Monday, February 20, 2012

Framing it up.

Thanks for all the comments on that last post.  Rest assured, I didn't eat the Multi Medium but I came awful close a couple of times.  Not sure why I didn't move the yogurt after the first time.  I am going to guess there was no room on the desk to move it to.  Very likely.

I was in Michaels (once again) last Friday and came across this.  A frame that will fit the quote from last week.  I figured the stand will not be in until April and I wanted the quote up now, so this will work.  The frame is part of a "basics" line so it was only $7.99 and I am sure you can use a coupon on it.
Since my printer only prints 8 1/2 x 11" I cut the printed quote so that it would "float" on a larger background. 
Like this.
All I did was cut a piece of heavy watercolor paper to fit the frame and center the quote I printed on light blue paper.  Super simple.
This shelf is to the right of my desktop computer.  A perfect place to see it every day.  This wall is ever changing...with the season, my mood, a special gift or purchase, you name it and it makes an appearance on the wall.  I bought the shelf at Pottery Barn a few years ago which serves as a great place to just lean a pictures against the wall for a time. 

I am obsessed with chalk letters.  I bought these at Farm Chicks last June.  It was actually 4 bags of letters that I use to spell different things.  When the letter/numbers are in their original state they have sharp metal pins jutting out from the back so they could be put into an advertising board.  These letters had the pins clipped off, yet there is just enough of the pin left to be able to push them right into the wall and have them stay.  lucky me.

The metal typewriter piece came from Farm Chicks too.  Love the typography in gold on the black painted metal.
I added some old salt shakers full of mother of pearl buttons and photo of my mom and I, taken  outside a summer rental cottage at Avila Beach.
My favorite Cori Dantini print, "the gatherer".
A few more little pins and an old school photo (not of me, I'm not that old).
A mixed media canvas I did as a guest on Jenni Bowlins blog a while back.  I was glad I got to keep it.  And a button card send by my friend Laura...notice the logo?
Well that's what the wall looks like today.  Come back next week and it could look totally different.  But that what makes it fun.  New inspiration, new colors, on going gallery of stuff I love.

cheers for a great week!


  1. Thank you for the quote last week. I printed it out, trimmed the edges, and just kinda 'blotted' the Distress 'Tumbled Glass' ink pad all over it, and glued it into an Affirmation Journal.

    I love your inspiration shelf.

  2. I love this little space of yours and that it's dynamic.

  3. I really like way you're displaying so many special things on this shelf...I noticed the Luckyday button card in the close up right away, and love all the buttons in glass. My favorite is your artwork for Jenni Bowlin's blog - really lovely!

  4. What a fun shelf! I'm glad you didn't eat the Multi Medium. :)

  5. You've packed so many neat things in your space! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great space you created! I printed it last week. Now I think I need to go to Michael's (again!) and get that frame. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog!

  7. I love grouping special things together. Nice job on yours! Love the chalk letters.

  8. Another fabulous post! You are such an inspiration...