Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hello from South Africa!

After a afternoon stop over in London, we arrived in South Africa on Friday morning.  Excited to be here, exciting to be traveling with my guy...and he's excited to take a week off school (although he will be Skyping with each of classes next week).
We had an early call today (Saturday) to get ready for the first set of classes.  It was a full house of excited delegates!  Tim, the master teacher, is always mesmerizing to watch in action.  He has an amazing gift to not only relay information so people understand it, but also help people feel successful while learning and testing the information he's giving.  A true gift.
The ladies in the classes could not have been nicer and the helpers were second to none.  Were back at it again tomorrow...hoping for the same success as today...and maybe a little more sleep tonight. 
I will create a longer post when I return, but for now I thought I would include a couple shots of the hall. 

Since I will be away next week, I decided to take the next few posts in a slightly different direction.  I, like many of you, have a list of blogs that I follow.  What I have done is to invite three women from across the globe, whose work I admire, to share some of their lovely art here on One Lucky Day.  I sent each one the same list of questions to answer so you and I could get to know them a little better.  I also asked if I could post some of the unique work that each creates.  They all create in different mediums, one is a scrapbooker, another is a stitcher and the third works in mixed media.  One of the things that makes me a huge fan of all three is the way they use paper as a foundation for their art.  Having the opportunity to see what others are creating in another part of the world is amazing, something that would have been unheard of 10-15 years ago.  I hope that reading the posts here inspires you to go to each their blogs to see more of what they have created.  When you visit their blogs, leave comment and tell them that One Lucky Day sent you.
carry on now,


  1. Great photos Paula, and glad you arrived safely and made a good start!

    Love the idea of having three guests post here, can't wait to see who they are and what they will share!

  2. I can't wait to see whom you chose to be the guest bloggers. What a cool opportunity. Have fun teaching,

  3. What a wonderful idea PAula! I can't wait to see your three lucky bloggers! Barbarayaya

  4. Can't wait to meet the guest bloggers! Looks like you're having a blast.

  5. How exciting it must be!!! I'm looking forward to meeting your guests!

  6. Glad to see you're having a ball in S.A.... and thrilled to see the first guest blogger is Ana - can't wait for the next two!

    Sleep well!
    Alison x

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  8. Hey, LOVE THIS SONG!! I was in South Africa for three weeks and kept hearing the main parts of this song when they would break for commercials and became totally hooked!! AWESOME song... this song and Kazumi have been endearing to me!
    Thank you!