Friday, December 3, 2010

10 ThiNgS

10 random things I am in love with right now

1.  Loving the idea of going here.

2.  Loving this Christmas Tree decoration made from scrap metal and funnels.
No, unfortunately I was not the one that bought it. There were three in the booth of different sizes and they were all sold by the time I got there.  I wasn't smart enough to ask her for a business card either!
3.  Loving this giant Christmas tree
Loving this idea that was created for Free People.  If you look close you can see it has forks and spoons, a vice, a CD, etc....this could totally be adapted in small scale.  Spray painting things the same color is the key!
 4.  Loving these easy ornaments
Love that they are made from old comic books but that's not something I have, so thinking about old music paper with a long crystal hanging from the bottom.

5.  Loving these giant chalk letters I picked up at Ruby Rose

6.  Loving this bottle brush tree display.
I am not a pink person but look how good they look mixed with the green and creme trees. Oh, how I LOVE a good group of objects.  It doesn't matter whether it's Christmas trees or balls of string, it always looks better in quantity.

7.   Always love these gift wrap buckles.

8. Loving this clever advent calendar made from large craft sticks.

  9. Loving these headbands (I have already bought 3...all the nieces wore them on Thanksgiving!)
10.  Loving this bag
I know its not Christmasie, but I would like it for Christmas, does that count?

Oh, and one more thing...For all you out there that are working diligently on your advent calendars...I have the small forks for tag 4 and a few diamond buckles for tag 10.  They are $3 each with 50 cents shipping.
We also have been collecting pictures of finished many unique ideas.  We hope to post later in the month so if you feel like sharing what you have accomplished then email deb at or me at 
Now I am off to the work table.
Have a great weekend! p


  1. Thank you so much for sharing these great ideas. I love all of them. The wall tree is fabulous and lends tons of inspiration. Happy weekend...

  2. Wow, such wonderful ideas! Love the metal three especially.
    Thanks for linking to my advent calendar :)

  3. Oh my! Such wonderful creations! I do love the advent calendar, it is so fab!

  4. I love it all...and I want to try to make the craft fair!!! Love it, thanks much for sharing!

  5. I'd love to order the fork and buckle - they are not on etsy - how to order??

  6. Regarding Idea # 4-I've used the Paper Source catalog to make a paper Christmas chain because of the thickness of the pages and good colors. That could be used for these ornaments too.

  7. Great inspiration! I love that funnel tree...very cool idea! Sorry you missed out on it though. And the rest of the pictures just make me want to go do something festive!

  8. Leslie,
    I am not posting them on Etsy. Just email me at if you want a fork or buckle.

  9. Love the Free People Christmas tree and the big chalk letters and bottle brush trees and.... well, everything!

  10. I just can't get past that tree made out of funnels. So wonderful and clever! I love clever! =)


  11. Really cute, I'm glad I came across your site:)