Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh jOy!

Several years ago I did these little spools for a project for the Designing With series of books by Autumn Leaves.   This is one of those projects that even 7 years later, I still enjoy.  These were done with the idea that it would be a gift to a special friend.  Kind of a cross between a mini book and a card.  Paula has be pushing encouraging me to make a Christmas version so she can tie them to the tops of I did and here is it...


Cut a piece of brown craft paper 8 1/2 x 11 to run through your printer.  Arrange the words in strips on your paper to fit your spool.  I decoupaged the ends of the spools with vintage 7gypsies tissue (I know, I'm a lucky girl to still have some!)   

Glue or sew strips together and attach end to spool.  Sew a piece fabric to the other end of paper strip.  

A tag is inserted in hidden pocket. 

For a closure you can use an eyelet with barbed elastic or a button and waxed linen.

  Here are the originals up close....

If you would like to make your own spool card/mini book and would love all the materials and the formatting done for you, they will be available tomorrow in our Etsy shop.   They are really lots of fun and with the formatting done, they are quick and easy.....a cute little something for a special someone.



  1. Another gem. I may never get any baking done now! But this will be more fun and healthier for sure. Thanks for all the wonderful Christmas projects you have given us.

  2. You ladies are killing me! LOL! What an adorable idea and I happen to have a HUGE role of kraft paper from when we did some home renovations. Love this idea and feel totally inspired to try it!

  3. So 3 of these lovely kits for me and my friends! Thank you Paula for the encouragement to get these made. :)

  4. Would love it if this was another kit you offered.......
    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  5. FANTASTIC, as usual! Just ordered a kit, and am already thinking I should get another one . . . hmm. Happy Holidays!

  6. What a great idea. I'm so glad I didn't miss out - just purchased a kit from your Etsy site for my husband to put in my stocking. I just LOVE your kits! Happy Holidays!

  7. what a super idea! going to have to put this in my "must make that" pile!