Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Christmas Toppers - part 2

Hello friends,

Thank you for such a wonderful response to the package toppers! I was even a bit surprised at the response the pastel colored topper got. I guess it pays to try something unusual!

Today I'm back with the toppers made with the idea-ology Christmas Flair. I'm going to start with the same photo I used in the last post since I'll be using more of the Mini Holiday Greens I created in post one. Trust me when I say, you'll want to cut more than you think you will need because these can be used on any holiday project throughout the season!

Topper Number 1
I cut a couple 1 1/2" circles from the white Heavystock and colored them with Rustic Wilderness Spray Stain.  There is Permanent Adhesive Sheets on the back of each circle so I can peel and stick when ready.  The Flair come in two sizes.  For the first topper I'm using the smaller size.  The key here is to stack three 3D foam squares (I like Scrapbook Adhesives brand) and add them to the back of the Flair. It raises the Flair up enough so you will be able to slip the greens underneath, just like the gold wings in the last topper post.
I used a hot glue gun to add the greens to the foundation, slipping them right under the edge of the Flair.  So why the Collage Medium jar in the photo?  I frequently use Collage Medium to control the shape of string.  In this case, the red and white string was cut to the desired length and tied into a bow.  At that point I put a little Collage medium on my finger tips and run my fingers down the string, just so the string becomes a little pliable (NOT goopy).  I shape it how I want it to look and then leave it alone to dry.  The Collage Medium dries clear and the bow stays in place.
I clipped more of the berries I created last time with the Candied Apple Distress Paint and the end of a paintbrush.

Just a few pieces make it so festive!  I also added two glittered bells.  I used hot glue to get it to stay in place. But since a metal embellishment can easily pop off once dry, I used the squeeze bottle of Collage Medium to add CM underneath and in between, securing the metal bell permanently.  No reason you can't double up on glue, especially with metal.
I love that you can do this with any size Flair or the Christmas Milk Caps.  Both work!
Topper Number 2
I decided to make an old fashion rosette using vintage crepe paper. I sewed a running stitch just to the left of center.
Pulling one string on one end, start gathering the crepe paper till you have enough to go around the Flair button.
I'm using the same 1 1/2" size circle - this time cut from the Kraft Heavystock (and I mean heavy!).  Again, I making a 3 stack of Foam Squares to add the Flair to the circle.
Fold the crepe paper on the stitching line, then hot glue to the circle, pushing the stitched edge under the Flair.
I created a bow using the ole' Crinkle Ribbon (yes, I still have some) and Rustic Wilderness Spray Stain.
I decided to add a vintage tinsel - I didn't want a double bow so I just added it to the tails.
I also added a bit more holly at the top.
This one is very victorian looking.  I think the bow could be clipped shorter for a smaller package.  I do love vintage crepe paper!
Topper Number 3
For the last topper I decided to rub Glossy Accents over the Flair and use the Glitter Duster to add the Rock Candy.  The Glitter Duster gives you control of how much glitter you add over the Flair - too much would obscure the image

Once dry, create the 3 stack of Foam Squares and add to the circle. Add a bit of hot glue to a folded piece of ribbon (May Arts) and adhere under the Flair.
Add wired tinsel (a silver pipe cleaner will work) with hot glue.
I added Permanent Adhesive sheet to plaid paper from the idea-ology Christmas paper pad, then die cut a seal shape using Sizzix Label Thinlit (one of my favorite shapes). 
Now just peel the paper from the first kraft circle and stick it to the plaid seal.
I added more greens and bells for a fun embellishment at the top of the ribbon.
I also added the smallest size Bauble (colored with Crimson Alcohol Ink) to the bells with Collage Medium.
And just like that we have another topper.  I LOVE the way the Rock Candy looks over the Flair.  I will be doing that again!
Hope you liked todays toppers - definitely some of my favorites.  I'll be back on Friday with the small cards I created.  

Now carry on,


  1. Cool stuff, love the first one with all the die-cuts...I am waiting on the stacked Vignette boxes that you did for the Rustic Wilderness release, the word band said, "Merry & Bright"...need to see some more pics and particulars...

  2. Again, so gosh-darn cute and it would KILL me if someone tossed the topper with the wrapping paper!!

  3. These are so amazing!!! Thank you so much for the tutorial

  4. Be still my heart, I so adore these, and I so adore you and the things you make and how you make! LOVE the crepe paper's been years since I made one of those. LOVE the glittered flair. Love everything.

  5. This is just my favorite project!!! Thank you for sharing with us!! I have all my goodies ready to make!!!

  6. So so pretty and clever and I must try!tfs

  7. Just fabulous!Thank you so much for sharing!