Thursday, October 12, 2023

Dearly Departed Display Panel

Hello Friends,
I love this Display Panel.  It is hard to tell in the photo, but the depth of the window and the metal pieces looks so good in person. There are so many details I have to share with you!

I started with a Vignette Display Panel that I turned over to use the inside.  The Halloween backdrops worked beautifully to fill the tray with a great spooky background. You might not be able to tell (hopefully) that the damask paper is pieced together. There is a seam in this photo that you will be able to see in other photos, but it will be hidden when the window goes up (that was planned).
I fussy cut the strip with words and the 'notice' from one of the Halloween papers, to give the appearance of an old wall.  I also added a black Design Tape Trim to the edge of the Panel.
I knew I wanted to add the large Baseboard Frame, so I drilled a hole in the box for the Halloween Tiny Lights where the corner of the frame will land to cover the hole. You can see here that once the hole was drilled, I also added tack nails (they have a wide flat head) so I could wind around the edge of the window. The tack nails will also serve another purpose later on!
Here is a better shot of the entire Tiny Lights string with the 4 tack nails. 
This is one of the images in the Sticker Book, which I hear is sold out everywhere. If you don't have it, you could use a paper doll. I placed her here (after a few tries) so she will be looking out the window.
I also added some ephemera for interest on the left side.
Next is to work on the window itself.
I pounced Mushroom Alcohol Ink on the BACK of the spiderweb transparency to age it (kinda like a dirty window), then taped it to the window itself.  I also used Distress Crayon to darken parts of the window frame.
Then I added Hardware Heads in the corners and some in the middle, like the window has been screwed shut.  Once they were secure, I scribbled more Distress Crayon over the top.
Then adhere the window with Collage Medium - how you ask? Well, I just glued the window right to the four tack nails that were already there.  It takes a bit for the Collage Medium to dry, but once its dry, it will be really secure.
In the bottom of the tray, I created a scene using both new and old Halloween idea-ology. I love the mix of product and the tiny details that make this spooky and yet fun. I think that's why I like making Halloween stuff so much! Details!

Starting on the right side, I'll talk you through each piece as it was added.
The Dome fit one of the new larger skulls but an old skull will work too.  I needed it to sit up higher in the dome so you could see him (and fill the dome) so I glued him to a flair button from my stash.  You can just see the side of it. I added a small crown from the Adornments Treasures pack. There is Mummy Cloth and a piece of ephemera wrapped around the cork, then tied with a string.  I wiped black paint on the spider and just stuck him on with a bit of Collage Medium.
I decided the dome need a bit extra so I added more Mummy Cloth and the raven from the ephemera pack. There is 1/2 of a bingo chip (painted black) behind him to prop him up.  It was just the right depth to make the raven look like he is on his perch. Details...
Next to the Dome is the Pocket Watch.  One of my favorite idea-ology products ever.  I have saved this cracked one in a drawer for more than a year, so I could use it at Halloween!  I filled it with Backdrop paper, a bug from the Entomology pack and some fitting words from the Sticker book.  Once the inside was secure, the front was added to the back. I wiped Crushed Olive Distress Paint and black Texture Paste on the outside. Perfect for a Halloween pocket watch.
There is a skull and crossbones sign in the ephemera pack so I decided to just nail to the back of the tray.
Little books made from the covers found in the Halloween Ephemera pack were added.  I wish I would have made them a little more rustic with pages sticking out, but I didn't.  I guess I'll try that next time! Drippy Candles were painted black and added to Candle Stands.  
These photos from the Sicker Book were a huge hit. I chose this one since he looked like he could be her lost love! I adhered the sticker image to a piece of chipboard and cut it out so it could stand without bending. You know that mask was added - because you just can't do Halloween without masks.
Next, I sanded and inked a quote chip from the Baseboard pack.
I placed the Quote Chip on it's side, like it had fallen off the wall.
Then I added an idea-ology Curio Frame (that I wiped with black paint and sanded) and the image of the man to the scene. In my head I was thinking an old attic space, where old paintings have fallen from their frames. People from the past that are "Dearly Departed"...
I wanted to mention the metal vines that come with the spiders.  They are my absolute favorite metal piece we have ever made. They can be used so many ways and they always look good! I need about 100!
I also painted 5 Bouquet flowers black with silver centers and added them to the space. They are hard to see in the photos, but the add a lot of texture. 
I added a tiny Toadstool in the corner of the Panel, just because I could!
One more piece of ephemera on the top of the Panel.
Here is the back.  The paper had been added at the beginning, before the hole was drilled.  You could cover the light pack but it's not really necessary.
I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial for this Halloween project. This was a fun one for me as anything can be found in an old attic or at least that is what my mind thinks should be in an old attic. Mine if filled with rubbermaid tubs filed with Christmas stuff, lol!
Now carry on,

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