Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A LuCkY Mail Day

Today was a great mail day!  I got two things that I wanted to share. 
My sister recently found a couple envelopes in an old scrapbook my mom put together.  She had saved two "Santa Grams" that my sister had received as a child.  I am not sure if you can tell, but the words were actually cut into strips and glued onto the paper to make it look like a telegram.  It has the address where they lived at the time and our last name is still spelled with an O instead of the E (my dad legally changed it later to reflect his Danish heritage).  Can you imagine getting something like this in the mail as a kid? 
My sister framed the original and hung it on the wall by her Christmas tree.  What a fun thing to find after all these years.  It makes me wonder what I could find in my stash of stuff?? 

The second item in the mail came from my niece, Rachel.  First of all, the large heavy weight kraft envelope was fabulous (i love packages that come in a cute envelope, don't you?), her handwriting on the die for.  Then inside the envelope I pulled out this Cd case with an insert Rachel water colored of her, her husband and their baby on the back of a reindeer.  How cute is that? 
Rachel is a fan of Anna Bond's illustrations for Rifle Paper Co (one of my favorite card makers too!)  But to have a custom made Christmas card done by Rifle is more than a student family can afford.   I think she did a pretty darn good rendition of the idea and then made it her own.  I know my reindeer would not have looked that good.
On the inside she wrote out the Christmas songs featured on the Cd.  Then slide out the folder and it turns into a Christmas card with a message written on the inside.  Can I say again, darling?  (And not just because she is my niece).  What a fun present for her family.

Here's some of my current personal favorites from Rifle
Floral Monogram Cards

Custom Wedding Invitations

Twas the Night before Christmas Post Cards


  1. Love the Santa Gram! What a wonderful memory to have! And the CD holiday card - genius and wonderful! Enjoy!

  2. It is darling! and so is the Santagram. I would also save the envelope you got in the mail. I love this kind of thing.

  3. So adorable. Patty found a wonderful treasure. Lucky her. You girls are all too cute. It's in your DNA! Your mom was kind of crafty in her day too. She made me the cutest pincushion for Christmas one year. Where is that Ruby Rose shop? You must take me there when I come for a visit.

  4. So cute. My favorite is the Twas the Night Before Christmas post cards. I'll have to check out their site. Thanks!