Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We're Home

Hello everyone!
It is great to be home again from the show!  Deb and I had such a fun time seeing old friends and even meeting some of you.  All the booths were great.  So much fun product out there.  Wish I could have seen more but we were so busy.  We really only saw other booths if we showed up an hour early before the show opened.  Sad but true.
 moving in day...love this picture of the rolls of carpet pads waiting to go into the hall.
When Deb and I got to the convention center our booth was already set up by our fabulous guys, Jorge and Hector.   Jorge and hector built the booth and for every show they set it up for us during pre-set at the warehouse, create anything we ask for with just a sketch, take it down, pack it up and then do it all again at the show.  Won-der-ful.
Hector, me, Deb and Jorge
Now time to hang all the samples.
The night before the show we are always in the hotel room making something...last year it was giant tissue paper flowers.  This year paper airplanes and a small banner using the new postal line.  Good thing I brought some extra product in my "just in case" box.
 And then the show...orders, orders, orders.
 And people snapping pictures of the displays and projects.
In fact people everywhere.
Here's the girls Lindsee, Sierra and Deb packing catalogs with order forms the morning before the show opens.
We even got to meet Robin Dudley-Howes who visits our blog quite often.  She is definitely a gypsy girl.
The following are just some random shots of the booth. 
A 4 ft long waterfall made from vintage pictures I borrowed from my friend Stephanie at Ruby Rose and copied.  They are all strung together with brown and white bakers twine and tiny staples.  I added in the affirmations cards to give it some punch.  The "Gallery Entrance" sign also came from Ruby Rose, love it.
Here is the paper airplanes we made in the hotel room.  I took this at the end of the show so they are a little disheveled after 4 days of people touching them.
Postale also had a laundry cart full of brown paper packages and letter bundles.
Trousseau had a 4 ft long pin board for inspiration.  Would you believe all this junk came out of the drawers in my craft room?  Deb made the fab sign that announced the collection name and which brought the feeling of the collection perfectly.  You can see more of the pin board in this You Tube video from Paper Clippings that shows many of the new items.
Another of my favorite walls.  A mass of paper chains create a curtain (sorry about the glare from the light).  I went through a lot of staples to make this one!

Well, that's it for today.  I will be back soon to show you more display ideas from the booth and how they can translate to home.


  1. Ahhh, at last.... an update! Thank you!

  2. This is all so lovely!! I love the waterfall of photos and the paper chains!! And I am so in love with the Trousseau line!

  3. Love the chain curtain! So fun! Love the waterfalls too. The ideas to translating one to my house are bursting through my brain! :)Thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. Your booth was beautiful. Paula your dress form for the Ranger Challenge is georgous.

  5. glad you are back..I missed you and your awesome inspiration. I love the paper airplanes. As the wife of a fighter-pilot turned Fed EX pilot…flying is a big thing at our house. In fact flying is a such a passion for him that it becomes an inspiration for my gifts to him.

  6. Welcome home girls. Looks like you worked hard! Thanks for taking all the pics and sharing with us...everything looked great. Love the Trousseau board!

  7. That sound you just heard was me sighing! Just so beautiful. And inspiring. I want some of all of it, please!

  8. Oh, and did you see Jill from Whim So Doodle and make your plans to come see us and teach a class or twelve?!

  9. Finally a look at the booth - my favorite part! Thanks for sharing and welcome home.

  10. Not sleeping tonight really paid off because I found this new post. I have looked and looked at every picture. The chain curtain! Trousseau! Paula, love the darling apron. Love everything!

  11. love seeing the photos of the setup at the show.... can't wait to see more. Love seeing everything you guys make.... so inspiring. thanks for sharing. Tracey in NZ

  12. Oh I can't wait I follow your blog and have for 2 years. Love Love the inspiration..