Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ana K

Welcome Ana!

My name is Ana Kavcic in blog land also known as Ana K.

name of your business/blog:
Anina papirckalnica...translation would be, some kind of messy paper corner (even in Slovenian language it’s hard to explain).

city and or country you live in?
I live in beautiful Slovenia in little town Kocevje

when I was a child I wanted to be?
I wanted to be a dentist...funny because nowadays I'am afraid of the dentist.

Five things on your desk right now? don’t know if I am the only one, but usually I have to clean my desk few times during creating, because I can’t find scissors.

Favorite guilty pleasure?
In microwave melted ice cream...yeah, yeah I know... it’s strange.

I’m very bad at?
Singing, but I LOVE to sing...the people around me don’t fully appreciate it!
Favorite movie of all time?

Do you collect anything?
Yes, everything...especially if it’s old :)

What’s your strangest talent?
I hate shopping (crafting things are exception)!  Do you consider that as a talent for a woman? I do :)

If you got a free plane ticket to anywhere, where would you go?
It is just too difficult to choose just one destination...I would like to go to New Zeeland, Ireland, Scandinavia.... and I would LOVE to go to USA to flea markets and garage sales! People here in Slovenia still don’t know how much money I could spend for their “trash” :)

How did you get started in your industry?
I didn’t have time to buy Christmas gifts, so I decided to bake some cookies and put it to nice boxes...I visit “uncle Google” for templates and found out scrapbooking...till then I am obsessed.

Go to products that relate to your craft?
Vintage finds, paper, lace, everything Tim Holtz.

How do you get inspired or stay inspired?
Nature and creative people from blog land.

How/where can people find your work?
My blog,

Don't you just love the layering and texture?
thank you Ana for sharing your work with us!

now carry on,


  1. Beautiful work Ana! You have a new admirer!

  2. Gorgeous work and I do love your layering! TFS your beautiful work and a bit about yourself. :D

  3. I love your pieces! I would never have thought to combine some of the items you did but they look terrific together. Maybe I just need to think outside the box more and stop stifling my creativity.

  4. The above comment was for Ana but the message just as easily works for Paula's art.

  5. Truly beautiful works of art :-)

  6. Oh how wonderful to see Ana here, I totally adore her work! Ana, all of your pieces are always amazing and so inspiring!!!

  7. Ana, I hate shopping too, except for crafty stuff and fabric - so you are not alone! Great guest blog! Jean.x

  8. Beautiful work, Ana! It is lovely to meet you ~

  9. Ana is the best! She is such a sweet gal and her talent is never-ending! So nice to see her here!

  10. Congratulations Ana on being show-cased in this way! Brilliant idea of Paula's. I'm already a follower as you know and love your work. So great to see you here and learn more about you. Stunning work - well done! Nicola x

  11. So nice to get to know you, Ana! LOVE these collages - wonderfully vintage and layered. I am going to visit your blog.

  12. Love your art Ana! Thank You for sharing!

  13. I'm a huge fan of Ana's - so thrilled to see her amazing work spotlighted here... and lovely to read the Q&A. Fantastic to see these brilliant creations again - congratulations, Ana!
    Alison xx

  14. Thank you very much! Not just to you Paula, but also to all wonderful ladies who took time and leave nice words here and also on my blog! I am really proud and honoured to see my work displayed here!
    Best wishes from Slovenia

  15. Your work is so inspiting, Ana. You have a new fan in me! Thank you too, Paula for sharing Ana with us.

  16. Wonderful artist! I'm a new fan! thanks for sharing this fabulous talent with us, Paula!

  17. Wonderful work, I'm a new follower, how great of Paula to spotlight you.

  18. Beautifully detailed work. Thanks for sharing more about Ana with all of us!

  19. absolutely amazing, so rich in design and color, love love love x

  20. Lovely mixed media. Thanks for the inspiration.

  21. Lovely, lovely work!! It makes me happy to look at it. =)