Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Dreadfully Wicked

Hello friends,

Glad to be here today to share a Halloween project using the Divided Drawer for the substrate.  This projects lights up with very little trouble so it's a great project if you have never used Tiny Lights before.  Lets get started!
  1. Drill or punch a hole (awl and hammer) in the top portion of the Divided Drawer.
  2. Paint the outside and well as one shelf of the Divided Drawer with Black Soot Distress Paint.
  3. Paint the lip edge in white.
  4. Once the paint is dry, cover the interior of the large top compartment with paper from the Abandoned Paper Pad.
  5. Run the black pinked-edge tape (from the Halloween Trim Tape pack) around the lip edge. 
Thread Halloween Tiny Lights from the back of the box to the inside (Halloween Tiny lights come in a pack with both purple and orange).  I wound them up in this oval shape so they would show through the Vellum Scene.  I added a couple pieces of scotch tape to keep them in place.
This is my favorite frame from the Baseboard pack so I had to use it here.  Before adding the Halloween Vellum to the back, I used the Splatter Brush to flick orange paint over the surface.
Once the frame was ready to go, I adhered it to the box with two wood blocks so it stands up and away from the lights.
Next is to add the Paper Doll.  She can be found in the Halloween Paper Doll pack although her dress is plain black.  I wanted a different look so I used the Distress Embossing Pen to draw the stripes of her skirt.  The Embossing Pens come in a set of two, bullet tip and brush tip.  I used the brush tip which makes creating the stripes even easier.  The pen leaves a shiny mark on the surface so you can see exactly where you are drawing.  I drew 3-4 lines at a time, then stopped and embossed the lines with Crackling Campfire Distress Embossing Glaze.  I repeated the process over and over until I got to the top of the skirt.  Then for good measure I created a waistband and colored the neckline.  The mask is from the Halloween Sicker Book and it works perfectly to make her look like she fits right in at the Masquerade Ball.
I added Worn Wallpaper to the shelf for a bit of pattern.  Then placed a wood block at the bottom of her skirt so she would stand on her own with only the block glued to the bottom.  The 13 card came from the Snippets Ephemera Pack.  Just for scale, that card is only 1 1/2" long!

I wanted to fill in the hole at the right with something so I decided on a Metal Gate.  I painted the gate with Peeled Paint Distress Paint, then pounced Black Alcohol Ink over the top to grunge it up.  I just broke off the part of the gate I would use and glued it into the box with Collage Medium.  Shredded up dyed cheesecloth (peeled Paint Distress Spray Stain) is my nod to grass or moss growing up the old gate.
Once the Tiny Lights are on, the eerie glow is the perfect backdrop.
Use the Lumber 3D Texture Folder to create the woodgrain background (watercolor paper).  I sprayed the paper with Crackling Campfire Distress Spray Stain and dried with a heat too.  Then I used a Ground Espresso Ink Pad to rub directly over the surface of the woodgrain to color all the highpoint of the texture.  And lastly, I added Collage Medium to the surface give it a finished sheen.
If you look at the compartment, you can see that the left side is higher than the right.  I used a small piece of Oasis (stuff used in floral arrangements) to build up the left side.  By added the Oasis, it gave me different levels to work with and a place to push the Mushroom into, giving it the ability to stand on it's own.
As for the objects found the this compartment: the largest of the Toadstools in the pack, a Grave Relic (urn) that has been purposely broken with a hammer, a skull, and Bouquet flowers colored with Crackling Campfire and Milled Lavender.
I added the Quote Chips from the Baseboard pack to the shelf along with Hardware Heads on each end.  Since they are made from Chipboard you can cut the quotes to fit.
I couldn't decide what to do on the outside of the box so I waited till the end.  I knew I wanted something that might relate to the number 13 card so I decided on stamped numbers using Crackling Campfire Distress Paint.  I squeezed paint onto the craft sheet, then spread it thin with my finger.  I placed the numbers on the block (multiple at a time), then pressed the stamps into the paint and then on the wood box.  I love how they turned out, almost like old carnival numbers.
At the top of the box is a Finial.  I painted it with Crackling Campfire, let it dry completely, then painted it with Black Soot.  Once that was dry, I sanded it lightly with steel wool to reveal the Crackling Campfire underneath.  Perfect for a Halloween make.
Hope you liked the Halloween Divided Box featuring Crackling Campfire.  I hope you give it a go, even if it's on a smaller scale. There is still time to make something fun for Halloween! 
now carry on,


  1. Fabulous project and great tutorial, Paula!!! I think your project is a great inspiration for me to use the tiny lights I have for ages :-) The skirt is beautiful with the new embossing glaze!!!

  2. Very cool, Paula. Love the lights!

  3. Wow, so hauntingly enchanting for Halloween! I’ve said it before, but I just want to crawl around in your head for a a bit to pick up a smidge of your creativity!

  4. The embossing on the dress looks amazing Paula. I am in love with the tiny lights and the purple one gives a stunning glow to your project. The little scene you created in the bottom tier is wonderfully spooky and I can definitely see what you mean about the old carnival look of the stamped numbers on the outside of the box. Another inspiring project! Anne x

  5. You had me when you lined the box with the abandoned paper! but wow purple lights, amazing skirt, so many wonderful details a treat for the Halloween eyes.