Wednesday, July 15, 2020

3D Poinsettia Christmas Card

Hello Friends!
I have had so many emails and DM about the Poinsettia card I created for the Sizzix Chapter 3 release that I thought I better write the tutorial for all those who want to know.  So lets get started!

I gathered some supplies - it does not matter the color of the stamp pad or even the stamp that you use.  These choices are all up to the maker and what suits them.  What I do think is good for this technique is the Distress Watercolor paper.  The thickness of the paper helps is hold up under the multiple passes through the Vagabond Machine (or Bigshot).  The 3D folder is a bit longer than the precut cards so I decided to cut a 8 x 11" sheet down to fit the folder. 
Open the 3D folder and pounce the Oxide Ink on to the side with the indentation of the poinsettia.
Lightly spritz both sides of the paper with water.
Place the paper into the folder smooth side down.
Run 3D folder through the Vagabond machine using only one plate, on top of the base plate.  Tim always suggests three passes to get the best impression.  When you open the folder you will have transferred the Oxide Ink to the paper and created a great impression with the folder.  Dry the card with a heat tool before stamping.
I chose the Fragment stamp set for the background because they are small, detailed and easy to get into the small spaces.  I did not use a block so only a portion of the image could be pressed down.   Archival Ink is a must because I want the images to be crisp and permanent. 
Next, I opened my bottle of Resist Spray and painted the flowers and stems.  I used a small paintbrush and just rinsed it out once I was done.  I was afraid it would take a long time to paint...I was wrong.  Under 4 minutes to complete it.  I found it best to work in a methodical fashion by starting at the top and working my way down the card front.  
The gold foil will only stick to the "painted" portion so be sure to tilt the card so you can detect the shine of the Resist Spray.  Set aside to dry for a few minutes while you prepare the Minc machine. 
I have a Minc Mini.  I usually set mine to 4 and wait for the light to turn green.  Once it's ready, I placed the red card with gold foil over the top into the carrier sheet. 
This is what it looked like when it came out.  
Open the carrier sheet and peel up the foil to reveal the flower.  You might notice the 3D flower is not so 3D anymore but don't worry we'll fix that! 
PLEASE NOTE: once the foil was added, I had a hard time photographing the card with true colors due to the shiny gold foil.  So please know this is all the same card, it just appears different on camera. 

Use Distress Ink to color any white paper that might be peeking through and add some depth to the red ink.  
Now back into the 3D folder! Spritz the backside of the paper with water and place back into the folder.  Slide the card around until you feel the card match up with the groves in the folder. Once it's sitting in the grooves it won't slide anymore.  
I ran three more passes and the 3D flower was back.
At this point I trimmed the edges of the card and then started the card backing.
I stamped a piece of Watercolor paper with the Linen stamp set and Black Soot Archival Ink for the background.
Stitching around the edge connects the two cards.  Then mounting on black makes it stand out.
I used the luxurious black Alcohol Ink Cardstock for the sentiment.  The Ranger gold embossing powder is stunning on this thick almost suede like paper.  
So here is the final card with some metallic string added.  The sentiment is from the Scenic Holiday stamp set.

So lets make the card again, but this time with Oxide Inks in the green family.  
Same process but of course the card looks totally different.
1. Ink
2. Three passes in the Vagabond (don't forget to spritz the paper before adding it to the folder)
3. Dry with heat tool and stamp (this time I used Hickory Smoke)
4.  Paint on the Resist Spray and let dry.
5.  Into the carrier sheet with the Minc Foil.  Run through the Minc.
And just like that, you have a beautiful card front.
6.  Add a sentiment (this one is from the Yuletide stamp set). 
I also added Sickles in Gold Dust to the center of each flower.  I love that bit of shine (I think I'll go back and add it to the red card too).  The Christmas Greetings sentiment is from the Yuletide stamp set.
I think I love the green card even more than the red!  Multiple colors of green Oxide Ink really creates such depth of color.  
That Minc foil is just amazing.

I know someone will ask, "can I use a laminator instead of a Minc?" or "can I use a craft iron?"  The answer is, I don't know because I haven't tried it.  Obviously, you are welcome to try any method but I'll stick with what I know works for me.  That being said, I've got more Poinsettia cards to make!
now carry on,


  1. I have been waiting for this tutorial!!! Both of these cards are gorgeous but I like the green one a bit better also. I just finished my blog post for my second poinsettia card and also intend on making more. I must try your technique and since I have a laminator we will answer that question :-)

    1. What she said...LOL...another vote for the green card...I have the mini Minc and love much better/consistent than a laminator, in my case...

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