vignette Panel.  Use a brayer to smooth out the surface.  You might even turn the panel over and put something heavy in the center till the paper is secure.
For the collage in the center, I added a circle from the Transparent Layers pack as the bottom layer.  
To adhere the transparency to the panel, I used 1" Scor-Tape (my go-to for transparent things). You can see here that you can barely see the tape through the transparency.
I painted all the metal pieces the same way.  Picket Fence Distress Paint, then pouncing over the top with Mushroom Alcohol Ink.  I try to paint all the metal pieces at the same time, let them dry together, then add the Mushroom over all, once dry.
When the paint on the Word Plaque and Large Fasteners was dry, I used the Texture Hammer to add dents into the Large Fasteners (this was very satisfying, lol).
The Texture Hammer works perfectly to smash/dent the centers of the new Large Fasteners.
I added the Word Plaque along with other new pieces of idea-ology to the collage. Many of the pieces were adhered with foam squares to create dimension over the transparency.
Layers Organic: all leaves, flower and black label
Ornate Adornments: metal flourish
Metal Frame: new frame that comes in 2 sizes
Photomatic: new photo SKU (larger than Photobooth)
This is an easy one, right? but super fun with the rainbow background!

I think the Collage Strips are one of the most versatile of all the new products.  You can use them as a strip, you can cut them, use them for labels, fold them into matchbooks (totally going to do that), use as a single color story or in a rainbow of colors!  So many uses!

Now carry on,

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  1. Paula, these strips are an AMAZING answer to those of us with tricky RA fingers & can’t do the Collage Squares very well!
    And; my worry over ‘too much’ going on in the background “… I love this & definitely will add it to my shopping list now.
    I’ve got an on-going love affair with Tim’s Accordion Folders & this CP would do well with!!