Friday, August 5, 2022

Grateful Life - Sizzix Acorn 3D folder

 Hello Friends,

Celebrating Sizzix Halloween release today, starting with this colorful make for fall.  The creamy new Halloween Mica Crayons are perfect for coloring the leaves... as long as you remember one simple step (you can read about that below).  So follow along and I'll show you how I created this beautiful fall background.

Open the 3D Folder and rub Ground Espresso Archival Ink over the surface until coated.  Spritz lightly with water.

Insert precut piece of Kraft Heavystock (remember with a 3D Folder - you need to spritz the paper with water before placing in the folder).
Close the Folder and run through your die cut machine. I still use my trusty Vagabond!
So here is the card once it was run through (At least 2 passes).
I quickly coated the entire card with Collage Medium (thats the magic step so you can use crayons later in the process).
While the Collage Medium was still wet, I sprayed the card with Decayed and Iron Gate Mica Stain.
Then dried it with a heat tool.  Once the Mica dries, it turns metallic and quite beautiful.
I repeated the process to create a second card.  
A small Etcetera Tag was used as the substrate.  Glue the two paperpieces to the tag and cut away the excess at the top and bottom.
NOTE: I will cover the break in the cards with the words so it does not matter as long as you keep the break at the bottom.
Since I coated the Kraftstock paper with Collage Medium it has been sealed - that means the Mica Halloween Distress Crayons are in play. 
Starting with fortune teller (purple) - scribble the creamy color onto the edges of the leaves.  I'm going to add many colors so start small.
Next up burning ember (orange).  Just scribble and rub with your finger to slightly blend towards the purple.
Next up, wicked elixir (green).  I adde this one to the other side of the leaves and on the stems.
I added harvest moon (yellow) and Walnut Stain to the acorns, completing the full background.
To prepare the focal point, I cut a piece of purple cardstock, then cut gold metallic letters using the Alphanumeric Bold die.  I did cut two sets of the letters so they could be combined to create a thicker letter.
I used the design ruler to help me place the letters on the purple card.  The ruler is see-through so you can easily see the straight line.
Before the purple card was put into place.  I added Trim Tape to the sides to cover the flat part of paper.  The skinny tape fit perfectly along the edge.  I think the tape comes with 10 rolls so there are plenty of designs to choose from.
Now I added the purple strip to a piece of Kraftstock to stabilize/strengthen the paper since I wanted to add foam squares to the back.  The white/gold metallic sticker "HEART" was added to the end - hard to read here but it looks nice in person.

Once the strip was in place, I added the skinny ruler strip to the top from the Memoir Ephemera Pack.  The feathers, cut using the "Feathery" die and Mixed Media cardstock, were just dipped in Distress Mica.

The colors of the feathers are 

fortune teller

wicked elixer
I painted an idea-ology Vintage Clip with black paint.  Once dry, I brushed on Foundry Wax and used a embossing gun to change to color to metallic.  I love the brushed look over the black paint.
The ribbon is silk - just something from my stash.  I thought it went beautifully with the project.
The No. 251 is from the Snippets pack.

thank you for stopping by to see the coloring of the background.  I hope you will try this technique on something you make - the new Halloween products are so fun to use.  I am thrilled with the new colors of Mica sprays and how awesome they are on so many paper surfaces.  I know you will not be disappointed!

now carry on,


  1. Paula, you are a creative genius! I just love the project you have created. Thank you for teaching and inspiring us.

  2. Thanks for posting this tutorial! Using Collage Medium for the Distress Crayon is a great tip. I used Distress Crayon with water but that was more watered down than I wanted. I will try this today!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial, Paula! Love the new colors of the distress mica crayon. :)

  4. Paula this is an amazing tutorial- as always. I have to go back and watch Tim's crayon video. Can you explain why we add collage medium? What would happen without it? Thanks and I can't stop admiring your make- it has a life of its own.- Susan

    1. You need to add the Collage Medium over the paper because Crayons work best over a slick surface. If you try to use them over paper, they do not move or blend and you will end up with just a blob of color.