Friday, December 11, 2015

Star Bright Tree

The last time Richele visited, I was working on a project using idea-ology Fragments.  She asked me if I had ever used Metal Foil Tape on the back of a Fragment piece to make it look vintage.  I had never tried it, so she showed me how it was done.  She also referred me to a post Tim did showing the technique back in 2011 (you can see the full tutorial HERE).

Recently, I had the idea to use Fragments in the shape of a Christmas tree.  I thought this might be the perfect time to use the Metal Foil Tape idea.  Even though I liked Tim's easy tape transfer method, I also wanted a more distressed look on some of the pieces.  Follow along and I will show you how I changed it up...
 I cut up some Yuletide paper.  Ephemera would work also.
I added the paper directly to the Fragment piece with Glossy Accents.  I've said it before and I will say it again, you need a very small amount of Glossy Accents to glue the paper.  I think the one mistake people make using Fragments is, using too much Glossy Accents.  If you put too much on the Fragment, it will squish out from under the paper, which can easily get on your fingertips and leave glue fingerprints on the face.  You can avoid that mess by just using a small amount of GA.
 This is what they look like when they are done - pretty cute eh?
So you could just leave them like this or you can go a step further.
Soak the Fragment in warm water for 4 or 5 minutes.  I use these little plastic tasting cups that I keep handy.
 After soaking, start slowly rubbing off the paper.  Once you get past the white part of the paper you should see the image the is glued to the Fragment (just like in the tape transfer method).  From this point on I lightly rubbed the image around the outside edges to remove some of the paper.  The tape method that Tim shows on his blog is more forgiving, but I like this one too because it's more random.  Every single Fragment will be different.
 Once you can see through the image or you have enough paper removed, let it dry.  Some of the white will reappear but that is fine.
The next step is to put the Metal Foil Tape over the back and burnish with your fingers or a bone folder.  Cut away any excess foil.
And this is what it looks like when it's done.  The image has been worn away, and has been replaced by the foil.
 This is an up close shot of the finished piece.
 And on the plaid of my favorites!
I used the same technique here (a little less rubbed off on the edges) but this time I rubbed out the center, then added a word.
This is one of the Fragments using the technique that Tim shared on his blog.  It has a subtle, metallic finish...the word "nostalgic" comes to mind.

If you are interested in a kit for the Star Bright Tree, please email me at:
 Star Bright Tree
$58 + $10 shipping
please email for international shipping rate $$
 Kit includes:
black 11 x 14” frame (glass in frame removed)
metallic burlap (one side is red metallic, the other is natural)
full package of idea-ology Fragments
letterpress - BELIEVE
mosaic yuletitde paper + extra 3 x 3” pieces
small package of Distress Glitter Dust - Vintage Platinum
idea-ology gold metallic remnant rubs
idea-ology adorments wreath
idea-ology adorments snowflake
idea-ology adorments arrow
idea-ology gumdrop
idea-ology typed token
idea-ology mini Fastener
idea-ology button
Ranger glossy accents
Ranger metal foil tape - 4 x 6”
red string
chipboard star
foam squares
written instructions + color copy
nicely packaged

needed to complete kit:
10 x 13” cardboard
spray adhesive
gold mixative alcohol ink
white acrylic paint
remnant rub tool or bone folder
Ranger gold metallic paint (optional addition to frame)

If you are interested in just the instructions
for the Star Bright Tree,
 you can find those in my ETSY shop.


  1. I LOVE your creative tree and the wonderful techniques you used here - what a lovely Christmas decoration! Julia xx

  2. Paula, I'm loving this tree. Your technique with the tiles is cool and has soooooo many possibilities. Thanks for sharing.

  3. How cute is this! Love it :) Very fun way to use Fragments!

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  5. Inspired ! both the tree design and the techniques. Just gorgeous Paula x

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  7. love your fragment tree...thanks for sharing this great technique xxx

  8. What a lovely Christmas tree! Love the idea since I have sooo many fragment pieces in my drawer just begging to be used! Thank you!

  9. Just lovely Paula! You never cease to amaze!

  10. That is so cool. I am glad you reminded us of that technique to cover the back of the fragments. Great idea. Thank you.

  11. love the idea of removing some of the paper and adding the metal tape. Oh and the work - genius! Merry Christmas Paula!

  12. So so fun!! And what a lovely decor piece! Merry Christmas. j.

  13. Adorable! What a lovely tree :)

  14. Oh what a cute tree ,looks so fun too !!

  15. Holding my hands up because I am guilty of using too much GA.... but not any more! I love Tim's technique but also love how you changed it up, the poinsettia with the word fragment is particularly beautiful. A stunning piece of home decor! Anne x

  16. Such a cool technique and such an amazing project, Paula!

  17. So pretty--thanks for sharing how to make it!

  18. Your fragment projects are always so amazing-you really know how to use them to their best advantage and make a project that looks so well balanced and perfectly distressed.

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