Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Wicked Halloween Clock

Hello friends

Today I am sharing the process to make the Halloween Assemblage Clock.  There are a lot of photos that go with this clock so grab some snacks and follow along!

I took the glass out of the clock so I could spray paint the body of the clock black. It's just the easiest way to cover the silver surface quickly.

I put the glass back in (you could wait till you are done with all the painting) then dry brushed the clock body with Pumice Stone Distress Paint. Be sure not to cover the black paint entirely.

Dry brush Forrest Moss Distress Paint in random places.  

Once the paint is dry, scribble on Walnut Stain Distress Crayon.

Rub crayon with a damp fingers to give it a more aged appearance. Set clock body aside.
NOTE: I also used a Splatter Tool to flick black paint over the surface. I didn't photograph it, but it will show up in the photos at the end.

Use an awl to punch a hole in the back of the clock for the lights.

Turn the back over and paint it with white gesso or white paint - it does not matter.  Let it dry.
Once dry. thread Tiny Lights from the back to the white interior and tape into place.
Cut an acetate circle to fit the inside of the clock body (as a reference, scroll down three photos to see how the acetate sits inside the clock body)
Adhere one of the Halloween Vellum Scenes to the acetate.  I did have to piece the scene but the lower half is not visible in the finished piece so it didn't make any difference.

I used Collage Medium on the outer edge - this is a choice I would CHANGE.  I do not like the way the wet medium reacts with the Vellum.  If I had it to do over again, I would use Score Tape around the circle instead of the wet medium which makes the Vellum bubble.  I have found that Score Tape is barely visible under the colored Vellum and therefore has become my "glue" of choice for the Vellum Scenes.
TEST the circle in the clock before continuing. 
NOTE: When you are ready to make it permanent, tape instead of a wet medium will come into play.  Scotch Tape will work to adhere the acetate to the clock.  Maybe one piece at 12, 3, 6, and 9?
Color the Paper Doll with Distress Crayons.
Adhere with small wood blocks so she sits out from the back.
I used the flashcard from the Halloween Snippets ephemera pack to give her something to hold in her hand.  It fit perfectly!
Then added a metal cat from the embellishment pack. 
This is an optional idea: I added Mica to the glass to make it looked like it was cracked.  I do like the idea but it will obscure the pumpkins that will be set behind the glass.  
There is enough of a lip edge inside to add the glue and no one will see it.
I added some green cheesecloth that I previously dyed with Distress Spray Stain in Peeled Paint.
It runs along the inside bottom to create a bed for the pumpkins.
I transformed 4 pumpkins with Picket Fence Paint, a thin stick for stems and strings from the dyed cheesecloth.
Its best to hot glue the pumpkins into the base.

Then I create a rickety fence with paint and alcohol ink and the leftover stick (it was laying on the table so I had to use it).
Again, hot glue is key.

To finish the clock body:
1. Drop the acetate into the back as previously show.  Use tape to secure.
2. Add the back with lights to the clock.
Additional embellishments:
I created a chain to dangle off the the clock bell that includes a metal token, 2 Antiqued Gems (added Alcohol ink), Baseboard piece (punch hole with Crop-a-dile), and a potion bottle smeared with Crushed Olive Distress Paint + remnant rub.
I also added a Mummy Cloth bow.  It is much blacker in person rather than the grey it shows up in the photos.  I sprayed the Mummy Cloth with Black Soot Distress Spray Stain and dried with a heat tool.  I tied the bow to the clock handle and arranged it just so.  Then used my secret weapon, hairspray, to keep it in place.  The clock has been sent to Tim's house and back again, and the bow is still in the same place as I arranged it.  Secret weapon I tell you.

Like I said at the beginning, lots of steps and photos.  This is just one of those projects where you need to take your time.  If fact I'd do the clock body one day and the inside the next.  That way it doesn't become overwhelming.  Thanks for stopping by!!

now carry on,


  1. Hairspray for the bow...genius!!! The whole project is wonderful!!!

  2. It is so good to see all the steps to see how you built up this wonderful piece. The lights add so much to the design and I love the broken fence.... oh and the cat too! Love this Paula! Anne xx

  3. This is beyond incredible!! Love every detail, and it’s totally spooky and awesome!

  4. This is just Wicked good inspiration!! Thanks Paula!!

  5. Paula......This just rocks!!!! Thank for the tutorial!! I've been making cards for 12 years, but am stocked up and ready to learn altered art and this helps a lot!! Thank You!

  6. Absolutely brilliant - that most intense of Paper Dolls looks so right at the centre of this eerie scene. The glow of the landscape in the background is mysterious and inviting - but I think you'd be a fool to go in! Fabulous!
    Alison x