Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Kitsch Flamingo Tray

Hello friends,

Glad to be here today sharing another of my Kitsch Flamingo projects.  This one was my favorite because the color story is right in my wheelhouse.  Lets get started!
I painted the outside of the large Vignette Tray with Picket Fence Distress Paint. Once dry, I sanded it down and stamped the edges with the Distressed Damask stamp using Hickory Smoke Archival Ink. I like that the stamp is "distressed" looking so it fits just right with the sanded surface.
I went on to add patterned paper from the Memoranda Paper Pad to the inside of the tray, finishing it off with the silver pinked edged Trim Tape.  This silver tape was part of the Christmas release but it is my favorite tape to use on edges.  I also like how the hint of silver goes with the Pocket Watch focal point .
To begin any collage you just need a pile of junk and paper.  I gathered some things I thought would go with the Kitsch Flamingo color...things in taupe, grey, green, silver.  I tried a few different Layers pieces before I settled on the map in the center from the Remnants Layers pack.  The green in the map went with the green of the Salvaged Tag, which led to the Worn Wallpaper pieces (with bits of all the colors used) and that really finished the whole thing off.
I really started with the #8 etcetera tag in the center.  I like the use of the hardboard tag because it was a great way to 'hold up" the collage.  It is on a couple wood blocks which allows you to not only build on top of it, but slip pieces underneath it with ease.
I used collage medium to adhere White Heavystock to the #8 tag.  Then using embossing ink, stamped directly on the tag and added Embossing Glaze in Kitsch Flamingo.  Once the Glaze was melted, the color is almost neon, the perfect pop to all the neutrals!  I gave the tag a quick spray of Antique Linen Distress Spray Stain, dabbed it off and quickly dried it with a heat tool.
The bow was made using Mummy Cloth (a Halloween release) that I use year round!  Perfect with this project.  All I had to do was spray a little Walnut Stain and water over the top and dry.  Then tie on a messy bow.
The center Pocket Watch has a Photobooth photo inside.  I cut out the people (who came tinted) and added them to the Pocket Watch with some ephemera in the background.  The number 1941 is from the Remnant Rubs sheet.  It's a small number but I love the added detail.
I cut a couple of the Skeleton Leaves with the White Heavystock, then smooshed them into a mix of Distress Spray Stain (Kitsch Flamingo, Speckled Egg and a hint of Antique Linen).  I kept smooshing and drying until I got the result I wanted.  Once dry, I gave the leaves a coat of Collage Medium on both the front and the back and let them dry. This helps to strengthen the paper and keep the shape of the leaves.  
I added more Collage Medium to the tip of each leaf and dipped in right into the jar of Vintage Platinum Glitter.  I just love that gold on the tips!
I used one stem of leaves on the left side, then just two single leaves from the second set I cut on the right.
The gold metallic Stencil Chip 2 is a great way to repeat the gold of the glitter on the leaves.  I also added a Tiny Clip to the top of the Stencil Chip. 
You can see in this photo the ripped Worn Wallpaper piece.  The flowers are the perfect combo of colors and really added to the collage.  Two pieces were used, this one seen here and another on the left side.  They are small but like I said before, they really completed the collage for me because of the combo of colors.

I love this tray not only because of the color story but the tiny details, like a bit of glitter, a tiny clip, and a piece of ripped wallpaper that make a bright color like Kitsch Flamingo really sing!

Now back to work on lots of behind the scene stuff for the new idea-ology release taking place very soon.  

now carry on,


  1. I have noticed that your recent blog posts do not show the image, until I click on the post name. I don't know how to fix it...

  2. Absotively beautimous, Paula! So much eye candy to look at!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Love all the details you add!

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