Saturday, December 5, 2020

Bold Tidings Mini Cards

 Hello friends,

I'm happy to be here today sharing the mini cards I created for last Saturday's Facebook Live. I created two kinds of cards using Sticky Embossing Powder - one light and frosty and one bolder in color.  Both work, it's just a matter of taste.  Also, once you are set up, it's easy to create a lot so be sure to cut more card fronts than you will think you need - this gets kinds of addicting.  These cards, as well as a demonstration of this stamping technique, can be found HERE in the replay of Holiday 2020: part 4 on Tim's blog.  

I used the new White Heavystock for the card front since it easily stands up to the embossing process.  I cut each front 3 3/4" x 3 3/4" to fit on the 4" x 4" card cut from the Confections Metallic Paper Stash.  The Confections pad is 8" x 8" so you get two cards per sheet.  All you need is the cut it down the center and fold in half.  Use a Bone Folder to smooth out the fold in the card (it looks so much better when you do because of the paper metallic finish). 

You will need some kind of stamping platform for this technique because you have to double stamp the image on the card front.  Let me explain...

  1. Add a piece of Sticky Grid to the platform.  You cannot see it here, as it is under the white card but it is the thing that keeps your card in position when stamping.  If you do not have Sticky Grid, then use the magnets or a low tack tape to keep the card in place but Sticky Grid is still my hands down favorite.
  2. Stamp the image with Archival Ink (important since you going to add a wet medium over the top).  Do NOT remove the card from the platform.  I know that sounds silly, but twice I picked up the card after stamping the first time.  That is why you see the blue tape on the platform.  If I pick up the card I know exactly where to put it back (yes, you could also start out using the top left corner for that very reason).
  3. Wipe the residue ink off the stamp with a wet wipe (there won't be much).
  4. With the card still in place, use the Embossing Dabber to add ink to the stamp.  I like using the Dapper because I can see the ink better than using the pad.

5.  Stamp again, then quickly peel up the card and pour Sticky Embossing Powder over the top.
6.  Return the powder to the jar, then emboss with a heat gun.  This is a step that you may need to practice, in that people usually "cook" embossing powder.  Well, Sticky Embossing Powder melts very quickly (you can even do it with a Ranger heat tool which I never use for embossing).  You just need to watch the powder turn shiny and move on.  Do not "cook" it.
7.  Once the powder become shiny, pour Rock Candy Glitter over the top and voil√†, it's done!  This technique gives you a frosty finish since the Rock Candy sits over the ink.  
green card - peeled paint
pink card - barn door (see below)
grey card - hickory smoke

8.  Use score tape to add each front to the Confections card.  So many combinations of colors depending on your ink color...and of course, these could be made in traditional Christmas colors if that's your jam.
To get the pink color using red ink (Barn Door), I stamped on a piece of paper (not a paper towel) before stamping the white card.  You can even stamp off twice to get a lighter pink.
The second technique is much like the first but instead of using Clear Rock Candy Glitter, I created colored glitter using Clear Rock Candy and Alcohol Ink.  I used Slate, Shell Pink and Lettuce.  Just add a few drops in the Rock Candy glitter and stir with a popsicle stick. It's just that easy.  
You follow the steps as written above, then when you get to step 7, pour the colored glitter over the top of the Sticky Embossing Powder.  This creates a bold statement - think more color, less frosty.
I will add one more tip that helped me:
When I added Sticky Embossing Powder to one of the cards, I could easily see where I had missed a couple spots.  I grabbed the Embossing Pen and was able to fill in the spaces then add additional Sticky Embossing Powder.  I couldn't have done that with the Embossing Pad or the Dabber.  I bet you can't even tell where my mess up was (at the bottom of the H and the E on the Slate card).

Hope you liked these easy cards.  They were super fun to create and sky's the limit on color!!
Now carry on,


  1. So so fun, and so gorgeous! LOVE the way these look when finished, elegant and chic yet fun!

  2. So classy and elegant! Love the look of these!

  3. These are so fun!!! And I've had fun giving it a go!!!