Monday, March 24, 2014

The Last Hurrah!

For my last post on South Africa, I decided to take you on a drive around the Cape.  This is a shortened version of the drive we took on our last visit in 2011, but no less impressive.  Once again we were blessed with beautiful weather and good company.
With our host Gary driving, we set out to follow a loop - leaving Cape Town (to the right on the red oval below) and traveling out to False Bay, then cutting across the peninsula to the coast and back around to CT.
 We stopped for a few hours at Kalk Bay, one of my favorite little towns.  Full of clothing, trinket shops and antique stores, I really could have stayed for the weekend.

 I like the hand painted signs around the town so I snapped a few pictures to remember.

 Tons of little alleyways to be explored....didn't even know they were there the last time I visited.
I picked up a few photos and skeleton keys.  The large one will go nicely with my collection of "people in groups" photos.  I love when there is a date on the photo!
Back on the road again, we pass Chapman's bay, a beautiful white sand beach (and barely a soul on it).  One reason may be, that we have now crossed the peninsula over to the Atlantic side where the water current comes from the Antarctic (burrr!)
We continue to follow the road winding our way up Chapman's peak.  I added this shot with the white arrow so you might be able to spot how the mountain is literally carved out, so cars can pass though.  At some points it is cantilevered and other spots have stone pillars.  All are amazing feats of construction. 

On the historical of Chapman's peak drive started 1915 as a narrow, winding gravel road, and completed after seven years.  If you are interested in the Chapman's peak drive, there is actually a 6 minute YouTube video that takes you on a ride along.  At about 4:20, the car drives through the mountain cut outs...just like you are there. 

We stopped at a lookout point to take a few photos.  Pictures do not do the view or the color of the water justice!
Mario taking a selfie!

 At yet another picturesque stopping point.  This one overlooking the beautiful Hout Bay.  Thanks to my husband jay for the panoramic shots!
click on picture to enlage
Notice the interesting mist that is surrounding the coastline?  Gary said he had never seen that before.

 Can you spot the paragliders?
We stopped at the trendy little town of Camps Bay for lunch.  Million dollar homes mixed with white sand and tan people.  The mountain range behind Camps Bay is called the Twelve Apostles.
 click on picture to enlarge

We had a wonderful lunch at Paranga before walking across the street to the beach.
We decided, if we were so close to the water, we couldn't pass up putting our feet in the ocean.  "Remember the now" as Tim always says. 
At first I thought, this feels like the water at our local beaches (pretty cold), but after only 10-15 seconds you start to feel the icy temperature kick in.  I now understand why there are shark nets at all the beaches...cold, cold, cold.  We almost expected to see some ice cubes come floating by!

So glad Granny was along for the day.  Such a wonderful spirit about this lady.  This was her first trip to Cape Town so she was as happy to be there as we were. 
One of my favorite photos - washing the sand off our feet off before going back to the car.  That water was warm compared to the ocean.  Gives new meaning to the term..."pole dancing", right?
After we left Camps Bay, we headed back to the Nellie.  Since we had already checked out of our room, we stopped off for about an hour in the tea room lounge to wait for our ride to the airport.  The teaching is done, friends were made, and finally a time to sit and relax. 

Thanks to Tim for inviting me along on the journey.  I don't just mean South Africa, but the everyday journey as well.  He is always generous and beyond inspiring. 
Also, glad to not only travel with Mario (the kindest man I know) but my husband Jay, who sacrificed every day off he earned last year, to be in South Africa with me.  Lucky to be traveling with all these guys.

A special thanks to Glenda for the invitation, the arrangements, and warm hospitality. Always a pleasure to be around you, and your wonderful family.  Thank you.

I will be back to my regular programming this week.  I figure, if you have endured the 4-day travelogue of this trip, I better back it up with a few projects.
now carry on,


  1. It has been so awesome! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us!!!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to share your incredible trip, Paula.
    A very special treat!

  3. Thank you for taking the time to share your incredible trip, Paula.
    A very special treat!

  4. Loved all your pics Paula, it looks so fabulous! TFS

  5. What a memorable adventure for all of you and so wonderful that Jay got to share the experience!

  6. Thanks for sharing! The pole dancing just made me laugh and smile. What a cool round trip. You and Team Tim are so inspiring! While the crafting is outstanding I really am inspired about how you choose to live life. These trips and the everyday remember the now attitude. Life is short and such a precious gift. Thanks to you, Tim, and Mario for the reminders to follow our hearts and to live the dream!

  7. You are one LUCKY girl! Drool - what an adventure and to go with the boys and your hubby - perfect!

  8. Wow, what a trip of a lifetime!!! Amazing photos again! I was lucky enough to go to the Cape (and Joburg, and many other places), this brought back so many wonderful memories! You sure are one lucky girl though, to go in the company of those amazing guys!!!

  9. Looks so amazing. What a wonderful journey with such great people … and not a cloud in the sky!

  10. What a GREAT trip! Thanks so much for taking us along. (I've really enjoyed it after the past dew days of heartache in our family.)

  11. Very beautiful photos and I love reading about your adventures. The "pole dancing" made me giggle.

  12. I love traveling vicariously through others! Thanks for taking me to South Africa. :)

  13. Thank you Paula, it's been lovely to see and read about your trip. It looks like a beautiful place the colours of the sky , sea, landscape and the images of the town you have captured are sure to inspire your work. Looking forward to seeing your creations x

  14. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. I can't wait to see the projects!

  15. It was so nice to have you here with us... Please come back again soon... we seffricans rock <3

  16. Thank you for taking us on this fab journey. I had no idea South Africa was so awesome and now I know why you were so excited to return. It is good to see that everyone there loves Tim and his crew and the artistry, as much as we all do. Looking forward to all the new ideas and tutorials. You rock! Hugs, Laura

  17. I found it interesting about the cold water because of the proximity to the south pole, the panoramic shots were superb, the sand was so white, and if only those vintage suitcases could talk! Thanks for sharing your experience, this was fun to see.

  18. Oh my dear Paula: I have viewed your photos of The South Africa Journey for the third time. I must comment now on how much of an outstanding storyteller you are. My breath was taken away several times. What a beautiful country you captured. I may never get to set foot on that piece of the Motherland. But, looking at it thru your lens will do very well. Thank you for putting so much effort into sharing this adventure. Whoa...I can imagine just what you're gonna do with those pics. OMG. Make sure to share! This has sure been another "Lucky Day" for me. Carry on, dear Paula. Carry on for all of us!