Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I want it all!

Look at what's in the house at Simon Says Stamp!  
The quilting and crafting packs have arrived! 
 There are so many different sets, I had to make myself a chart just to get the available sizes straight!

If you want all 24 patterns
 Fat Quarter -Each pack contains 24 pieces of 18 x 21" fabric

Fat Eighth - Each pack contains 24 pieces of 9" x 21" fabric.

Or you can buy smaller packs listed below 

Pick from 3 fabric groups
Documentation - Labels - Melange

Pick the size you need
I listed the ending digits of each pack to go with the links at the bottom.

Fat Quarter pack - 8 pieces of 18" x 21" fabric
39 - documentation
40 - labels
41 - melange

Fat Eight pack - 8 pieces of 9" x 21" fabric 
42 - documentation
43 - labels
44 - melange

Design Roll - 8 pieces of 2.5" x 44" fabric
45 - documentation
46 - labels
47 - melange

Charm Pack 5" - 8 pieces of 5" x 5" Fabric
48 - documentation
49 - labels
50 - melange

Charm Pack - 8 pieces of 10" x 10" fabric.
51 - documentation
52 - labels
53 - melange
6" Crafting pack - 8 pieces of 6 x 6" fabric
54 - documentation
55 - labels
56 - melange
12" Crafting pack - 8 pieces of 12 x 12" fabric
57 - documentation
58 - labels
59 - melange

And yes, you can buy yardage however, you will need to contact a local fabric or quilting store to see if they carry it.  Please don't forget to check out what has been posted the last week or so on Sew4Home.  This amazing quilt sewn by Michele Mishner is amazing.  Such detail in the stitch work.
Project Design: Alicia Thommas  
Quilting Stitch Design: Michele Mishler
Sample Creation and Instructional Outline: Michele Mishler

carry on,


  1. Oh my gosh! Help! This has got me glued to my computer screen. What do I get? I am Mrs. Piggy, wanting all.

  2. Hubby will be getting this for Christmas!!! He quilts!!!

  3. Wow Paula. Wish it was here in the UK. I love it all and need it before Christmas xx.. Hugs from Scotland. Rita xxx

  4. Woohoooo! I found 5 patterns at my local Joann's and bought a little of each. I think I need them all though!

  5. I'm crying! These fabrics are wonderful and here in Italy .... I do not know if they arrive! My only hope is a friend that starts in a few days for New York! I hope she can find them in any store! They are truly amazing! All but all!

  6. Looking forward to seeing what everyone creates with the fabric! I must admit I'm a bit stumped as to how I'm going to use them as I don't sew. Thanks for the info on all the choices.

  7. I can't wait 'till I get my hands on my project is already laid out; thank you for sharing the sizes.

  8. What amazing bundles of goodness - so much fun! I'm off to check out Jo-Ann's!!!

  9. OMGoodness. This is just heaven! Would love to win ... thanks for the chance.

  10. Oh emm geee I love love LOVE Tim's fabrics - I can not wait to get me hands on a these.

  11. Makes me want to go and create a quilt, and I am not even very good at sewing!!

  12. For those looking for yardage, I have seen several of the bolts (but not every design) At Joanne's!


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