Thursday, February 25, 2021

The Secret of Everyday Things

hello friends,

I'm here today sharing another of my Kitsch Flamingo projects. This one might not be everyone's cup of tea since my background is so bold! I really wanted a happy piece that showed off the boldness of Kitsch Flamingo. I hope you give it a chance and follow along to see it up close!

I stared with the outside of the Shrine, painting it black and sanding it down to look old. I squeezed out some Kitsch Flamingo Distress Paint on the silicon mat, spreading it out with my fingertip so I could stamp into the paint without picking up too much.  Because I am going for a distressed look, the imperfect stamping worked well.  I stamped all the leaves first and then went back to fill in with the script.

Again, I used two stamps on the outside of the Shrine.  This leaf stamp from Urban Elements and Ledger Script to fill in the blank spaces.

I collaged ephemera to the inside walls of the Shrine before adding the background piece which began as a piece of White Heavystock cut to the shape of the shrine (so I just had to glue one piece in once I was done).
I added Distress Texture Paste Crackle through the Nordic Layering Stencil.  One the paste was dry, I sprayed the paper with Kitsch Flamingo Distress Stain and dried it.  I added a Collage Paper sunflower on the right side then painted the entire surface with Collage medium to seal it.  I also used my white Posca pen to add the white dots on the flower.
I combined ephemera from three different packs, Layers Remnants, Layers Urban, and Keepsakes Ephemera.  Because you know what?  they just all work together! 3D foam pads were used to raise the pieces to different levels inside the Shrine.  It's all about the dimension!

The Garden
I stared with shredded cheesecloth (leftover from halloween) to fill in around the feet of the Paper Dolls.  It takes very little Collage Medium to keep the shred in place since all the other things get glued down on top of it.
I painted the gate with Picket Fence, then added Mushroom Alcohol Ink over the paint to age it.  Once dry, I bent the gate until in broke in half (not that hard to do) then slightly curved it with pliers before gluing it into the Shrine with Collage Medium.
While I waited for the gate to set, I painted a few Adornment metal flowers with Distress Paint (Kitsch Flamingo, Picket Fence, and Speckled Egg - with a bit of Mustard Seed thrown in).  The leaves are Rustic Wilderness with Peeled Paint wiped over the raised bits. Once the paint was dry, I added very small pearls to the center of a few flowers.  For the 2 flowers that are standing - I hot glued each to a Memo Pin, then added the largest leaf.  NOTE: You cannot see it now, but I stuck each Memo Pin into a small cork so the flower could be glued to the Shrine.  Sneaky trick!  The tiny rocks came from the craft store.
I also added the metal Deco Frame behind the mother to highlight her.

I love how the pink of Kitsch Flamingo really pops in the background.  It just makes this project sing with HAPPY thoughts about a mother and son taking a walk in the park!

Remember, Saturday February 27th is the idea-ology product release and YouTube Live with Tim starting at 9am PST.  So many samples to share, you don't want to miss it! 

Now carry on,


  1. Your mind and thought process must be amazing. This is a beautifully composed project.

  2. I don't know where these ideas come from, but I hope you NEVER run out of them!!!
    Each project is better than the last.
    I can't wait to be able to create with you and Patty in the room again!